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Mayer-helmed GALILEO musical and more part of Berkeley Rep season
 May 18 2024, 01:18:03 PM

Here are a couple of other reviews:

"Spellbinding yet problematic"

"But the Galileo creators are certainly a talented bunch who created a gorgeous production"


Mayer-helmed GALILEO musical and more part of Berkeley Rep season
 May 16 2024, 07:40:36 PM

Here's Lily Janiak's review:

We are planning to see this on Saturday.

The Official TDF Thread
 Sep 8 2023, 01:55:46 PM

My first TDF ticket ever was for The Shark is Broken last night, 9/7/2023, orchestra H 107.  Great seat!

Audience Rewards ticket locations
 Sep 8 2023, 01:52:18 PM

Orchesta G 2 for A Beautiful Noise, Broadhurst Theatre, for late September

Fontana, Boggess & Sieber in THE GOODBYE GIRL Off-Broadway
 May 14 2023, 11:08:36 PM

I saw the second performance on Friday night, 5/12.   I was probably one of the few people in the audience who had seen the original 1993 production (except for lyricist David Zippel who is directing this show).  I was surprised that Santino was out (I couldn't find any mention of a scheduled absence except for the first performance).  It's a cute production in the small space, but I have the original one still seared into my memory, and this one seemed to have les

Fontana, Boggess & Sieber in THE GOODBYE GIRL Off-Broadway
 Apr 21 2023, 04:31:54 PM

I saw this in 1993 and adored it.  Loved the cast and the songs.  It was so funny and sweet.  Pretty sure I cried happy tears.  I have listened to the cast recording often and think it is clever and hilarious.

I probably read the actual Broadway reviews a few years ago because I was wondering why it had  never been revived.  I don't think I read reviews back then since I wasn't subscribing to the NYT home delivery in California.  I was surpris

FOR SALE - 2 Tix to Parade Sat. 3/18 @ 8 pm First Row Center Mezz
 Mar 18 2023, 01:46:44 AM

You can try to call Telecharge and move the tickets to another date.  They are usually accommodating.    I hope that you will be able to make the trip to see the show later this year.

 Dec 7 2022, 03:29:26 PM

This new play has been on my radar since it was announced, because my ancestors are from the Taishan province and spent months at Angel Island.  Saw this on Sunday and thought that it was well done, and it even mentions my hometown once!  I felt that the first act built up a good momentum, and that the end of the play needed just a few more seconds/a minute to truly bring it to a strong finish.  Very glad that I saw it, and would recommend it.

Follies-San Francisco Playhouse
 Sep 11 2022, 06:19:49 PM

Saw this at the closing show yesterday, 9/10 matinee, too.  We had tickets rescheduled for 2020, so this was long overdue.  This was our first Follies experience.  Great production, wonderful cast!  We have never been disappointed with the SF Playhouse.  We sat in E center, and I definitely prefer those seats to C center.

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW
 Aug 18 2022, 06:25:35 PM

I decided to upgrade from the regular membership to premiere this morning because I didn't want to deal with any possible website issues on 8/24.  I spent 15 minutes on hold, and then booked my seat easily with the very helpful agent.  A friend sent me a photo of the seating chart for my proposed date/show ahead of time, and there was a good amount of availability at the time, but for me it was worth upgrading because I am coming out from California and really only had a few per

 May 7 2022, 11:09:18 PM

I saw the Wednesday 5/4 matinee and really enjoyed it.  Chip Zien gave an award winning performance.  

FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Apr 29 2022, 05:12:33 PM

I chatted online with SeatGeek yesterday for quite a while to request a refund for my upcoming Tuesday night seat, and they said they would get back to me via email with an update.  A few hours later, I received an email with a link to fill out a form to request a refund.  This morning, I received a follow-up email stating that my refund would be processed in 10-14 business days.

For those of you who exchanged seats, did they offer to honor any promo codes you had used fo

Cursed Child (San Francisco) Performance Thread
 Apr 24 2022, 10:56:16 PM

We picked up our Friday Forty tickets at 11:45 yesterday for the 1:00 PM matinee.  Seats were nicely centered, AA 105-106, but the stage is very, very high, and I knew we would miss some things happening in the back, as well as we would be having trouble craning our necks, so I asked if we could possibly change seats, so we were given orchestra M, which was perfect.  Some empty seats around us, so we had a great view.  So happy to have won the seats and so happy we were able to

Cursed Child (San Francisco) Performance Thread
 Apr 16 2022, 02:24:04 AM

Sally Durant Plummer said: "I asked a friend who has been many times and he said they give out front row sometimes fro the Friday Forty. I think it depends on the performance, but I would assume they'd give you the best available? The show hasn't been sold out. Is this your first time seeing the show?

I've written a few posts about the SF production in the 1 Part thread if you're interested. I LOVE the main cast so I think you're in for a real treat if

Cursed Child (San Francisco) Performance Thread
 Apr 15 2022, 06:33:38 PM

Resurrecting this old pre-pandemic thread because I just won the Friday Forty for next weekend, and was wondering if anyone has won the lottery and can comment on where their seats were located?  I bought them in a hurry because I never really thought I would ever win, and then I realized that I hadn't done any research on the seating.  My sister sat in the balcony recently and said that she needed binoculars.  Hoping I didn't just waste $80 on two seats that I won'

Upcoming trip to see 7 shows! Any experience with using expired AirTrain card?
 Oct 31 2021, 08:50:58 PM

Thanks for the reply.  One of my concerns it that since my MetroCard is expired, I will need to insert it into a MetroCard machine that will issue me a new card with the existing value on it.  Then I may need to add funds to it to pay for the AirTrain if my balance is not sufficient.  Usually I have always found the right MetroCard machines on the *other side* of the AirTrain turnstile/payment area, but are you both saying that I will be able to do this before the AirTrain paym

Upcoming trip to see 7 shows! Any experience with using expired AirTrain card?
 Oct 31 2021, 08:05:48 PM

I am getting ready to make the trip to NYC for some much needed show therapy next month.  I have seats for Six, Flying Over Sunset, Assassins, Caroline, Kimberly Akimbo, The Visitor, and Company.  

I have two AirTrain 10-trip cards that expired during the pandemic (one partially used expired 1/31/2021, one not used expired 8/31/2021), and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with trying to use expired AirTrain cards?  My regular MetroCard (expired 9/31/20

Assassins - CSC
 Sep 22 2021, 08:09:02 PM

For those of you still waiting for your ticket email, I received this email today at 12:14 PM Pacific:


To Our Loyal Assassins Ticket Holders,

Firstly, we would like to thank you again for your enthusiasm to return to Classic Stage Company as we work to open our theater doors once again this November! We are incredibly excited to finally bring this production to you. Rehearsals will resume next week

Assassins - CSC
 Sep 21 2021, 10:12:58 PM

Perhaps they are fulfilling them by performance date?  Mine is 11/13, is yours after that?

Assassins - CSC
 Sep 21 2021, 06:57:42 PM

I filled out the form on 9/14 at around 1:30 PM Pacific.  And I got my email with the new ticket on 9/21 at 10:36 AM Pacific.  I have no idea how they might be deciding the fulfillment order, but what time did you fill out the form?

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