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 Dec 18 2014, 10:40:49 AM
I looked up the word heel and found no other meanings than the back of a foot.

Did you only look in an anatomy textbook?

Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Dec 17 2014, 10:51:53 AM
I loved the film here is my review.

Hope it's better written than that statement.

Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Dec 16 2014, 12:36:09 PM
He'd understand. It's Chris Pine.
Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Dec 16 2014, 12:29:23 PM
Carlos, what would Daniel Sunjata think?!?
Why has Megan hilty not played velma or roxie in chiago
 Dec 9 2014, 11:36:00 PM
Like desperation, whether they need a kitchen remodel, or if their name is Amra.
What Julia Roberts movie should be musicalized next?
 Dec 9 2014, 11:45:30 AM
Mary Reilly!

"I'm Irish, I swear!
Notice the ginger hair?
My accent may come from nowhere,
But I'm Irish, I swear!"

Jekyll & Hyde Film version
 Dec 9 2014, 09:49:48 AM
You know, science has discovered a cure for the deadly McPheever. You should seek help for that.
Male Character Parts
 Dec 8 2014, 08:02:46 PM
Princeton in Avenue Q?

I'd say he's the only male who is not a character part in that show

IDINA did not get a grammy nomination for Let It Go
 Dec 5 2014, 11:48:31 AM
Technically, by that trend, Demi Lovato's "Let It Go" would have been nominated instead of Idina's.
A Broadway Show to open a Week Early
 Dec 3 2014, 06:41:31 PM
And who you?
Robert Sean Leonard TONY winner really?
 Dec 3 2014, 12:50:13 PM
He also was a good Claudio in Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing; surrounded by great performances (Keaton's Dogberry) and some sub-par performances (Keanu's Don John), he stood his ground
Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Dec 3 2014, 12:28:27 PM
She's the Zack Morris of the group. Time out!
Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Dec 3 2014, 12:19:34 PM
The baker and wife are racing against time to get these 4 objects and then suddenly time is able to freeze and bend for Cinderella? I can just see the audience going "um what?"

Um what... the exact thought I have about this reasoning

Mr Berg
 Dec 1 2014, 11:27:47 PM
I am not new though I have been here for over 6 months


Nene Leakes in Cinderella
 Nov 26 2014, 11:59:29 PM
Countess Luann was actually rumored for Roxie Hart several years ago, but it never materialized.

Beverly Hills has a former Roxie now in Lisa Rinna.

1st Disney Revival?
 Nov 14 2014, 07:45:35 PM
I like how the OP picked the two oldest shows besides the one that is still running. A novel thought.
Should I be a part of GODSPELL?
 Nov 14 2014, 04:23:24 PM
A Javert and Shrek type?

"Ogres like me can never change. Toys like you can never change. No, P-In-O-Cchi-O!"

Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Nov 10 2014, 11:18:12 PM
Anyone think Chris Pine sounds about 74 on "Any Moment"?

Completely disagree. I hear hints of a young Sinatra but a lighter tone, some hints of a softer Raul Esparza, and hints of voices I can't pinpoint, but he definitely doesn't sound old to me. He sings in a way that matches his speaking voice, too, especially with the affectations he uses in this role.

Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread
 Nov 10 2014, 09:46:52 PM
Chris Pine's voice gives me tingles.
MATILDA: The Musical Is Coming To The Big Screen
 Nov 10 2014, 09:24:08 PM
And plus, he received acclaim, a Tony nomination, and a Oscar win for this.

Bertie won an Oscar for a film that doesn't exist yet? Is he the Future Tony Winner Kelli O'Hara of the silver screen?

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