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Merrily We Roll Along Proshot
 Jul 5 2024, 01:29:04 PM

So, if you haven't heard, Merrily We Roll Along's current Broadway revival has been recorded by RadicalMedia, the same company that did the excellent Hamilton Proshot. I wonder-- when will this release and what platforms will it release on? I'm all but certain somebody on here has heard something. I'm also certain there's no definitive answer because it's only been like a week or two since it was even recorded, so they likely aren't even done editing yet. 

Changing Keys for Performers is So Cool
 Jun 28 2024, 10:48:53 AM

Hey everybody, I've decided to dabble in hypocrisy. I'm a huge purist when I sing, I go "If I'm singing Sweeney for a recital, it's in the original key, and also same thing if I'm singing Calaf from Turandot." But, luckily, Broadway music directors and actors seem to be much smarter and less stubborn than me. I was just listening to the incredible New Broadway Cast Album of Merrily We Roll Along, a show I know very well, and this show has a history of a bunc

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 07:46:05 PM


The opening number was really bad and I was extremely disappointed. Remember eleven years ago when Neil Patrick Harris blew all of our minds with a huge, classic Broadway showtune full of clever lyrics and references to all of the shows that season that even had a bit of a rap section near the end to appeal to people who enjoy contemporary music who are for some reason watching the Tony Awards? Gone are those days. I think that not having Neil Patrick just

Hedwig Fan Casting
 Jun 17 2024, 06:19:23 PM

You guys hear me out

I know he's the same age as some people I've called "almost too old"


Tim Minchin as Hedwig? I mean, it'd take a whole lot to convince him but I think his comedic sense, his voice, and his stage presence would be absolutely perfect for the role. I mean, in particular, I can imagine him giving a killer rendition of Sugar Daddy and Tear Me Down. Also, Hedwig canonically plays the piano and is suggested to

Hairspray (Revival)
 Jun 6 2024, 08:15:32 PM

seaweedjstubbs said: "The real dance show that John Waters based The Corny Collins Showon, The Buddy Deane Show, also attempted to integrate, but instead the powers that be just shut down the show all together. If people want Hairspray to reflect more of reality, it wouldn’t be Hairspray anymore. It’s not a history lesson, it’s not a true story, it’s a fable.If people want a deep and complex musical about racism, Hairspray isn’t it. But it was never real

Hairspray (Revival)
 Jun 6 2024, 04:27:23 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Does the script need to be doctored? Was it doctored at all prior to the recent London or tour productions?

HAIRSPRAY is one of those shows where the roles are pretty easy to play well. It's been done a lot, and the audience always has a great time, and a lot more people have seen itwithoutthe original cast thanwiththe original cast.

It also may be a show that can survive, at least for 6-12 months on bway,with

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 04:22:52 PM

SonofRobbieJ said: "The question may have been inelegant, but it's a good question. Why are artforms that predate religion considered niche rather than elemental to our learning. Or rather, why are the artforms that have been coopted by religion (ie. the pageantry of the Mass, the religious artwork and icons) considered something that is trivial to our learning? I'm kind of shocked by some of the responses here."

I apologize for my inelegance. There were cert

Smoking on Stage?
 Jun 6 2024, 04:10:49 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "There are fake cigarettes but most people feel they look really bad. (It looked like E-cigs were being used during Lempicka, possibly?)

Usually people use herbal cigarettes,and the amount that they inhale depends on the actor, but they ARE smoking.

Keeping it in your mouth (cigar-style) instead of letting it go down into your lungs could be a strategy as well.

