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The Outsiders cast / stage door - hype
 Jun 30 2024, 05:24:30 PM

I was there on Friday night.  There were an inordinate amount of young women in attendance.  Not too hard to figure out.

DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA Off-Broadway Opening Night Reviews
 Nov 14 2023, 06:10:07 PM

Near rave from Deadline (after the Harmony review).  Reviews seem mixed to positive which is better than I expected.

I Need That Seating Advice
 Nov 14 2023, 11:23:55 AM

I think that boxes are a cool way to see shows.  It’s a different perspective.  Also, for larger people, they’re not crammed into a seat designed for people from the 1900s.  I sat in the box for ‘The Price’ and almost felt I was on stage with Danny Devito.  Was thinking of doing it again.

 Nov 12 2023, 09:59:25 AM

The first act of this was the best thing I saw this weekend.  Sondheim, goofiness, a first-rate cast.  Yes please.  Okay the second act.  Not the worst I’ve seen.  Most musicals lose steam after intermission.  And the lack of songs is a problem.  

I think this is the only show I’d see again (Danny, Here Lies Love are the others).

Micaela Diamond USA is a star.  Please find  a show for her.  

Rachel Bay Jones an

HERE LIES LOVE closing November 26
 Nov 12 2023, 09:43:47 AM

Sad that this and Sleep Mo More are both closing.  These shows don’t appeal to tourists and there is too much star power and Disney to compete with.  I can’t believe how many people’s first Broadway show is BOM.  

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
 Nov 12 2023, 08:44:16 AM

I’ve been a fan of Aubrey Plaza ever since seeing her in “Safety not Guaranteed” about a decade ago.  I haven’t seen any of her later films.  I’ve mainly kept up with her through guest appearances on YouTube.  The early one’s are gold.  The later one’s ones seem more of a schtickt.  I was shocked to find out she is 39 and married.  Damn Covid made us all jump in time.  Don’t get me wrong she is gorgeous and sti

John Turturro
 Nov 10 2023, 10:18:37 PM

The doors open at 10 AM.  If he did 10-noon that would be cutting it close.  Oaks is in the western burbs.  MM is usually in Cherry Hill which would be doable.  They probably didn’t realize it moved.

John Turturro
 Nov 9 2023, 09:04:25 PM

WTF? No Sabbath’s Theater this weekend?  Does he have a double?

 Oct 11 2023, 10:36:27 AM

Snagged a $229 center Dress Circle seat Saturday.  Good luck finding one now.

Have to say I concur with the reviews.  I hated the Fiasco version.  One of the worst things I’ve seen.  This production is miraculous.

Icke's THE DOCTOR Starring Juliet Stevenson at the Park Avenue Armory
 Jul 22 2023, 06:53:52 AM

Rush tickets ($38) are ridiculously easy to get.  No excuse not to see this.  Thought the second act was a bit contrived but it’s always hard to stick the landing.  Juliet is astonishing and incredibly fit for her age.

 Apr 30 2023, 09:48:29 AM

WldKingdomHM said: "So how long is Laurie on stage for ?"

She’s in and out.  Even when she’s on stage, she’s not necessarily a focus of the action.  It’s an ensemble piece.  I’d say Tatiana is the female lead.  Even Sophia has a smaller role than expected.  

Colby Kipness stood out as “Squirrel”.  She outcreeps SAC which is quite an accomplishment.

Oscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan in THE SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN’S WINDOW at BAM
 Feb 20 2023, 07:08:22 PM

This is must see theater.  Lorraine Hansberry turns her withering eye on the white bourgeoisie and eviscerates it.  Yes it’s long and tickets are scarce and expensive but see it for your own good.  Oscar Isaac may go overboard here and there.  Rachel Brosnahan doesn’t really seem to be acting but seems to be playing herself (a struggling actress who has difficulty getting work).  Curiously none of the actors got entrance applause.  Miriam Silverman go

Hamlet @ BAM (Thomas Ostermeier)
 Oct 30 2022, 08:49:50 PM

I didn’t know you were allowed to have this much fun at Hamlet.  The people next to me were discussing parallels between this and The Lion King.  My comparison might be Beetlejuice with a touch of The Damned - or maybe Rocky Horror.  If you sit front orchestra there is a chance of audience participation.  

They cut the gravedigger scene probably due to the layout of the set as well as brevity.  Also it’s a very small cast with lots of do

Hamlet @ BAM (Thomas Ostermeier)
 Oct 30 2022, 07:55:55 PM

I don’t think so.  There might be standby.  There’s a few balcony seats available at $44.

BEETLEJUICE Will Re-Open In Spring 2022
 Oct 19 2022, 07:57:49 PM


Can’t find confirmation of this, but strange and unusual things do happen.  Website still lists Teeter.


Oscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan in THE SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN’S WINDOW at BAM
 Oct 6 2022, 03:24:17 PM

They tend to be short runs.  This will probably be a month give or take.  I think that was the case with Cyrano.  I wouldn’t sleep on it.  The show I just saw at BAM was 4 performances.

ALMOST FAMOUS On Broadway - P/reviews Thread
 Oct 6 2022, 02:21:47 PM

RippedMan said: "I wouldn't expect to see any major changes given they've had, what, years to work on this?"

I agree.  I think the show is pretty well “fixed”.  Maybe they could add a nude scene ala Hair.

Expectations are the key here.  I went in not expecting much and was entertained.  The 2 leads here give star making performances.  Solea has some tough competition from Julia Cassandra as Estrella.  C

The Oresteia
 Jul 28 2022, 11:03:23 PM

Square Peg2 said: "Having never been to Armory, is anyone able to comment on the quality of Zone B tickets? They're all I'm able to afford at the moment and Today Tix doesn't mark on the map where they are. Is this the kind of theatre where it doesn't matter too much where you sit?"

I got a rush ticket for Hamlet for $30.  The seat was perfect- dead center of the orchestra row M.  Since you are on Today Tix try the rush.

Does anyone know if beanie is on today?
 Jul 24 2022, 08:51:59 AM

What are the chances that this recoups?  It actually sold pretty well for the first few months and even now is holding it’s own during a tough part of the schedule.  If it gets the expected bump from Lea and runs through the new year will that be enough?  Will it still be remembered as a flop even if technically is a hit?  It we be ironic if 2022 was remembered for Funny Girl and Beanie in the same season that gave us Paradise Square.

Beanie Feldstein Departing FUNNY GIRL on July 31 (Two Months Earlier Than Originally Announced)
 Jul 23 2022, 06:00:02 AM

Emma_Pillsbury said: "Even though they are not real they look great!"

Oh, you’re talking about the drawings.  Out of context this goes in a different direction entirely.

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