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What is the Off Broadway show to see?
 Mar 27 2024, 01:45:58 AM

Haven't seen it here yet but The Effect was absolutely thrilling when I saw it in London last September. Couldn't recommend it enough and really hoping I have the chance to go again at The Shed!

SUFFS Previews
 Mar 27 2024, 12:11:03 AM

Truly surprised by all the negativity on here. I was at tonight's first preview and while there's still a lot of work to be done it has so much heart and a cast giving 110% I really believe it can get to where it needs to be through it's preview period.

The first act is the weaker of the two and it feels like a lot of the restructuring done since its run at The Public has been spliced together and it needs to find a way to transition through the story more seamlessly. I

THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews
 Mar 17 2024, 09:20:00 PM

I was also at first preview and can't say I'm quite as big a fan as others in this thread. I found this show to be good, at times verging on great, but never reaching it. The performers were all excellent, especially Brody Grant as Ponyboy, I have absolutely no idea how he'll be able to maintain doing this role 8 times a week. Even when he's not in a scene, he rarely leaves the stage. The score has probably half a dozen great songs, but to me the rest of it was filler that all

Sandra Oh, Paige Gilbert, Ann Harada & more to star in NA premiere of Lucy Kirkwood's THE WELKIN
 Mar 9 2024, 11:20:04 PM

Did anyone see this in London?

Topol passes away at 87
 Mar 9 2023, 01:47:05 AM

Chaim Topol, the spirited Israeli actor and singer who, one season following another, portrayed Tevye the milkman in Fiddler on the Roof on stages all around the world and in an Oscar-nominated turn in Norman Jewison’s 1971 film adaptation, has died. He was 87.

Topol by his own estimation connected with Tevye more than 3,500 times over more than four decades, starting with a Hebrew-language production in his home country when he was 30.

“How many people are known for one part? How many people in my profession are known worldwide? So, I am not complaining,” he said in a 2015 interview. “Sometimes I am surprised when I come to China or when I come to Tokyo or when I come to France or when I come wherever and the clerk at the immigration says, ‘Topol, Topol, are you Topol?’ So yes, many people saw it [Fiddler], and it is not a bad thing.”

Read his obituary here.


Streisand Will Release First Memoir this Fall
 Feb 7 2023, 11:35:51 PM

GiantsInTheSky2 said: "I hope she breaks it up into multiple books (like Julie Andrew’s has) so she can go into detail about each section of her life and career."

My understanding as of a few years ago was that this went from her childhood through her “The Artist as Citizen” speech she gave at Harvard in 1995.

When I had heard that the book was approx 850 pages, so hopefully with 200 additional pages she decided to go a bit further, otherwise

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Jan 31 2023, 11:25:17 AM

TaffyDavenport said: ""

If anyone is looking to sell a ticket to this please message me, absolutely dying to see this!

Another New Broadway-Aimed Project with Chenoweth... Any Guesses?
 Jan 24 2023, 01:46:24 PM

Kristin is doing a workshop this spring of an adaptation of a documentary from the past 15 years with a score by a previous collaborator of hers. 

Abud, Butz, Peil and more to lead CORNELIA STREET musical off-Bway
 Jan 22 2023, 11:51:15 PM

I’m seeing it in a few days, will report back!

Lea Michele 'Special' Tony Award
 Jan 12 2023, 12:36:29 PM

NoItAll said: "ACL2006 said: "The show will close before this year's Tony Awards. Michele isn't anywhere near the level of Garland, Kaye, Minnelli, etc to warranty a special Tony Award."

Minnelli?ThisMinnelli? Compared toLea? Reputation and reality are not always the same.

Michele? “Sh*t in your wig” Michele? Compared to Liza? EG*OT winner? Queen of the Nepo Babies? One of the greatest entertainers of our time? Please exit the standom and get yourself an education because clearly your “reality” is not the same as the one we’re all living in.

Into the Woods "To Be Continued..."?
 Dec 5 2022, 10:23:53 PM

Into the Woods just posted this on their instagram.

Could this be them teasing an extension/new theater announcement as some have previously speculated on here? 

