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Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza
 Feb 14 2024, 02:07:23 PM

Kad said: "Why are people acting brand new about this?"

We know why.

I am just one 20-year-old Jew with no real influence in the world, but I know how it feels to be indoctrinated into their mentality. I blame my autism for asking too many questions and not falling for the bait.

I am glad to see that Broadway Cares donated to doctors and a rescue committee. Anyone who claims to be “worried” that the money is going somewhere el

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?
 Feb 1 2024, 03:27:54 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Overdue my aśś. It’s been long overdue that they cast a black woman in the role full time. Just because she has happened to be the standby and was on tour with it, it shouldn’t come in the way of diversity. It’s also interesting it’s taken her five years to get here compared to Alyssa Fox which took her 13 years to get to the same position, I wonder what’s different about the two of them…"

Agree completely. Th

Julie Taymor’s niece
 Jan 26 2024, 09:35:15 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Is sammi cannold a nepo baby?"

mom is a Broadway director, dad produced dirty dancing. You can even search the 6Million dollar mansion he was selling. They wrote an article about it lol. I missed what the deleted comments all said, but if they were talking about Ms. Cannold, she is not a hack, but if she didn’t have famous parents, she’d probably be directing staged readings in the village. She’s still GOOD but definitely not g

Julie Taymor’s niece
 Jan 26 2024, 09:42:32 AM

Danya Taymor is certainly better than her other nepo contemporaries. She doesn’t just “create a mood” like Sammi Cannold, for example. Passover was incredible, but IDK if I should credit that to mostly the actors and script, her direction, or a bit of both. A lot of the blocking was simple yet effective, and she definitely knew her audience. She’s obviously not a Black man in America, which is what the show was about, but I think she’s probably an empathetic pers

24-25 Broadway tour season
 Jan 24 2024, 05:25:52 PM

so no New York, New York? lol

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11
 Jan 21 2024, 09:18:07 PM

This is sad, but I am not personally sad about it. If that makes sense?

I noticed on the ticket site, many of the matinees are close to sold-out, but the evening shows are almost empty. Perhaps it’d have done well without the adult characters and instead produced as an autism-friendly musical at Vital Theatre where they also do Angelina Ballerina.

The show quality, along with some of the autistic singers, was not up to par with Broadway, but that doesn’t mean

Drew Barrymore Visits the Barrymore Theatre
 Jan 21 2024, 11:55:10 AM

This may be the first time I ever watch the Drew Barrymore show because that looks like a cute episode. Still not going to see Harmony though lol.

Also - she hosted SNL at age 7?!

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jan 20 2024, 07:56:40 PM

Woww!! It sounds so much better on the recording than when I saw it in the theatre.

I hope Liam Pearce has a great career. He’s the only one of the autistic actors that has a Broadway-quality voice. IDK what the directors were thinking when they cast everyone else. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/14/24
 Jan 16 2024, 09:28:49 PM

and… oop. Harmony’s closing 4th Feb 2024.

if the rumours are true, H2DIO is close behind. they had 8 shows this week instead of 7, and the gross only went up 39K.

Elton John Completes the EGOT with Emmy Win
 Jan 15 2024, 10:52:04 PM

Well deserved.

SHUCKED will close January 14, 2024
 Jan 15 2024, 06:04:31 PM

I hope this is true! Are any of the OBC actors famous enough to be in the movie version? Sadly I can see this going to Dove Cameron (who is very talented) or someone else from Schmigadoon.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jan 15 2024, 05:53:06 PM

GottaGetAGimmick420 said: "Interesting take here from an autistic influencer about the show. But more interesting is the cast arguing with people in the comments. A choice.


Do they have nothing better to do? Today is Monday so I suppose they’re off tonight and bored. I thought today was Tuesday, so I came on here to see last week's grosses. I am just now realizing today is Monday lol. oh well, I’ll continue:

One of the comm

How is Hamilton holding up?
 Jan 8 2024, 07:52:22 PM

Seb28 said: “... but I don't see it succeed in any other country in the world."


Perhaps with the exception of the Philippines. I saw a post on instagram with 100,000 comments of Filipinos very excited for Hamilton to visit there.

Is There Community Theater In Heaven?
 Dec 27 2023, 03:16:41 PM

darquegk said: "Bumping this because I just started thinking of Carrie Fisher as Mrs Lovett… but who’s her Sweeney?"


Philip Seymour Hoffman


HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Dec 19 2023, 03:36:27 PM

forfivemoreminutes said: ” ….. it still seemed to be (as an autistic person) to be written and by and for family or friends of autistic people rather than autistic people ourselves. "


And this is exactly how I feel as well. ^^

Every sentence I read of your review had me saying, “yes, YES.” I wholeheartedly agree as an autistic person myself :) thank you.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Dec 19 2023, 03:31:01 PM

bwayphreak234 said: "hearthemsing22 said: "I appreciate everyone who has shared more information about their experiences. I hope they can also acknowledge that is your experience, and your experience is not the same as anyone elses. It may be similar, but not the same. And this musical is a huge step forward. So say what you like but don't tell people not to see the show. You're doing a disservice to people who will see some of themselves on the stage in a way that t

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Dec 18 2023, 07:21:07 PM

GottaGetAGimmick420 said: "Did anyone see all the drama on Twitter/X about the ticket initiative?



I mean.. yikes.


I’m really curious to see if this show stays on through December

Tony Yazbeck?
 Dec 15 2023, 01:40:16 PM

Per his insta, he’s also doing a Ryan Murphy project. The date of that Deadline article was 14th November 2023, so he may just be doing some on-camera work at the moment! As someone else mentioned, he’s 44. not young enough for the young man Broadway roles and not old enough for the older character roles, however a 44 year man who who looks the way he does can book a lot of TV jobs lol

PADDINGTON musical in the works with music by Tom Fletcher & book by Jessica Swale
 Dec 13 2023, 07:43:52 PM

aww. Fun!

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Dec 13 2023, 01:41:04 PM

BoringBoredBoard40 said: “….this is a rush ticket, you are claiming to have invented a rush ticket...."



I wish we could laugh react on Broadway World like they do on facebook.

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