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Gender: Male
Location: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Pre-Kindergarten teacher
Profile: My name is Roman Castillo Jr. I live in Austin, Texas, a relatively liberal community. I am a big fan of Chicago the Musical. I have seen the show 35 times (the first one being on St. Patrick's Day 2011) and one concert version in 2019 in Dallas. When I first visited NYC in 2006, I really didn't give Chicago much of a thought. Once I saw it on March 17, 2011, I was hooked. At the stage door, I met Ryan Lowe, Jason Patrick Sands and Leigh Zimmerman (Velma Kelly). Over the years, I have met many of the Chicago cast members at the stage door: Bianca Marroquin, Terra C, Dylis Croman, Jennifer Fouche and so many others. I got a chance to visit backstage at the Ambassador Theatre due to the kindness of Jason Patrick Sands. I had a chance to meet Charlotte D'Amboise inside the theatre as well. I have often wondered if the cast members are aware of this thread about the show. When I see Chicago, I always try to get a seat on the first row. I have met several Broadway legends over the years: Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes (2007), Chita Rivera (2015) and also Judith Light. I love New York City and Broadway.

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Did Jessie Mueller deserve the Tony?
 Jul 5 2024, 09:28:39 AM

What a dumbass question!  She was selected by a Tony committee for a nomination and honored with a trophy by her peers.    

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jul 1 2024, 06:44:47 PM

I was curious about Jayke Workman's voice, as I've never heard it.  This is a duet with Teal Wicks.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jul 1 2024, 08:54:40 AM

J. London will be Mary Sunshine for 24 performances, from July 1-24.  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 29 2024, 11:54:07 AM

I wonder who is coming in as the next Billy Flynn when Max Von Essen finishes his (very) long run.  

 Jun 27 2024, 10:26:38 PM   This Australian Joe Gillis is v e r y easy on the eyes.

 Jun 27 2024, 08:07:41 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "I truly wonder what the chances are we get the Brightman SUNSET revived on Broadway versus the Nicole SUNSET. I think I’d prefer the Brightman revival. This truly excites me"

I agree with you.  A bare bones production of Sunset Boulevard is disappointing to many fans of the classic production.  

 Jun 27 2024, 07:58:46 AM

How is the show's box office?  I took a looksey at the Sunset Boulevard Australian website.  Silvie Paladino is listed as "Norma Desmond at certain performances".

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 26 2024, 06:15:43 PM  This is a video of Jinx singing various tunes in a song association game.   By the way, who all is planning on seeing her when her limited run begins tomorrow, June 27?  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 22 2024, 10:55:00 AM

Matthew Winnege is truly multitalented.  He covers the roles of bailiff, court clerk, "tap dance" specialty and Amos Hart.  He posted a picture on IG as having had an Amos understudy rehearsal.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 20 2024, 01:54:41 PM


Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 18 2024, 10:23:31 PM

Robyn Hurder as Velma Kelly

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/9/24
 Jun 11 2024, 02:36:33 PM

I am surprised by Chicago's grosses.   Undoubtedly, they will improve once Jinx Monsoon returns as Mama.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 10 2024, 11:20:01 AM

I keep hoping they'll  ask Leigh Zimmerman for a return as Velma.  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 7 2024, 12:10:29 AM

Jaquez Andre Sims



Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 5 2024, 10:33:33 PM

His full name is Jaquez Andre Sims.  I found this on BWW.   Jaquez was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts where he received his BFA in Dance. Broadway: MOTOWN (Asst. Dance Captain, Ensemble) National Tours: MATILDA (Rudolpho), THE BODYGUARD (Ensemble, u/s Tony, Devaney) NYC: CITY CENTER ENCORES! HEY LOOK ME OVER!, KING KONG LAB, BEETLEJUICE LAB, APOLLO CLUB HARLEM, SPANDEX Off Broadway (Trip Allen). Favorite Regional:

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 5 2024, 10:28:00 PM

Jaquez will be joining the cast of Chicago as Fred Casely, beginning June 8th.  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 3 2024, 11:44:24 AM

Matthew J. Winnege is returning to the Ambassador in a new track, until September 1st.  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 3 2024, 11:41:21 AM

Matthew J. Winnege is back with the show  until September 1st in a new track.  

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 1 2024, 08:25:47 PM

This situation with the Chicago cast is a sobering reminder that COVID is still out there.  The good thing with Chicago is that the show has numerous people out there who can help out with roles, in an emergency.  

Theatre Wow: La Cage's Cagelles Share Their Stories: 40 years later
 Jun 1 2024, 08:01:23 PM   by Jim McDermott

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