New Alicia Keys musical at The Public??
 Nov 15 2022, 02:24:03 AM

This is happening. A 4 week developmental lab started this week, Michael Greif is directing with choreography by Camille A Brown, Alicia Keys is doing the music and lyrics and Kristoffer Diaz, who wrote the book for Hercules at The Public, is writing the book. It’s a coming of age story about a young woman in Hell’s Kitchen in the 90’s named Ali — which highly suggests this piece is at least semi autobiographical if not fully.

Sondheim Memorial at the Sondheim Theater Tonight?
 Nov 15 2022, 01:00:26 AM

Donna Murphy just posted this:

Did anyone attend? It must've been a truly beautiful evening.

Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID live-action movie musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jul 15 2022, 02:01:42 AM

GreatBroadwayFan said: "So a few days ago, Disney held early test screenings for "The Little Mermaid" (which doesn't come out until May 26, 2023) and while the VFX were still in progress, the general reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Halle Bailey's vocals are fairly similar to Jodi Benson's (the original Ariel), Halle and Jonah Hauer-King have great chemistry together and the sea creatures (Sebastian, Flounder, etc.) do not look hyper-realistic like The Lion

Beanie Feldstein Departing FUNNY GIRL on July 31 (Two Months Earlier Than Originally Announced)
 Jul 11 2022, 02:48:59 AM

bobby bubby said: "Just wanted to add to the theory about the "new direction" being the proposal for Julie and Beanie to split shows until end of September (which I suspect is what happened):

  • Earlier this year, there were discussions about Julie taking all the matinees and having her contract adjusted for this. Confirmed by someone who worked in the theater, so this arrangement must have fell through somehow. So this proposal has been discussed in some form before.
  • Beanie and Julie seem to have something brewing behind the scenes. They don't have the typical social media exchange that most leads do with understudies whenever they have to go on. Beanie posted on Instagram rooting for Ephie when she was covering for Fanny, and I don't believe she's ever done something like this for Julie despite the multitude of times she's covered for her. That perhaps explains why Beanie was upset about this proposal.


Beanie and Julie seemed to have a really great relationship, at least at first. When Julie made her Fanny debut she posted on instagram that Beanie left her a gift and called her a mensch. 

However today, Ephie posted on her instagram story praising Beanie calling her an exceptional human being, while Julie hasn't posted anything about it. Several cast members have shared absolutely glowing and kind comments and that's not to say the people who haven't don't like Beanie, but its certainly something to note. 



 Jun 28 2022, 01:30:58 AM

A clip of the curtain call from tonight’s final dress popped up on twitter


Jessica Vosk to replace Caissie Levy in THE BEDWETTER
 Jun 14 2022, 01:48:18 PM

Just got an email from the Atlantic announcing a 1 week extension for The Bedwetter with Jessica Vosk replacing Caissie for 5 days only. Bebe Neuwirth will also be replaced by Elizabeth Ward Land for those 5 days. 

Seems odd to bring in a name like Vosk for only 5 days. Nonetheless, hoping to catch her take in the role, I loved this the first time I saw it.

Pronuncation of Chip Zien's Surname
 Apr 10 2022, 12:39:24 AM

JBroadway said: "Tag said: "Zy-IN"

Not quite - or at least not how it should be written out. There' no emphasis on the IN.

It's closer to "ZINE," rhyming with "MINE," but I have sometimes heard it said with a slight separation between the vowels, to create a very light, almost imperceptible 2nd syllable, starting with a schwa sound. A little bit like when you say the word "lion" very quickly. But it's closer to rhyming with "mine" than "lion."

I would say its like Mayan with a Z. I feel like that kind of falls in between mine and lion. 


Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 26 2022, 02:52:24 PM

I'm surprised Barbra hasn't made any comment about this production so far, when Lauren Ambrose was cast in the aborted Bart Sher revival she had mentioned something nice, but non-committal, to acknowledge her casting in an interview. As we approach her 80th Birthday, if she gives some sort of interview, I could see her being asked about it.

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 25 2022, 07:29:50 PM

Papi2013 said: "Is the invited dress tonight? Pictures of the merch stand are popping up."

Where are you seeing this? I looked on instagram and didn't see anything. Could you share a link?

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