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THE WIZ 2024 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jul 12 2024, 03:57:14 PM

Anyways - the cast performed at Broadway In Bryant Park yesterday and were fantastic! Anyone go? 

Jonathan Groff Sets 2025 Broadway Return with JUST IN TIME?
 Jul 12 2024, 03:50:38 PM

I don’t recall him being in the last reading, so this is exciting! 

Lincoln Center Archives
 Jul 8 2024, 06:56:27 PM

Here Lies Love, Here We Are, Days of Wine and Roses, Shucked, and How to Dance in Ohio are now available. 

Broadway Real Estate 2024-25
 Jul 8 2024, 06:52:03 PM

I thought they’re a contracted six month break before going back on tour. The cast only had a two week break between tour and Broadway rehearsals. 

NYT: New York Moves to Clean Up Times Square After a Spate of Crimes
 Jul 6 2024, 07:09:53 PM

Theatrefan4 eating this thread up. Love to see it.

Why hasn't The Wizard of Oz appeared more on Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 06:36:47 PM

jacobsnchz14 said: "Actually surprised ALW’s adaptation of The Wizard of Oz never actually made it to Broadway."

It didn’t need to, though. It did well enough touring the US, and then internationally. I think it could be a fun seasonal show in the way it was for Madison Square Garden in the 90s, but I think it’s so embedded in popular culture that it doesn’t need to attempt a long term run on Broadway. People watch it on TV around holidays, th

Nicole Scherzinger writing musical 'Loosely based on her Life'
 Jun 30 2024, 08:38:21 PM

“The songs will be from the 'probably 15' unreleased albums she has written or recorded.”

Wow. That is…something. The BWW article summarizing her career is a little funny considering the story it’s tied to. CATS, TV remake of Dirty Dancing, Reality Competition judge, voice in Moana…future Lempicka revival lead…

What Happened Between Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey?
 Jun 30 2024, 02:54:39 PM

“toxic blind gossip is not cool”

Neither is being self righteous, but clearly there’s no shortage of either on this board. To act like this is the first time anyone on this board has been nosey or gossipy is ridiculous. You all participate in the same nonsense when it’s convenient for you. 

Stephanie Mills Returns To Broadway In Hadestown
 Jun 29 2024, 08:45:10 AM

Everyone and their mother is catching Covid right now. Shows are being hit left and right. 

 Jun 27 2024, 01:04:21 PM

I have compassion for all of those factors, I don’t disagree with any of your points. 

Calling those stairs “insane” is quite a reach. 

 Jun 27 2024, 12:54:50 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "Ensemble1716440075 said: "Bizarre. I didn't think Norma was that physical a role."

It is when you’re climbing up and down that insane staircase AND while wearing heavy costumes.


Insane? It looks to be less than 25 steps, and not even as steep as the original staircase was. 

 Jun 27 2024, 12:26:27 AM

Illinoise - JULYIL25. Valid 6/28-7/6. 

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Jun 26 2024, 08:41:36 PM

WldKingdomHM said: "Isn’t he touring with Queen until November?"

To my understanding, no. They toured until November of last year, this year they did five Japan shows in February and currently have no scheduled performances together. 

TAMMY FAYE will transfer to Broadway in 2024-2025 Season
 Jun 26 2024, 07:35:46 PM

I truly could not have cared less about this show until this announcement. 

OH, MARY! Previews
 Jun 26 2024, 06:17:36 PM

Reddit reports say they had 20 rush tickets to sell, and all were partial view & scattered around the theater. Not too many people showed up early, but now that the news is out, that may not be the case.

I imagine there were some tweaks made, considering new scripts were printed for this run. 

Mary Jane extends for second time on Broadway
 Jun 25 2024, 10:39:26 PM

You can thank the Tony Awards/2024 Broadway superspreader event for her absence (lol).

Her understudy is very good in the role. I can see in certain moments how Rachel’s charm or “it” factor may add an additional layer, but Katya is fantastic. The crowd was so enthusiastic and supportive of her at both the announcement and curtain call, and she really had us in the palm of her hand. I truly can’t think of the last time I heard straight silence from an audie

New Merrily Pro-Shot?
 Jun 18 2024, 05:17:57 PM

Radcliffe basically confirmed it in interview at the Tony’s, and Groff played it off as well. 

NY Times Today Editorial on
 Jun 17 2024, 06:32:11 AM

“But it’s it accurate/believable!!!” is such a red flag. Tell me your lack imagination and creativity without….

None of you are complaining about these same problems with every other show on Broadway. It’s very telling. We can only suspend our disbelief for so much - and the rest we’re giving passes to because, I don’t know, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the commenter (“no Hamilton is a ~special show~ so it works but I canno

THE WIZ 2024 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 16 2024, 05:35:51 PM

The vinyl drops two days before the Broadway run closes. Looks like I’ll be re-stage dooring to get it signed! 

“N/A” at Lincoln Center Theater - Mitzi E. Newhouse
 Jun 13 2024, 10:40:18 AM

raddersons said: "You’re right, thanks for clarifying.

The point still stands that the reason it’s happening now is because someone wrote it, and someone else liked it enough to produce it. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

What a groundbreaking, intentionally obtuse and unhelpful answer! 🙄

Clearly the questions still stand - WHY did someone write it, and WHY did someone feel strongly enough about it that they wanted to prod

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