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 May 20 2024, 08:59:22 PM

"Has there been a flop where it was worked on for 10 years, performed out of town, was well received, came to Broadway and flopped, was worked on for 10 more years and then it did well?"

Uhhh.... MERRILY?

Gatsby or Merrily?
 May 10 2024, 03:48:22 PM

The correct answer is STEREOPHONIC!

Yes, MERRILY is the show not to miss before it closes. HOWEVER... on our trip to NYC a week ago, MERRILY left me a little underwhelmed, even with the full cast on. Sure the actors are all doing their damndest to sell the story, and sure the best songs in the score are among the best ever written, but I just couldn't forgive the deadly libretto about a central guy who everyone loves even though he's a f**k-up and a s**tty friend an

Next Sondheim?
 May 10 2024, 03:30:51 PM

The CSC revival of Passion was bit more satisfying than the OBC in '94, but man, that show is just a really tough sell for me. Some lovely musical passages can't mask over the woodenness of the central love story. Funny to think about Passion, having just finished watching BABY REINDEER, the Netflix miniseries that turned a disturbed stalker tale into absolutely riveting drama.

What’s Next for the Palace Theatre?
 May 7 2024, 08:00:34 PM

^ Actually the wings at the Palace are MORE spacious than most backstages on Bway. Welcome to the magic trick every set designer masters in shoehorning the big shows into our tiny Broadway houses.

What’s Next for the Palace Theatre?
 May 7 2024, 07:47:33 PM

I spent a lot of time in the old Palace Theater in 1983 installing the original LA CAGE AUX FOLLES. The thing I remember most about the backstage was a brick pillar upstage left that all the moving scenery had to track around to come on and off stage. I've got to believe that at least they eliminated that pillar when they lifted the house.

Edited to add: Just reviewed the new photos of backstage and sure enough, that pillar is gone :.

STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 May 7 2024, 04:23:47 PM

So for the Fallon appearance, who the hell is the 6th band member?? (The one in the red cowboy shirt and straight-leg jeans (very non-period for 1976)! Did they bring on a guitar ringer just for the tv appearance, or is there additional offstage guitar support playing every night at the Golden? Inquiring minds wanna know.

 May 6 2024, 03:26:45 PM

So many of my absolutely favorite posters on this site have raved about ILLINOISE since its Armory shows, that my husband and I had no choice but to book great seats (Orch N 1, 3) for this on our whirlwind NYC trip last week. For context, we knew nothing of the score save the glimpse of it shown on the teaser clip on YouTube. And we're generally big fans of Mark Morris and Matthew Bourne's dance work.

Sorry to say... (yeah, that's all you need to read)... the show just

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD
 Apr 11 2024, 01:44:59 PM

Wasn't there a touring set for SUNSET BLVD that featured blueprint draftings as a graphic replacement for the built spaces? Boy, would I have been disappointed after seeing the original...

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD
 Apr 10 2024, 08:52:18 PM

"The mansion was stored upstage on stage level between performances. During performances it was housed up in the flies."

Thanks for that, Brody! It seems astonishing that all the flying in the show could still work, never mind the lighting banks, with that monstrosity sharing the flyspace. Wow. (Now I remember-- I'd heard that the floor of the mansion contained banks of lighting units for use while in its out position.)

I actually worked for J

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD
 Apr 10 2024, 07:37:33 PM

Thanks, Morosco, for posting that footage. I saw the original set in '93 at the Shubert in LA with Glen Close pre-Broadway.  I'm certain Norma's touring car was added to the production I remember.

Also, until watching this video, I had no idea the mansion set piece tracked downstage and upstage as well as flying up and down. Does anyone know where it stored when out of sight? Was it all the way upstage in its raised position behind the last drop? Or did it fly all

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Apr 10 2024, 07:27:21 PM

Isaac Powell was absolutely magnetic in both Once On This Island and in West Side Story, though he did read super-young back then in 2018/2020. Apparently he's now 29 or 30--still young for Gatsby, but I'm absolutely intrigued with what he might bring to the role.

Merrily We Roll Along -- End of June Scheduled Absences?
 Apr 10 2024, 03:03:33 PM

Of course our dates have changed: now looking at MERRILY tix for April 30 or May 1, matinee or evening.

Again we've looked on the Hudson Theater site for Merrily (, and can find no planned cast absences listed there. Are we looking in the wrong place?

Merrily We Roll Along -- End of June Scheduled Absences?
 Apr 8 2024, 08:29:22 PM

Since this thread popped up, I have the same question about performances on Tues May 7, and Wed Matinee or evening May 8. Telecharge doesn't inform me of planned absences when I click on tickets to purchase.

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!
 Apr 3 2024, 06:08:53 PM

It was obvious to me from the first frame that HAMILTON would best all comers and come out on top. Seeing the vote tallies for the final four, it's playing out just as predicted.

Next time: allow non-Tony winners like WEST SIDE STORY and FOLLIES. Allow shows dating back to at least OKLAHOMA. (Apologies to SHOWBOAT, ANYTHING GOES and PORGY & BESS.) And somehow the matchups need to mix decades more liberally. And you know what? I bet HAMILTON will still come out on top. Sigh

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!
 Mar 28 2024, 04:30:37 PM

Two complaints-- why cut off the Tony winners at the year 1960? Are the shows that premiered from 1948 to 1959 not among the greatest ever written?

Second, I know it would be unwieldy, but I really wish they wouldn't restrict the choices to each year's Best Musical winners alone. Just to look at Sondheim's output as an example, that eliminated WEST SIDE STORY, GYPSY, FOLLIES, SUNDAY... and INTO THE WOODS from consideration.

Honestly, what will it matter anyhow w

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!
 Mar 27 2024, 02:59:41 PM

I don't know what world I'm living in when The Sound of Music is beating Fiddler on the Roof soundly. Sigh--

I always expected that my fave HADESTOWN would go down to HAMILTON in any cage match so no surprise that the mob doesn't agree with me there.

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film
 Mar 20 2024, 02:53:07 PM

My understanding is that Bill Condon wants Molina to be Trans for this film, which is not the story told in either the Bway show or the 80's film. It's a choice, which maybe will set this film apart in a unique way...? 


Sunday in the Park with George at The Axelrod Performing Arts Center
 Mar 18 2024, 08:16:28 PM

Graham Phillips was an absolutely smashing Georges in the Pasadena Playhouse production of SUNDAY a year ago. How thrilling to have someone so young (exactly Georges' real age as it turns out), and so precise in his delivery as he performs that score. I can't speak to this new staging, but I know Mr. Phillips is worth the price of admission wherever he performs this role.

SLAVE PLAY headed to London?
 Feb 28 2024, 05:17:08 PM

I saw the play on Bway as well as the Taper production, and I agree with the poster about 10 comments back-- I was really fascinated by the stories of the actual couples, and really, really hated the therapists' sessions from start to finish. Can't tell if it was the performances (insanely broad) or the writing, but the satire of psychotherapy was utterly beside the point for me. Looking deeply into the ways interracial couples make it work or don't-- that was a rich vein that I t

Chita Rivera has died
 Jan 31 2024, 08:03:52 PM

There hasn't been a decade since I've been seeing Bway shows that I didn't catch Chita is something fabulous: Chicago in '75, Merlin in '80, The Rink (FOUR times!!) in '84, Spiderwoman in '93, Nine in '03, an Atlantis Baltic cruise as headliner in '08, Drood in '13, The Visit in '15, and her cabaret show in Pittsburgh in &#

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