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Occupation: Producer
Profile: I am a producer of world class media (stage, film, TV, audio recording), and in addition I develop and produce original, indigenous talent in all areas of media production, in concert with production possibilities in major U.S. cities. In my spare time, I screw around on the Internet.
I used to post here as gvendo2005, but in turning over a new leaf with regard to my Internet persona, I felt a new account was needed. And... here I am!

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Update on the Times Square Theatre
 May 8 2024, 12:27:07 PM

Which does not account for where to park the goddamn truck without impeding regular flow. Are people not paying attention? It is not enough to create a loading space, you have to factor in what you are unloading from.

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Apr 21 2024, 12:01:45 PM

CATSNYrevival said: "Why is this being produced "By special arrangement with Cameron Mackintosh?" How is he involved beyond producing the original London production?"

He's the majority shareholder of MTI now, so when you deal with any kind of first-class rights to an MTI show, you deal with him. (That's my guess, anyway.)

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Apr 10 2024, 03:27:30 PM

DaveyG said: "My issue isn't with him reporting gossip - that's totally fine. But he sometimes attacks working professionals in a way that I think crosses the line."

Pointing out problems with the system is never crossing the line.

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Apr 9 2024, 01:05:09 PM

DaveyG said: "Let's not give the "Oracle" any credit. He's been constantly wrong about casting for this production over the last few months. Now that there's a publicly available picture of the cast watching the eclipse on a break from their 1st rehearsal, he scours the photo and acts as though he has a scoop. Nonsense."

You must be simply delightful at parties.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Apr 5 2024, 09:50:22 PM

ErikJ972 said: "Jmuep2 said: "I think the young Tommy portion of the original production was set during World War 1. The cast album had a song "1921" that seemsto have been updated.

CJRochester said: "dramamama611 said: "The setting has always been WWII; if for no other reason than the pinball machine wasn't around till the early 30s"

Thanks, I must have been thinking of the original album, which did

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour
 Feb 28 2024, 01:00:46 AM

In the original stage version, the Wizard first sang "Believe in Yourself."

Donny Osmond returning to JOSEPH
 Feb 21 2024, 04:02:14 PM

Not to my recollection; it's only happening this time because people are ignoring the precious few pointing out he's playing Pharaoh for the sake of a punchline. (I'm just shocked no Ted Neeley references have been made yet.)

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027
 Feb 20 2024, 01:02:04 PM

Mirroring Mark Lewisohn's multi-volume biography of the Fabs... interesting.

Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... not at the Lyceum February 2024
 Feb 8 2024, 01:15:44 PM

If you think it's actually coming back next season, I've got waterfront property in Arizona that you would just adore.

CANDIDE in Australia with Eddie Perfect
 Feb 5 2024, 03:32:22 PM

I recollect that he liked Hal's version well enough because it gave the show more of an afterlife than trying to patch together Lillian's without Lillian. Plot-wise, and spirit-wise, it got closer to what he wanted. He just hated that it wasn't the way he'd do the score.

(For me, as long as you cut some of the unnecessary over-narration, John Caird's book from 1999 is the comfortable middle -- enough bawdy humor for the Hal acolytes, enough music for the Lenny lover

CANDIDE in Australia with Eddie Perfect
 Feb 5 2024, 02:41:03 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Is that the so-called Hal Prince "opera house" version that later played Broadway?"

Nope, it's the version Bernstein recorded for Deutsche Grammophon in 1989, also known as the "Scottish Opera version" because that's where the "definitive version" sort of began. Details here, here, and here.

(Anybody experienced in the show's variations just finds it cute Bernstein thought he could slap a "definitive" label on any version.)

CANDIDE in Australia with Eddie Perfect
 Feb 5 2024, 10:01:10 AM

For those who have followed the saga of Candide's various versions, the credits seem to indicate it's the 1989 "definitive version."

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING musical, featuring Burt Bacharach catalogue songs
 Jan 30 2024, 01:39:37 PM

I think with My Best Friend's Wedding, it's specifically because the soundtrack was famously half Bacharach covers, including the dinner scene with "I Say a Little Prayer." Their motivation in going jukebox over original score may have been not to compete with the film's memory and lose.

How to Fix the Broadway Model
 Jan 17 2024, 05:20:45 PM

I've had an idea in this respect for the past few years. As a working producer, I'm well aware it would take time, and a lot of unprecedented (only on the level I propose, though; one-offs have occurred before) agreements from every union involved plus the Broadway League, but I think it's a possible solution: a hybrid model with a live in-person ticket and simultaneous streaming at a much more affordable price point.

If you want to know what the results looked like when I

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 Jan 6 2024, 05:34:52 PM


Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 Jan 6 2024, 01:25:37 PM

An immediate reaction from a friend who heard the Trevor Nunn rumor:

"If Arthur Laurents thought Sam Mendes was a bridge too far, Trevor Nunn would have him rising out of his coffin to judge mankind."

(My response, of course, was "He won't get out, though. I put a rock on the lid.")

A lack of great new choreographers and director-choreographers?
 Dec 22 2023, 11:23:50 AM

@dan94: Jerry is the missing link only in his pedigree. In my personal opinion, which others are free to disagree with, none of his work shows the promise of that lineage.

A lack of great new choreographers and director-choreographers?
 Dec 19 2023, 10:01:18 AM

We also can't forget that the legacy of the great director-choreographers comes from the pre-AIDS era.

There was sort of a dynasty; to this day, particularly at Dancers Over 40 events, you can see who came from the schools of Michael Bennett (who gave us, in a sense, Bob Avian, Baayork Lee, Michael Peters [on Dreamgirls], Thommie Walsh, etc.), Gower Champion, Bob Fosse (who gave us Christopher Chadman, Wayne Cilento, Ann Reinking, Chet Walker, etc.), Michael Kidd, Agne

Concord releases Spanish GODSPELL recording produced by Antonio Banderas
 Dec 15 2023, 09:51:16 AM

Of course it's based on the 2012 arrangements. Oy... some of them were -- and those who remember my history with the forum know I am loath to admit this -- a welcome upgrade, but many of them were candy-coated, sugary Glee/High School Musical retreads, and it bothers me a little bit that this version is becoming the standard.

London production of Guys & Dolls secured NYC location
 Dec 7 2023, 07:57:33 PM

Kad said: "Equity has not pursued shows like Sleep No More- large, sprawling, movement-based original pieces that don’t adhere to traditional curtain up/curtain down runtimes- because they’re a logistical nightmare and would basically require bespoke contracts for each production."

Actually, they have; there were several (ultimately failed) attempts to unionize Sleep No More, per a former employee.

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