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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 10:45:08 PM

I fully admit to being one of those people who thought Hadestown was on death's door multiple times. But I'm super impressed how the show has become a little Chicago with its stunt-casting replacements. It's proven to be more versatile of a show than I thought. I don't think it will turn into a Chicago-type run of course but it has some smart producers who have extended the show's run with some creative choices.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 13 2024, 04:20:50 PM

EDSOSLO858 said: "barcelona20 said: "Ticket prices are just out of control.I don't blame people for not going."

Yes, combined with a general lack of interest. Even if prices were much more affordable, I still don’t think enough people would come. Our entertainment habits have changed permanently.


Ah I've missed Mr. Doom and Gloom. I remember when you said live theatre was never going to happen again

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 13 2024, 04:17:47 PM

For all the chatter about the quality of replacement casting, it can obviously lead to a box office bump. Hadestown, Sweeney Todd and Moulin Rouge are three of the only shows to go up this week and all three have new and buzzy (in name at least) replacements. Long running shows should keep trying to get some stunt casting in these winter months. I'm sure many are and of course Chicago has done it for years.

2024 Tony Awards  Feb 12 2024, 10:56:04 PM

I don't know why I'm engaging in this silly BTTF conversation but whatever. I think it will definitely get design noms. I think there's an small to medium sized chance for Roger Bart. I don't see it getting Best Musical, Best Score or Best Book nods. The spring shows would have to underwhelm in a major way for that to happen.

My current predictions for Best Musical are: Hell's Kitchen, The Notebook, The Outsiders, Suffs and Water For Elephants. With Lempicka an

Harmony closing February 4  Feb 4 2024, 11:54:28 PM

I really hope Zien still gets a Tony nom for this but I have my doubts with the closing happening now

Was Jesse Green recused from reviewing Mattress  Feb 4 2024, 12:32:36 PM

HogansHero said: "Two points, one nitpicking.

1. Recuse refers to when one bows out of judging something because they feel uncomfortable doing so for some reason (typically an appearance of impropriety). One is not recused by someone else as the word is used in the subject line. If a person is, by rule or policy or simply one's boss, prohibited from judging something (a critic being a judge in this context), then they are removed, unassigned, replaced, etc., but not recused.


If you're going to nitpick then so will I. Although the word "recuse" typically refers to pulling oneself out of something, people can be recused. In the legal world, there can be a motion to recuse someone if there's a perceived conflict of interest and sometimes that is settled by a judge (or if it's a judge in conflict, by another judge). As noted in this definition, it says "oneself or another person":

Now I don't think that is the situation here but just pointing out that the term recuse is not always an act by oneself. 

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Reviews  Feb 3 2024, 12:48:49 PM

Rumpelstiltskin said: "Wait! She says the "oh"s in that song, not him.

Ignore me.

Haha yeah. I've seen that Tiny Desk concert. I'm more curious if the understudy adds in all those "oh"s in the dialogue. Cooley does it all the time and it feels very natural but I wonder if it would for someone else.

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Reviews  Feb 3 2024, 10:06:53 AM

I have a random question for anyone who has seen Justin Cooley's understudy? Do they do all those "oh"s that Cooley says or is that a Cooley thing? It's hard to imagine another actor doing it the same way.

Would a Juke Box musical of the BEACH BOYS work?  Feb 1 2024, 11:15:44 PM

I don't care to see another bio-musical even though I like the Beach Boys music. But I feel like it's just been diminishing returns for bio-musicals.

That being said, I've been curious over the years if we'll ever get "do-overs" for jukebox shows that flopped. Like with Good Vibrations being such a flop, would there ever be a consideration to start from scratch with a new jukebox musical featuring the music of the Beach Boys? Or are there some rights entanglem

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/28/24  Jan 30 2024, 04:32:37 PM

What a success story Gutenburg was... I definitely didn't anticipate it being such a hit.

I feel like plays don't get talked about that much in these grosses posts but Appropriate is really doing well 

Chita Rivera has died  Jan 30 2024, 03:49:58 PM

Truly one of Broadway's all time brightest stars. What a legendary career and it seemed clear from those in the industry that she was even more beloved as a person than a performer. May she RIP.

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Reviews  Jan 29 2024, 12:15:01 AM

inception said: "Eight shows left (sad emoji)

So what's next for this show? Could there be a tour? If Gad wants to get back to LA would Rannels join him there to do a run of the show?

I think an LA run at some point is possible. I also could see a return engagement in NY in a year or so. It would be easy enough to re-mount if Gad & Rannells are interested.

An Oversaturated Spring? Data and opinions...  Jan 25 2024, 10:03:36 PM

I do think the spring is overstuffed and some of the new shows will surely fail quickly. However, I don't believe any sort of wholesale change is needed. It's the ebb and flow of the business. There were other March and Aprils that were very stuffed (1997 and 2017 spring to mind). And other years, like last season, where many of the biggest players opened earlier in the season.

Will some producers regret opening when they do? Probably. Do some producers regret opening at a

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11  Jan 22 2024, 01:32:17 AM

I feel like a lot of the discussion in this thread is about bad producing and how original musicals without big stars can't make it on Broadway. Those are valid concerns but it's ignoring the fact that How to Dance in Ohio only received mediocre reviews. This wasn't like some hugely acclaimed show that couldn't break through. It also didn't have the benefit of glowing reviews and that's the difference between a show like this and Kimberly Akimbo.

Best new musical of the season  Jan 18 2024, 11:28:03 PM

I have no idea which of the spring musicals will break through at the box office. Probably none will have the out of the gate success that Back to the Future did so I imagine it'll come down to reviews and Tony noms maybe more than usual this year.

As far as Tony noms, my current prediction for the five nominees are: The Notebook, The Outsiders, Lempicka, Hell's Kitchen and Suffs. But Days of Wine and Roses or Water For Elephants or The Great Gatsby could be spoilers. I thi

Most Underrated Tony Award Performances  Jan 17 2024, 11:58:43 PM

The Wedding Singer in 2006! Then again, I think that whole show is underrated.

I also loved Romance/Romance in1988 and The Civil War in 1999. Those are two performances that don't get mentioned often but were really excellent.

Memorable Younger Broadway Performers  Jan 17 2024, 11:55:07 PM

Back when the original four Matildas were on Broadway, I remember an interview with someone (Matthew Warchus maybe?) saying their goal was that each person seeing the show thought they had seen the best Matilda. So maybe that was the case. But I saw Oona Laurence and I was really, really impressed by her performance.

Museum of Broadway - Worth It?  Jan 11 2024, 01:19:59 PM

I enjoyed it when I went but they would definitely need to add a lot more for me to be interested in going a second time.

KIMBERLY AKIMBO to close in April  Jan 5 2024, 04:15:03 PM

I just loved this show so much. I wish I could see it again before it closes but I won't be back in NYC before then. Congrats to all involved. It really had a great run for being the small little show that it is.

It Seems Like Best Featured Actor/Actress in a Musical=Best Song Performance  Jan 1 2024, 11:39:22 AM

I do think that happened with the Company actors in 2022 and with Alex Newell this year (Justin Cooley deserved it IMO). But I would argue Bonnie Milligan won for many more reasons than just her performance of "Better." There are plenty of recent winners before that though who also won for more than one song so I don't think it's a trend yet.

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