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SPONGEBOB Rush and Lottery
 Jan 3 2018, 02:07:11 PM

Rushed during the holiday period; the first people in line arrived at around 6 am. I got there at about 8:40, and there were four people in front of me, and they all needed multiple tickets. The people after me got there at about 8:50, and by 9 the line was growing fast. It was a two-show day, but by 10 am there were probably 30 people.

The pricing was tiered; when it was our turn we were offered $30 partial view tickets in the balcony that they said were "very" obstructed, o

St James Mezzanine
 Jan 3 2018, 02:02:23 PM

I like the view from the front of the mezzanine there quite a bit. It doesn't feel far away at all. Can't really speak to the back half, though. Where you're looking should be just fine. 

Broadway Related Tattoos
 Dec 22 2017, 07:55:55 PM

I have an Angels in America tattoo. 

Angels in America or Boys in the Band?
 Dec 15 2017, 04:26:29 PM

Angels. Angels is essential, vital, mammoth, transcendent, easily one of the great works of the English language. Take her to see it live on a huge, huge scale while she's got the chance. I was only slightly older than your daughter is now when I met the play for the first time and it changed the course of my life. 

Who saw Alfred Molina in Red?
 Dec 1 2017, 05:42:45 PM

Is this like some actors you need to see up close but others are ok from far away?

I saw it from the mid-mezzanine at the Golden. I would've liked to sit a little closer, but I don't think you need to to enjoy the play. 

National Theatre's PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS
 Nov 27 2017, 04:59:35 PM

I sat in the second row and have absolutely zero regrets about it. I feel lucky to have gotten to see Denise Gough act from up that close. I think if you can find a seat on the side of the stage that's the bottom of the seating chart, those might be a little bit better. The other side seemed to be treated a little bit more like the back of the stage in terms of where the actors were facing at times. 

Once on This Island lottery
 Nov 17 2017, 01:41:08 PM

And I'm assuming SRO is only when it's sold out? I'll probably try the lottery and then if I lose pop over to TKTS. When I'm already paying to fly into town I'm not super in the position to spend $99 or whatever their lowest full price is. 

Once on This Island lottery
 Nov 17 2017, 11:41:28 AM

Has anyone here tried it? Is it worth doing or totally nuts? Are they offering any kind of consolation discount if your name isn't picked? Thanks!

The Band's Visit Rush Policy Announced
 Oct 26 2017, 09:06:35 AM
Thank you! I'm in line and had a momentary panic.
The Band's Visit Rush Policy Announced
 Oct 26 2017, 08:57:54 AM
Any updates on whether they take credit cards? Assuming yes.
 Sep 22 2017, 05:31:36 PM

The 2006 revival did not get rid of the 70s references. The timelessness was all in the aesthetic; and you felt it because it was a production that didn't beat you over the head with the fact that it's the 70s. Doyle experimented with cell phones in Cincinnati, but ultimately decided to remove them because they weren't necessary and were potentially distracting. 

 Sep 22 2017, 05:01:50 PM

I'm so glad there are finally dates and a location for this; that information is, to me, totally secondary to the casting announcement; every time it was pushed back, or the timeline was vague, I feared that it was never going to happen. 

I am intrigued and curious and I have so many questions that I can't wait to have answered. But my questions aren't skepticism; I'm on board with the idea and I think it's going to challenge a lot of long-held perceptions abou

So why is Prior Walter...
 Jul 25 2017, 05:11:30 PM

I own four published copies of the script including a hardback 2nd edition (the oldest one I have) and they all have the tapestry reference. That's not to say it was always the tapestry, I don't know, but for whatever it's worth. 

Raul Esparza
 Apr 26 2017, 02:21:03 PM

TV is definitely not fewer hours. 

SVU is probably not in danger of not getting renewed, but the writers strike, if it happens, could impact their schedule. They have already wrapped Season 18.

For the rest: speculation is just the BEST, isn't it? 

The schedule for a show like Younger is less limiting than for a show like SVU -- and not to mention the few years where he was on SVU and Hannibal, which shot in different countries a

Raul Esparza
 Apr 26 2017, 11:51:15 AM

Am attempting to will this into being with force of positive thinking. 

Raul Esparza
 Apr 26 2017, 10:16:16 AM

He's also doing this, but the only way to get tickets now is to get on the waitlist:

Pacific Overtures previews
 Apr 24 2017, 07:15:11 PM

re: what the visual concept is, American Theatre just put up this interview, which addresses it:

The set is meant to represent paper/the original treaty between the US and Japan. 

Pacific Overtures previews
 Apr 21 2017, 02:23:47 PM

Scarywarhol said: "I keep finding in recent seasons that people (and often the artists themselves) are quick to call criticisms of a minimalist or radically overhauled production "traditionalist," like the dissenters are automatically a bunch of unimaginative stuffy old museum curators. It's often a very easy way to dismiss any notion that the take actually doesn't work. 

Sorry, I think you misunderstood me, and also sorry if I wasn't clear.

Pacific Overtures previews
 Apr 21 2017, 02:14:24 PM

kdogg36 said: "I'm wondering if maybe our differing reactions to this production correlate closely with our previous engagement with Pacific Overtures. I maintain that it was a very compelling piece of theater, but I can see why others would be quite bothered by the cuts and the stylistic changes." 

Absolutely. I have actually always thought a version of that rings true of experiences with him in general. His Company was my f

Pacific Overtures previews
 Apr 21 2017, 02:04:27 PM

Yeah, I overheard some unahppy people. I suppose advertising it differently could've been useful, but in CSC's defense, they have sent numerous e-mails (and send you more if you have tickets) that clearly state it's 100 minutes with no intermission. If you know the show well enough to be like, irate about changes to the libretto, then "100 minutes, no intermission" should probably tip you off that it's different. (Or maybe people just don't read.)

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