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Titanic at City Center
 Jun 23 2024, 08:11:24 PM

I went this afternoon. I don;t think the show is that great, but I thought the score was wonderful and the cast was great. Really enjoyed it. The full orchestra made the music sound magnificent.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:13:08 PM

Strong thanking the ushers was lovely.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:09:40 PM

Yay to the eldest boy! L to the OG!

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:07:49 PM

That opening number was so cringe.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:04:34 PM

Angelina Jolie

Stage Door Experiences Lately
 Apr 10 2024, 06:55:26 PM

Went to Enemy of the People today. Stage door was very chill. Everyone came out. Jeremy Strong came out almost immediately and was friendly and down to earth. Pretty much the exact opposite of that New Yorker profile. He said real ice is being used in that scene. Michael Imperioli also came out, as did the rest of the cast. Crowd was very respectful. Good experience.

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 Mar 2 2024, 08:58:45 PM

I saw Jelly's Last Jam today. What I loved: the performances, the choreography, the music. Especially Nicholas Christopher -- wow! I saw him as Sweeney so i knew he could sing, but it's such a different style and I did not know he could also dance! Also loved Joaquina Kalukango. Only saw her in Slave Play. She was awesome! The tap choreo was amazing too. I also really enjoyed the Morton songs.

I didn't think the actual musical was great though. Ticks all the boxes of a bio-

SUCCESSION Star Jeremy Strong Will Return to Broadway in AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE
 Feb 25 2024, 12:53:32 PM

I just can't wait to see the eldest boy in person.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco
 Feb 13 2024, 12:47:05 PM

yyys said: "From what I'm reading, Elle is the weakest of the cast. I want to see Michael Esper get nominated.

dramamama611 said: "Is Fanning really selling tickets? I didn't see her as the she? I certainly know who she is, but does she have a following? What created that?"


Hard disagree. I found her hilarious. I found Natalie Gold the weakest of the cast. 

But Fanning has a big following becaus

Next to close?
 Dec 25 2023, 01:46:11 PM

Hadestown also seems to be on thes struggle bus.

 Dec 16 2023, 11:35:53 AM

I saw Appropriate on Broadway last night. I went mostly because I love this cast (particularly Elle Fanning) and wanted to see them onstage.

The good: the acting is amazing across the board. Sarah Paulson is everything you'd expect her to be as Toni -- angry, neurotic, bitter. I also LOVED Elle Fanning as the hippy dippy River and Corey Stoll as Bo. But everyone was great across the board, down to the wonderful child actors they had playing Bo and Rachel (Natalie Gold) children. I

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway
 Oct 22 2023, 08:48:14 AM

Is there a reason people keeping saying Aaron Tveit?

And I absolutely love Tveit but isn't he in the totally wrong range for Sweeney? Sweeney is a baritone and Aaron is a tenor.

Sarah Paulson to return to Broadway in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins's APPROPRIATE
 Oct 20 2023, 05:20:37 PM

Wow I'm excited. I literally have rewatched The Great so many times and annoyed my friends by telling them to watch it. 

Leading Roles that Don't Really Do Much/Featured Roles that Do A Ton
 Jul 25 2023, 03:43:39 PM

Nick in Funny Girl is a lead but it's a real nothingburger of a role. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber on Musicals and Political Correctness
 Jun 19 2023, 12:46:55 PM

How about the fact that so many years later, Book of Mormon is still running, still making money?

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 19 2023, 12:00:18 PM

Sutton Ross said: "It seems like you wanted a character who lives out loud and who screams and sobs often. That wasn't Leo Frank.


Absolutely not. But your aggression towards people who didn't love the show as much as you did is kinda creepy.


PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 19 2023, 10:45:05 AM

Alex M said: "poisonivy2 said: "But I really thought the book was kind of weak in that Leo Frank is such a passive character that even though Really Bad Things happen to him, I didn't care for him the way I care about, say, Hamilton or Jenna or Tevye or Sweeney or Eliza Doolitle or (from this season) Kimberly."

Leo is written this way because this is how the real life Leo Frank was. Yes, he is passive and has flaws but this is a real human being who

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 18 2023, 08:47:37 PM

Want to add that I felt that the characterizations of the black characters was a bit ... off. I wouldn't say it was offensive, but the way Jim Conley sang a number that sounded like a spiritual was sort of too on the nose, if that makes sense.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 18 2023, 08:25:23 PM

I finally saw Parade this afternoon. First of all, Max Chernin was on as Dorsey and he was fantastic. A frighteningly fanatical zealot.

I expected great things out of Parade and in some ways it didn't disappoint. It was incredibly well-acted, well-sung, and well-directed. Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond were absolutely tremendous as the leads, but the whole thing was incredibly well-cast. Really enjoyed Jay Armstrong Johnson as Craig and Erin Rose Doyle as Mary Phagan and Sean Allan

Andrew Lloyd Webber on Musicals and Political Correctness
 Jun 18 2023, 10:30:15 AM

Evita got a lot of pushback way back when from Argentinians. Eva Peron was a revered figure and they didn't like the portrayal of her as grasping and amoral. I don't know whether she is still as worshipped today.

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