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SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 07:23:28 PM

Maybe Twitter the Ny Daily News, Fox, Cnn and others made them up

Country singer Carrie Underwood has been under attack all week, receiving death threats on Twitter after the “Sound of Music” trailer was released, according to the New York Daily News on November 28.Underwood has been reported as saying “I get hate tweets and stuff like ‘You’re not Julie Andrews!’” Carrie wants to set the record straight. She understands she’s not Andrews. She’s not trying to be Julie in the new version of “The Sound of Music” which airs on December 5 on NBC. “I know I’m not Julie. Nobody is and I would never pretend that I was. I know my place.”Julie Andrews, 78, has given Carrie Underwood her blessing. “I wish it well, that’s for sure,” Andrews told Larry King. “I think it’s great. It’s going to be an original show. I believe, and I think after 40 or 50 years, it’s probably about time somebody else had a crack at it.”

SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 06:22:44 PM
Joey is this that alleged christian victim myth you talk about?

Twitter. .. so many more but I won't gi e you the satisfaction

Why the **** is Carrie underwood in this sound of music live! f**king up this classic! ??????????— Chris Hill (@ChrisHill324 December 06, 2013

Carrie Underwood can **** off. Go pray to your pathetic God or something and stop trying to sing, bitch.— Matt Schroeder (@Peter_Cinn) December 08, 2013

The New Yorker explains the neurological reasons for the SOM snark
 Dec 9 2013, 05:10:09 PM
This is nice to see, we have already heard from Laura B, now its her young co stars loving on her as well!

How was working with Carrie and Stephen Moyer?

ARIANE: They were wonderful. Carrie was incredible; she worked very hard throughout this entire thing. Everyday I was like, 'I'm tired, I'm sore.' But then Carrie comes and and she had just been recording and [doing] interviews. It was very inspirational to work with someone who was so dedicated and never complains. Ever! And Stephen's lovely. It was interesting seeing him switch between Captain and Stephen.

JOE: Carrie's great. She has the prettiest voice, and she is so nice to the kids. I wasn't really expecting such an awesome person. I've listened to her music a lot and she always sounds beautiful, but I really didn't think she'd be spending so much time with the kids, and we kind of formed a bond offstage, too.

Full Cast Announced for CABARET; Meet the Kit Kat Klub Boys & Girls
 Dec 9 2013, 04:03:43 PM
I saw Andrea Goss play REZA in Once and she was amazing! i really thought she was Czech
SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 03:44:41 PM
How is she "NOT ABLE TO HANDLE CRITICISM"? just because she decided not to sit there and be a doormat and take all the horrible things people are saying about her?


She responded with a TWEET.
She didn't curse anyone out.
she didnt wish anyone dead.
She didnt insult anyone.
She didnt make an obscene gesture

I guess to some people maybe wishing someone Love from Jesus is a terrible thing. but for people who love Jesus it is not.

Does 54 Below have a stage door?
 Dec 9 2013, 01:58:03 PM
BSTOLL will you let us know how it was?
SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 01:52:55 PM
SOONER, youre right. it was not about KYMS. I just posted that cuz earlier a hater posted how kym and the others thought Carrie was horrible and ruined the show.

She was referring to the tweets like the one you posted and the ones tweets that threatened to kill her.

Thank God Twitter wasnt around in 1965 or Julie Andrews wouldve gotten the same treatment from the theater bullies

Fran Drescher to make Broadway debut in CINDERELLA
 Dec 9 2013, 01:29:53 PM
i was afraid she was going to be playing Cinderella.
Apparently Carrie Underwood was NOT the first choice to play Maria
 Dec 9 2013, 01:22:08 PM
Dean Pelton was originally going to be Maria when BRAVO was set to broadcast it
Fran Drescher to make Broadway debut in CINDERELLA
 Dec 9 2013, 01:16:59 PM
Good God....

TheaterPEOPLE have no right to mock TVPEOPLE for stunt casting. this is exhibit A

SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 01:12:48 PM
i believe it was this thread (though there are so many SOM threads) that someone mentioned how Kym Karath bashed Carrie as horrible and destroying the show. (she played Greti von Trapp in the movie)

Kym Karath ?@KymKarath 7 Dec
Apparently I am being horribly misquoted . Very upsetting.

We hear you Kym, unftly Bullies are everywhere these days!!

Kym Karath ?@KymKarath 7 Dec
Wish press didn't twist words& that people could read accurately .Yesterday reminded me

SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 08:00:35 AM
Certainly they will repeat it around Christmas but it would be nice to see it ever year. I have already watched it twice and probably will again!

SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 07:52:37 AM
I agree its unfortunate we have to defend ourselves against unprovoked namecalling...


Back on topic...does anyone know if they will repeat this? I have to thi k they would be foolish not to especially with the highest ratings nbc has gotten for a show since the ER finale and all the buzz.

Sound of Music brought to you by Walmart & Stouffer's Lasagna
 Dec 9 2013, 07:38:18 AM
Speaking of WALMART I just saved over 50$ on carmats, gloves, Christmas Decorations and SOM DVD!

SOM Questions...
 Dec 9 2013, 07:33:46 AM
So NAMO in response to your post. Please enlighten us with your scary knowledge. Will you be honest and tell us how you think religion, Any religion is superstition and for naive uneducated people?

All anyone has to do is check any thread that includes the word Pope (Who you have said is responsible for spreading Aids and child abuse)in it to see your vile hatred of all religions and disdain toward anyone who as you say might as well worship a rock like a caveman.

SOM Questions...
 Dec 8 2013, 06:28:43 PM
I saw it Sutton. Thank you for the kind words. He is just another angry member of the Mean Grls of BWW who bully everyone who is under 40 and new to the board. Isnt I t funny how they throw around the troll word but its only them that call people c**nts and taints and worse?

The word Troll has become meaningless here. To them its anoyone who doesn't agree with them and has a radical left agenda.
Poor Lisaheadbead. Those very people she has defended have often called her Troll c

SOM Questions...
 Dec 8 2013, 05:43:58 PM
Thank you PTOP your comments make total sense. You are certainly right this is not a Christian board and I met no offense to non jesus lovers, when I say LORD, I mean that to be whover you may beleive in which to me brings people together.

To each their own I say, if you believe or not is personal choice. I only take issue with those like FINDINGNAMO who are not only openly hostile to Jesus but also to all religions and famously and proudly mocks people of any faith as stupid enough

Live Blog The Live Sound Of Music
 Dec 8 2013, 03:28:50 PM
Enough negativity. How great was Ariane Rinehart as Lieseil? Great voice, beautiful girl. Flawless acting.

Wouldnt she make the perfect Cinderella? Now that Santino is leaving, I'm sure Laura is next.

She really looks like Cristin Milioti too. Maybe Girl in Once?

What musical should Meron and Zadan do next?
 Dec 8 2013, 02:35:06 PM
Bestie that's what I meant doing it LIVE.

Carlos. Fairy tales are very I now... grim. Once upon a time. Wonderland. 2 snow white movies. Red ri ding hood movie etc.

Live Blog The Live Sound Of Music
 Dec 8 2013, 02:24:52 PM
Carrie is getting criticized for being thinskinned when she is getting vile emails and deathtreats by some of the same people on BWW who run crying to Daddy when they hear something they don't like right on her. Just imagine if it was National.

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