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Hudson Theater Box Office Email?  Apr 15 2024, 08:09:18 PM

There's a Contact Us on their site with a form, and also a couple of email addys. Contact Us

MOTHER PLAY seating question  Apr 15 2024, 09:49:15 AM

We were G 4-6 in the right side orchestra. Ok sightlines and didn't miss much to the stage's side. However, I can't remember ever sitting so uncomfortably in a Broadway house. Super narrow seats, angled toward the left, neighbors with elbows right in our sides. Awful. Knew there wasn't an intermission, so I found myself praying for the show to end (despite liking it overall.) So, mostly liked the show, but worst "seating" experience in recent memory. Avoid

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 14 2024, 03:14:55 AM

Guessing these will be scattered ALL over the place. 







Disney Opening a new show at the New Amsterdam this September?  Apr 10 2024, 03:32:40 PM

Has Disney closed a show as reliably successful as Aladdin? Always seems to be in the $1.5-2m club each week. 

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film  Apr 9 2024, 03:53:41 PM

This is going to be super niche-y. Lopez' upcoming tour severely under-performing with lots of cancellations is showing her name/image alone isn't enough to guarantee success. The subject matter, supporting cast, musical-ness (sadly guessing it won't be marketed as a musical) are going to hindrances for sure. Will need a reasonable production budget and great reviews/word of mouth to make an impression and be a success -- but I'm def hoping for the best. Predict

MOTHER PLAY Previews  Apr 4 2024, 09:28:32 AM

Any reports/feedback from last night? Going Sunday eve. 

Show That Have Sat Down  Mar 25 2024, 09:48:40 AM

BalconyClub said: "Chicago also had sit downs of Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, andRagtime.."

Forgot about Joseph! (despite the incessant 90s ads! haha) Are the others sit-downs or just longer tour stops? I may be unclear on what makes a sit-down production. I thought they were purpose-built open-ended productions vs. extended tour stops. (And the off-loop mentions were just local productions

Show That Have Sat Down  Mar 25 2024, 02:05:56 AM

Chicago had Wicked and Hamilton sit-down productions that both ran for many years. (An attempted Billy Elliot sit-down didn’t fare as well.)

 Mar 22 2024, 05:59:31 PM

Would seemingly be locked down by now, just maybe not shared with the public. Shooting was completed almost a year ago. 

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 19 2024, 06:07:30 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Why? Because this isn’t 20years ago where you could drop $50 to see a show. For most people, they’re spending a LOT of money for 2-3 hours at a show and want an idea if it’s worth it to them. So for those people, (who aren’t us who try to see most things, regardless) it really is like going to a fancy restaurant and wanting to see a menu beforehand to decide if it’s something they want to try."

Yup. I read a wh

Broadway Cruise 2  Mar 13 2024, 10:16:36 PM

He’s there with Reece. 

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews  Mar 9 2024, 02:01:48 PM

Curious about running time reports. Listings/reviews in Chicago had it at about 2:10. Hoping to sprint from a 2pm matinee in a few weeks to a 5pm Oh Mary. (the 2.5 hrs mentioned here has me worried now haha) 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024  Mar 5 2024, 05:32:58 PM

Really curious about how they're gonna handle (or delete entirely) the "fat Helen" subplot where she eats her feelings "comically" in the movie. Can't see them doing a fat suit/makeup after the The Whale backlash w/Brendan Fraser (he got the Oscar despite it due to his "all-in" performance, but was dicey for a while.) Guessing "Hell" will be Agnes Gooch-level frumpy instead. 

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews  Mar 4 2024, 10:45:41 PM

TotallyEffed said: "jpbran said: "Is the 2hrs run-time still accurate? What section/side should I look for the quickest exit? Trying to hit a 9:30 show @ 54 Below after a 7pm "Enemy." (Haven't been to Circle in several years)"

It's only a few blocks, you will have time to use the bathroom and everything. :)

Thx, Effed! Have been stuck down by misunderstood running times and super-slow exiting patrons at least once

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews  Feb 29 2024, 03:47:48 PM

Is the 2hrs run-time still accurate? 

What section/side should I look for the quickest exit? Trying to hit a 9:30 show @ 54 Below after a 7pm "Enemy."  (Haven't been to Circle in several years)

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY Coming to Broadway This Summer?  Feb 28 2024, 06:55:54 PM

REALLY curious to see how this performs with summer & fall ticket buyers. Even with low-ish financial requirements, still seems like a gamble not being off-broadway somewhere smaller/more cabaret-like. 

SUCCESSION Star Jeremy Strong Will Return to Broadway in AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE  Feb 23 2024, 03:31:16 PM

I'm still skeptical of Pedretti. All her work so far has been trash for teens and she was the weak link of a great ensemble on Origin. That said, the way they combined the daughter with the wife is a bit intriguing even if it falls into the "fridge women" trope."

Wha? Have you not seen any of her fantastic very non-teen-trash projects with Mike Flanagan on Netflix? :-O  

SUCCESSION Star Jeremy Strong Will Return to Broadway in AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE  Feb 23 2024, 12:18:16 PM

Been a few years since I've been to Circle. Will be running to a 54 Below show immediately after Enemy... anyone have a tip where to sit at Circle to get out quickly? Have seen four shows there over the years, and always remember it being a slow slog to get out as all the rows funnel to the exits. (But get turned around when I look at the seating charts online.)

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Feb 22 2024, 11:21:57 PM

O’Hara is jumping quickly back into The Hours at the Met starting May 5, so I’m doubting she could extend even if there was a demand for it. 

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway  Feb 20 2024, 12:56:31 PM

Now the OhMaryPlay site is showing dates through early May, but clicking through to the ticketing site reverts back to the sold out March dates ending on 3/24 as before. Odd rollout. (EDIT: short lived... but they're clearly loading the new dates into the system.)

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