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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/31/24  Apr 2 2024, 04:16:35 PM

Does it seem like there are more houses full of shows this spring than usual? 

Hamilton On Broadway 10th Anniversary  Mar 26 2024, 05:57:59 PM

Wouldn't any 10th anniversary of Hamilton be in reference to the August 2015 Broadway opening, not the February off-Broadway opening? 

Congestion pricing will destroy broadway  Mar 26 2024, 10:23:02 AM

Your theory is that people will be willing to pay for the gas to drive all the way to Manhattan, the exorbitant toll at the Hudson River crossings, the insane parking rates in Times Square, and the high price of Broadway shows, but the dealbreaker will be the the $15 extra dollars they have to pay for congestion because they insist on driving into the city for no good reason?  I don't see it. 

Have you ever seen a musical on Broadway that didn't get a standing ovation?  Mar 24 2024, 01:03:53 PM

I've been to many performances of Rent later in its run when it only received a few rows of standing ovation; same for Phantom. Often what would happen is people in the back would get up, and then the people in the front didn't notice that people were standing. 

The very first time I saw Les Miserables on Broadway in December 1998, I was shocked by the rock concert vibe of the audience, hooting and hollering after every song, and of course enthusiastically jumping to their

What Next For The Majestic?  Mar 10 2024, 10:17:03 PM

FWIW, Sweatyoracle is reporting that Stranger Things is going into the Majestic

What Next For The Majestic?  Mar 10 2024, 11:27:25 AM

I'm sorry! I can't figure out how to post a pic on here. I know I did it before with just copy and paste but it's not working. I'll keep trying.

What Next For The Majestic?  Mar 10 2024, 12:35:56 AM

What we have to remember about theaters and Phantom is reason why the Majestic was chosen in the first place. The Shuberts agreed to structurally change the building, including using explosives to blow up the solid rock below the stage to fit the candelabras. That was 1986/1987, so who knows, maybe there are more theaters now that have stages that go deeper in the ground. For example, the Imperial had quite a high set piece from Billy Eliot that went down into the trap room so maybe it would be an option now. But since the new London show is so much smaller and cheaper maybe they could get it to fit somewhere else. On the tours, the candelabras just tracked in from the sides so I wouldn't put it past CamMack to try that with a new production on Broadway. 

Here's another pic of the front of the theater, the former lobby.

Why do so many shows conform to the typical Tue-Sun performance schedule?  Mar 7 2024, 09:13:10 AM

Hearthemsing, nobody is asking for Broadway shows to change their schedule to suit one person, so please let it go. 

The latest survey from the Broadway League shows that vacationers on theater binges are not so common. Yes, 95% of theater-goers were likely to see another show, but it isn't going to be the next day's matinee. After 3 months, only 42% of those people will have seen another show. And only 55% of theatergoers saw at least two shows last year.,61.4%25%20in%202018%2D2019.&text=In%202022%2D2023%2C%20Broadway%20attracted,on%20average%2C%20a%20younger%20audience.

So we bingers are a sizable chunk of the audience, but unfortunately not large enough to start offering frequent Thursday and Friday matinees, as awesome as that would be for those of us who try to cram in as many shows as possible per trip. 

Christmas week is so great for this because every year it is possible to do a two show day every day of the week. 

The LES MIS movie is much better than I remembered (2024 re-release)  Feb 27 2024, 05:15:17 PM

I loved the Les Miserables movie.  Saw it seven times in the theater. I thought the look of the movie was perfect in terms of the colors, the type of shots, the costuming... all of it worked. 

As for the Phantom movie. Hmmm.  As someone who saw the original Broadway Phantom 90 times, London once, original tour five times, new tour four times, college production once, Las Vegas Phantom 3 times, high school production twice, I can confidently say that the Phantom movi

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 19 2024, 11:42:12 AM

jackkelly2024 said: "This looks gorgeous. It is making me think that unlike in London (where they preserved most of Phantom's original proscenium despite the renovations) --they might not open Hal Prince Phantom lite here. If it is going to be POTO after all, I wonder if the Trieste/Madrid version will come, along with its star (although Ramin booking Pirates of Penzance in 2025 has confused me among the rumors I heardstating he was already being sought for the revival).


What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 16 2024, 05:21:20 PM

On Instagram.  Just do a search for pics taken at the Majestic Theater

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 16 2024, 03:36:35 PM

Smh. I meant to post this picture along with the one with the Phantom set still in place. This is from about 5 weeks ago:  

May be an image of dancing

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 16 2024, 01:35:14 PM

and what it looked like 1988-2023

Broadway and Tomorrow’s Nor’easter  Feb 13 2024, 09:05:43 AM

During the 10 years I lived in Hoboken and worked as a teacher, we had several snow days just about every year I was there, and it seemed like they always managed to fall on a Wednesday so I would always hop on PATH and see a Broadway matinee on my snow days. It was rare to unheard of for Broadway to cancel for snow. Although Broadway did shut down for the record breaking two feet of snow in 2006. 

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 8 2024, 03:22:01 PM

Has any of the exterior black paint been removed yet?

Seth MacFarlane to Broadway?  Feb 1 2024, 11:16:00 AM

Macfarlane loves 1930's screwball musical comedies (movies) and he has been about to live out that dream many times through the many "Road to..." Family guy episodes. He doesn't get to do the choreo but he gets to sing the Brian and Stewie parts and I think that's satisfying enough for him. He can make new episodes of those whenever he wants. 

