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Why do so few New World Stages shows transfer to Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 08:15:20 PM

Once they figure out how to make more than a gazillion bubbles, they’ll transfer. 

THE WIZ Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 07:26:43 PM

Is there any online discourse that isn't annoying?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/14/24  Apr 16 2024, 07:14:22 PM

Well, here’s the thing: the critics have not been out of step with much of the word of mouth. In fact, there’s been cases where reviews have been glowing but audiences still didn’t come (Wine and Roses, Here Lies Love).  So I’m not sure that critics grading on a massive curve and giving juicy pull quotes will help.

and frankly, considering the marketing we’ve been seeing of Broadway the last couple years, I’m not sure productions w

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 06:49:48 PM

Yeah, I was also looking at his review of the Williamstown production - which was quite encouraging and positive, but did not use that phrase. Frankly, it would probably be better if they did not draw attention to that review, as it just seems to document a show that lost its way over the course of 6 years.  

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 05:05:37 PM

Well, influencers are enthusiastic boosters at best and  basically shills at worst. They’re courted with free tickets, special events, opening nights, and access to the stars- they’re incentivized to be positive, and many have built brands around that. But it’s not a sustainable trick for marketing purposes. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/14/24  Apr 16 2024, 04:57:59 PM

The imminent Tony nominations and then the awards themselves will probably cause producers to keep these struggling shows on life support, but I imagine if there isn't a good showing for a number of these shows come 4/30, we'll see a bunch of closing notices.

But yikes, Heart of RnR and Lempicka's average ticket prices are basically rush ticket prices. I don't see any scenario in which they can hold on for more than a few weeks.

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 09:52:00 AM

The Brightman Sunset was never going to transfer to Broadway. 

I also wouldn’t underestimate the draw of Kit Connor. He may not be the current Spider-Man, but he is immensely popular especially with younger crowds. Putting him in a classic play may be a good way to get parents to shell out for tickets without feeling like they’re seeing a teenybopper show. 

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 08:53:11 AM

Taylor as the Nurse.

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 08:38:33 AM

I cannot imagine the Holland production is moving forward next season- if it ever had concrete plans to do so.  

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 09:50:32 PM

lopside said: "Sara Bareilles is sharing exactly the same perspective about critics that most other artists share and have shared till time immemorial. Getting mad over it is pointless.

MJR also makes a point that I tend to agree with, is about many critics refusing to engage with the why beimhind choices. He shouldn't have gone after Holdren though.

I don't think it's a refusal to engage with "why." Frankly, I'm not sure an

Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 15 2024, 07:12:03 PM

uncageg said: "MemorableUserName said: "If you want to share this message with them, it might be best to reach out on social media. I doubt the casts or creatives of any show would benefit from reading message boards, and I hope they're not reading this one."

Benefit or not, a lot read these boards.


Yes but’s it’s only because they want to contact muscle23ftl. 

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 06:52:50 PM

Also, this a season in which the biggest hit is Merrily We Roll Along, which originally ran for 50 performances and the reception of which almost caused Sondheim to quit writing… but then it went on to have countless revisions and a redemption arc spanning 40 years. It only got here because a lot of people believed in it… but also because there was an acknowledgment it just didn’t work as it was.


LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 06:21:39 PM

And it’s interesting which shows get this rally-around. Back to the Future, for instance, got no defense in the face of its negative reception- and it’s a show that actually has found an audience who likes it, unlike Lempicka.

And let’s face it, quite a few of us have been part of many a conversation with folks in the industry who have delighted in seeing critical skewering or failure of one production or another. This atmosphere of relentless positivity is entir

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 15 2024, 03:29:59 PM

butlervyer said: "Cliff has primarily been cast as a person of color in this production. There have been people of South Asian descent in London in the role too.It sets up a tension and counterpoint for the Sally-Cliff relationship.But it's obvious that the first instinct is for Cliff to be Black, since that contrast rings strongest that way."

But Cliff also has to immediately earn the trust of Ernst, a literal Nazi, so the casting has to either be colorblind

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 15 2024, 03:15:40 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Jordan Catalano said: "Sam Gold did give us Enemy of the People, Dolls House pt 2, Fun Home… all of which I loved. So he’s got some good stuff in his resume."

Didn’t Joe Mantello do most of the heavy lifting with Fun Home?

Mantello was involved with the show very, very early on (he was announced for it back in 2009 right when Kron and Tesori started work) but at some point he departed and

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 15 2024, 03:08:01 PM

Gold's Othello at NYTW was stellar and his Hamlet at the Public was fine (but did give us Oscar Isaac in tighty whities).

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 15 2024, 02:26:54 PM

It may be heresy to say but I think R&J onstage is… not super compelling. For me, it’s easily one of the weakest of the most commonly produced Shakespeare plays. I’ve yet to see a production that fully clicks the way I’ve seen Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Lear, Richard III, or Midsummer often do. 

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 15 2024, 02:17:34 PM

This may be another instance of a production being sniped by another that is simply able to get to Broadway faster. 

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 02:01:55 PM

He’s been on an anti-critic tear following the reviews for Teeth. I respect him a lot as an artist but he needs to step away from the keyboard. 

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 10:47:53 AM

Yeah, Jackson has a habit of sniping at critics criticizing while also... being a fairly strident critic of other peoples' work himself.

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