That would make a whole lot of sense. I do wonder, can

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 04:07:48 PM

AEA AGMA SM said: "Another aspect that I haven't seen mentioned (or missed it) is that the large majority of kids doing shows in high school do not go on to major in theatre in college or pursue it as a profession. Like in my high school in the 90s, maybe 1 or 2 of us from each year (in the mid to late 90s) are working in the business, and I'm guessing there are plenty of years where no one who participated with the drama program continued doing it professionally."<

Hairspray (Revival)
 Jun 6 2024, 04:05:09 PM

Here's my Hairspray thing. I love it so much, but I think everything that could reasonably be done with it was done in the initial very long production. Will there ever be a better cast than the original? ... Well, maybe Hairspray Live was similarly excellent, but even then... Really consider the stars that aligned for that unbelievably exceptional original cast. I mean, Harvey Fierstein as Edna is probably one of my favorite performances on stage ever, up there with John Cameron Mitchell

Smoking on Stage?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:57:41 PM

I've seen people smoke on stage in a lot of shows. Hedwig, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Bonnie and Clyde come to mind. Is there a trick to this? Do they just like inhale it a little and immediately exhale or something? I've never smoked so I'm not entirely sure how the mechanics of a cigarette work, but I can't imagine that these actors are smoking on stage eight times a week (or seven in the case of Hedwig, or six/two in the case of many JCS productions)

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:55:52 PM

I wrote out a long winded reply that was countering everything people said until I realized-- 

I think I got my answer. The reason that theatre history classes aren't offered is because the interest would actually be pretty low. If even the people on the BroadwayWorld Messageboard think so, that's pretty telling that most theatre people in high school would think it didn't matter. Thank you all. 

I will say, though, the idea

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:27:21 PM

Kad said: "Having gone to an arts high school and then majored in acting in college, at schools in two different states, one public and one private, there was absolutely a core canon of worksthat were taught, from Ancient Greek plays up through contemporary plays. If you’re an acting student, then you’re also introduced to plays through your acting classes as well. So I’m a little confused on what exactly you want to see here."

One more time. Theatr

HELLO, I'M DOLLY bio-musical headed for the stage!
 Jun 6 2024, 03:11:07 PM

quizking101 said: "Call_me_jorge said: "However they do the casting, with one dolly or three, McKenzie Kurtz has got to be in this."

Yes. Or Tricia Paoluccio or Megan Hilty.

Also, what a bland title for a musical about a prolific figure

I like it just because it's her first album's name. It feels fitting. But, who knows, maybe the name will test poorly because people will think that it's literally 

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:08:58 PM

perfectliar said: "There are schools that don't even teach the Holocaust and you wanna know why they aren't using Finishing the Hat as a textbook?"

There are schools that don't teach the Holocaust? ... Well, that is definitely a more immediate issue, but somehow maybe beyond the scope of my BroadwayWorld forum ponderings. When I was in high school, Finishing the Hat was more like my Holy Bible. 

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:07:47 PM

chrishuyen said: "Bringing up AP classes made me wonder if this could be a potential subject for the AP board, though I readily admit I have no clue how a new subject would get added, and of course there's all the logistics of schools needing to provide such class for it to gain enough traction so that it catches on. But we have AP subjects for music theory and studio art and art history so it doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility from my point of view (agai

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 01:29:22 PM

chrishuyen said: "I agree with what the above are saying as regards to high schoolers, but I'm curious about college drama courses--do they usually mandate a theater history class or is it mostly just on the actual acting/performing aspects of it?

I think musical theater as an artform hasn't necessarily had a widespreaderudite approach either. There are some books about musical theater history and general structure/conventions but they're still relatively new i

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 01:25:40 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "BeingAlive44Ever said: "I don't mean a mandatory class for every student, I mean a mandatory class for the school tooffer

I think about half of the people replying got that and the other half didn't

I'm not even sure how many people would actually be interested, given how funding for the arts is being cut, isn't it? What would make this different? What would make it exciting? New?

HELLO, I'M DOLLY bio-musical headed for the stage!
 Jun 6 2024, 01:21:24 PM

SisterGeorge said: "BeingAlive44Ever said: "I bet multiple actresses are gonna play her, like a young, middle, old situation, maybe Dolly herself could narrate (wishful thinking, no way she's gonna be doing eight shows a week at this point in her career)

I hope that Kristin Chenoweth gets to fulfill her dream of playing Dolly, she famously said she'd only do it if Dolly wrote it herself, and lookie here Dolly wrote it herself

Stormy D

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 01:16:18 PM

I don't mean a mandatory class for every student, I mean a mandatory class for the school to offer

I think about half of the people replying got that and the other half didn't 

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