Theatres Offered - But Kindly Declined.  Jan 10 2024, 05:50:48 PM

And here is the NY Times article from March 20, 1987 about the Shuberts finally getting Phantom booked into the Majestic: 

The Shubert Organization this week captured one of the few prizes left in a boom-or-bust industry when a British producer, Cameron Mackintosh, agreed to bring ''The Phantom of the Opera,'' the biggest hit of the London season, to the Majestic Theater, a Shubert-owned house, in November.

To get the lucrative show, however, Shubert - Broadway's biggest theater owner and among its most influential producers - made significant concessions to Mr. Mackintosh, including paying for more than $500,000 worth of construction in the theater specifically for the show, according to sources close to the negotiations who asked not be be identified.

The $7 million Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, which is staged by Hal Prince and produced by Mr. Mackintosh, opened in October at Her Majesty's Theater in the West End. At the time, New York's three major theater owners - Jujamcyn Theaters and the Nederlander Organization, in addition to Shubert - began negotiating with Mr. Mackintosh for the Broadway booking, which is expected to generate about $40,000 a week in rent. The Independence of Success

Mr. Mackintosh's success as a producer of such hits as ''Cats'' and ''Les Miserables'' has won him independence from the Broadway theater owners, who often produce the shows in their houses. In December, he told the president of the Shubert Organization, Bernard Jacobs, that the Majestic was not suitable for ''Phantom,'' in the belief that the theater's steeply raked auditorium and a balcony that overhangs the 10th row of the orchestra would limit views of some of the musical's special effects, particularly those that require a view of the auditorium ceiling.

Among the other theaters considered were the Mark Hellinger, which is owned by Nederlander, and the Martin Beck, which is owned by Jujamcyn. The Majestic and the Hellinger each have about 400 more seats than the Beck, and thus would yield a considerably higher box office gross. But the Beck most closely resembles the show's London home, the 1,100-seat Her Majesty's.

Though the producer was on the verge of making a deal for the show to go into the Beck, Mr. Jacobs was determined to book it into the Majestic, widely regarded as one of the best houses on Broadway. An Expert Opinion

The Shubert Organization dispatched a consultant, Pete Feller, who is one of the most respected theater technicians in the industry, to see ''Phantom'' in London and to determine whether it could go into the Majestic without a change of design.

Mr. Feller, reached yesterday in New Haven, where he was working on a touring production of ''Cats,'' said he had been sent to assess whether any Broadway theater could reproduce the show being seen in London. ''No Broadway theaters are as deep as British theaters,'' Mr. Feller said. He suggested some alterations to the Majestic that would make the potentially more profitable theater feasible without substantial set design changes.

''What has made the Majestic a possibility,'' Mr. Mackintosh said, ''is the Shuberts taking on the structural changes.'




Though the total cost of those changes is unclear, estimates range between $500,000 and $1 million. Many of those in the industry who have seen the show in London maintain that there still will be seats with obstructed views - a problem Shubert has had with both ''Cats'' and ''Evita.''

''In every show there are some seats that are borderline,'' Mr. Jacobs said Wednesday. ''If there are any seats we deem to be obstructed, we will label them as such and price them accordingly.'' Mr. Jacobs said he felt there would be no obstructed-view seats for the show.

With the booking of ''Phantom'' at the Majestic, the Shubert Organization adds one more musical with a potential for running several years or longer to a list that includes, ''Cats,'' ''Les Miserables,'' ''A Chorus Line,'' ''Drood'' and ''42d Street,'' the Majestic's current tenant. ''Any time you put a theater away,'' Mr. Jacobs said, ''it's good for the business.''

Theatres Offered - But Kindly Declined.  Jan 10 2024, 05:45:46 PM

The original 42nd Street had to move across the the street from the Majestic to the St. James in early 1987 when Phantom moved in. Prince wanted the Hirschfeld because it most closely resembled Her Majesty's. 

Here is an article from the NY Times from Dec. 18, 1986 that discusses Mackintosh rejecting the Majestic for Phantom:

The Shubert Organization, the largest theater owner on Broadway, has lost the intense competition to house ''Phantom of the Opera,'

Theatres Offered - But Kindly Declined.  Jan 9 2024, 04:52:14 PM

Mackintosh also considered the Hellinger for Phantom, but it was really between the Martin Beck (Hirschfeld) and the Majestic. Mackintosh officially said no to the Majestic after Bjornson and Prince said there would be too many seats in the orchestra that couldn't see the chandelier and the Phantom when he is on the catwalk. But Mackintosh took the Majestic anyway after the Shuberts agreed to not only make structural changes to the theater, but pay for them too, to the tune of $500,000 (a

How is Hamilton holding up?  Jan 7 2024, 05:07:27 PM

I was fully on the Hamilton bandwagon back in 2015 and I just saw it for the 19th time last month. The performances are still uniformly strong, and I still got emotional and excited at the right times. To me the one thing that seems dated is the costumes. In 2015 we were firmly in the grips of skinny jeans and big giant chunky boots style era. Yes I know the aesthetic in Hamilton come from the 18th century footwear style, but 18th century women didn't walk around in giant boots and leggin

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