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THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 20 2024, 08:50:15 PM

bear88 said: 

So what you’re telling me is that it’s probably going to be a hit (especially now that I have glanced at the box office numbers) and I’m probably destined to see it if I end up in New York City within the next year. And that the audience will annoy me to no end."

Well, I dont want to predict what the critics will say-- we have seen out of town critics heap praise on a show, only for the NY debut to land with a thud. But i do

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 08:46:23 PM

Kad is pointing out how utterly wrong all the "Hadestown is closing!" people are. Why shouldnt he, since so many are so wrong on the subject on such a tired, regular basis? We all know what the grosses are, but some make bold proclamations about things they know nothing about, with a certainty that is just embarrassing. (BroadwayFlash, entering on cue...). Dont get snippy with Kad for pointing it out.

Boy George in MR  Feb 20 2024, 08:38:41 PM

i think its clear that Boy George is not cut out to be doing what Danny Burstein or Eric Anderson did with Ziedler; the producers made a choice, and perhaps an unfortunate one, trading in the singing/acting chops for an Event. Did anyone think Boy George would show up and knock our socks off?

That said theres a clip of the closing megamix online from a more recent performance, and while the clip of his opening night was truly astoundingly and unacceptably bad, its clear that hes settle

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 20 2024, 08:34:18 PM

Midnight Radio said: "Having only ever seen the film prior, I had always taken Sister Aloysious' doubts at the end to be her doubt in the institution of the Catholic church and even her faith at large, going back to Father Flynn's original sermon.

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THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 19 2024, 11:28:37 PM

im a cynic who has never read the notebook, seen the notebook, or would ever have thought to read/watch either. romance for the sake of romance bores me. i should not have liked this.

but i couldnt help it. the score is pretty mundane but its always gorgeous to listen to, and oh my the people singing it. i imagine many watch this knowing the whole story and are excited to see it all unfold, but i did not really know much other than Ryan Gosling kisses Rachel McAdams in the rain. so

Brooklyn Laundry  Feb 19 2024, 02:26:22 PM

* i know Strong did that one-woman show, but this is a more traditional character-driven narrative play, a very different beast, and i hope she sticks with it, because shes great.


* Zayas is 21 years older than Strong in real life, and looks/acts it in the play. Maybe this was a deliberate choice to pair Fran up with someone so much older, but given the plot turns on child-rearing and procreation, it seems like an odd one to me. And it undermined their conflict even more

Taylor Schilling, Gabby Beans to star in world premiere of Kate Douglas’ THE APIARY at Second Stage  Feb 18 2024, 09:36:24 PM

when did Gabby Beans exit this for JONAH? This headline made me do a doubletake.

Brooklyn Laundry  Feb 18 2024, 09:32:57 PM

kudos to cecily strong for picking such an intricate, small play to launch what i hope is a fruitful stage career. shes fantastic start to finish, in her showier scenes and even in the background letting others shine. shes worth seeing for sure. 

and the play is engaging, another 80 minutes that mostly fly by. i enjoyed not knowing where Shanley was taking us, and I enjoyed the really impressive set work. But as others have mentioned, its a 5 act play, and the 4th act is so laden

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 18 2024, 09:24:00 PM

i worship at the altar of PSH but i actually think he'd be all wrong for a stage production of this- hes too complicated, too multi-tiered for a guy who needs to be a likable, feisty, coach-like regulahguy. Brian F O'byrne created the mold here, and I think they went a bit too far with Ron Eldard afterward--Schreiber is perfect and not the problem in this production. 

very very curious how critics will receive this.

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 17 2024, 10:38:42 PM

a very hohum production of a truly excellent play is still an enjoyable watch, is the lesson learned here.

theres nothing remarkable, new, interesting, about this production , but the writing and way this story unfolds is just inherently compelling and so 95 minutes fly by.

i dont know how else to put this, even though i hate saying it given the circumstances, but amy ryan is totally miscast. shes a fantastic actress (i remember seeing her in Streetcar in college!) and shes

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 17 2024, 10:16:16 PM

broadwayboy223 said: "Some of you are so precious with your tastes lol. I loved this revival and would've killed for a great proshot. For the first time Oklahoma worked for me! I actually don't want to see the original again ever. Also thought that Rebecca Naomi Jones was robbed of a Tony nomination. I'll never forget her especially in the last scene."

Could not agree more re Jones being robbed of a Tony nom, and just in general the lack of appreciation f

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 14 2024, 07:35:36 PM

was looking forward to hearing some good singing but i agree this sounds like its going to be a slog to sit through (though perfect for romantic types...)

Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 13 2024, 10:19:39 PM

ok, so if you donated to BCEFA and then found out afterward that 400k was given to the NRA, you'd be cool with it. Great. I wouldn't. 

Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 13 2024, 10:02:22 PM

I have no objection whatsoever sending money to Gaza (if sent through proper channels, since so much aid gets stolen by hamas there) but I'd be pretty irritated if the money i donated for XYZ went there without notice. I'd feel the same if BCEFA donated money to Israeli organizations, too. Not a good look (and potentially illegal, depending on the proper disclosures made at time of collection). 

Certainly seems odd for such a big charity to politicize itself like this.&nbs

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 13 2024, 08:50:53 PM

thanks... ironically, I saw Life of Pi from front mezz there (its such a great theater) but that production was geared FOR the mezzanine. Not looking to break the bank here so might move to mid-mezz. Much appreciated.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 13 2024, 08:43:06 PM

Kad said: "The current Production contract salary minimum is going to be over $2.6k weekly this year- and a good percentage of performers in a big musical like & Juliet will be making over minimum, whether because of bumpsbecause they’re understudies, swings, fight captains, have featured moments, or more. And if the performer is a name or has won or been nominated for awards, they can negotiate substantially higher. But even without those common salary increases, producers

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 13 2024, 08:34:38 PM

Never saw the movie but the Chicago reviews, plus Joy Woods plus Ryan Vasquez (plus stalwart talent like Burns and Alers!) have convinced me to buy some tickets. I assume front mezz is fine for this piece?


And agreed- dont feed the trolls. Without sustenance, they disappear.

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 10:43:34 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "At the risk of adding to this idiocy, I will note that Hannah Cruz was known asHannah Rose Deflumeri until only a few years ago. I have known who she is since she was in high school and a clip of her teenage turn as Mama Rose on YouTube gathered major attention. She subsequently starred in some non-Equity tours andI had always thought she was white until she suddenly became Hannah Cruz and was starring in Hamilton. It seemed like a self-market

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 08:18:43 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Seth rudetsky uses the word to describe non Jewish whites. Theres different definitions"

There are not different definitions just because you want to justify your ignorant use of a term you clearly used without knowing what you were saying.

But we are beyond that, as you've managed to turn your gripes about Jason Robert Brown and the color of Hannah Cruz's skin (both repulsive takes in and of themselves, dont get me wrong) into a

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 08:07:04 PM

Look, its clear this person is horrifyingly ignorant and bigoted here, and its not our job to educate them. But it IS shocking that we cant discuss a HOST of topics on these boards without moderators swooping in and killing whole threads, but this rampant antisemitism is being openly tolerated for the better part of a full day.

Literally, this person is complaining about "hoards of Jews" moving into neighborhoods "in droves." Moderators where are you? This is appall

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