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 Apr 19 2024, 03:58:56 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "Is Eden back in? I'm going tomorrow and she's really the only reason I'm seeing the show."

I heard that Eden was hoping to be back tonight so tomorrow (Saturday) should be safe. That said I was told from reliable sources that Mariand was amazing but obviously played the role somewhat differently than Eden.  

 Apr 8 2024, 02:54:59 PM

Grabbed a rush ticket on Saturday because...well, why not? The team has definitely been putting their time in - very different opening and closing from early previews. The show also flows well now, with good transitions and dialogue that moves the story along smoothly and more background projections (which I enjoyed). I was always impressed with the music and now the show appears much more polished. Very strong performances all around including Eden.

 Apr 3 2024, 03:16:43 PM

ColorTheHours048 said: "BorisTomashevsky said: "I suppose this is another one of those “in name only” things. I wonder if they actually receive a fee for their name being used. The producersmust be desperate right now.

They’re doing everything they can to attract the gays and theys, it seems. This man’s promo video is transparently biased - “best musical I’ve ever seen” puh-lease - and I can’t imagine he’s contributing any kind of significant financial investment, so this feels more like they snagged an influencer and allowed him to have a producing credit in the vain hope it wins Best Musical. In short, it reeks of desperation.

I think it's the only show this season that is not a revival, based on IP and/or has a famous celeb producer attached (Clinton, Angelina Jolie etc). They have an uphill battle. There are differing opinions about the production itself but most seem to agree the music is quite good (as do I).

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock
 Apr 1 2024, 04:37:18 PM

KJisgroovy said: ""Almost every big city is seeing an increase in violent crimes"

Except that's not true. Most recent statistics from the FBI show that violent crime is down. The fearmongering is what makes it seem the violent crime is up. We know about the random punching because of Tiktok. We know about these incidents because they are Broadway celebrities. These things happened before Tiktok we just didn't hear about them in the same way. They weren&#3

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock
 Apr 1 2024, 01:58:56 PM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "It's a city of insane wealth encroaching on areas where people have lived here forever and are getting squeezed out cause it's not affordable anymore.

Gentrification doesn't happen in a vacuum.

People are getting desperate.

The response of "Somebody's gotta do something about these people" we've created an insane class divide.

I'm absolutely empathetic to people who go through a t

 Mar 28 2024, 11:24:50 AM

hayden6 said: "I went in blind (just excited because ofEden & Beth Leavel) and I absolutely ate this show up. I loved the music andthe orchestrations, very unique for a Broadway production. Lyrically strong too. I loved everything they did with the set and the projections. Some really, really coolcostumes (especially Eden's) and greatchoreography. And the performances! Eden wasstellar, Amber brought the house down every time she sang, Andrew Samonsky's voice is gorgeous,

 Mar 27 2024, 01:05:24 PM

 Mar 27 2024, 11:13:06 AM

Saw the show last night. My significant other went to the first preview last week. We both thought the show was quite good - definitely needs some work but it seems to be heading in the right direction based on the changes from last week to this week. Changed the opening, closing, more projections of her art correlating with the story, tighter scene transitions. They also seem to have pared back some of the over-the-top tech (got rid of the distracting lyrics during "Perfection"...g

 Mar 18 2024, 10:20:36 AM

First preview! Agree that this show is likely by far the best original one opening this season.

2023-2024 Broadway Season
 Oct 27 2023, 11:00:25 AM

Broadway Flash said: "I think he's talking about Lempicka announcing their run next week. They have started to change their social media with new artwork.

Also, why are people talking about betty boop or hells kitchen going into the shubert? they haven't even had a single performance yet.

That would make sense as Lempicka supposedly had their final CBs this week. What social media accounts are you referencing?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/2/23
 Jul 5 2023, 04:12:22 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "thescytheandthesword said: "How are we feeling about the Hadestown grosses in the past few months? Do we think it can stick it out for the rest of the year?"

Maybe it will be a New Years closing announcement. I hate that, but given how it's doing...I don't see it going into 2024.

I'd hate to lose it too but with the grosses, casting issues and now a lawsuit IDK if I see them lasting to Jan 1.

2023-2024 Broadway Season
 May 18 2023, 05:20:09 PM

So what is next for Imperial and/or Music Box?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/14/23
 May 16 2023, 02:41:09 PM

Nice boost for SLIH and looks like Shucked may be finally gaining some traction. Shucked is probably at least close to covering their weekly nut.

Curious as to how Hadestown does over the next few weeks and into the summer. I assume the recent drop is from a still somewhat limited audience pool preferentially going to the newer and/or Tony nominated shows. 

Hadestown - West End 2024
 May 12 2023, 11:30:25 AM

I assume they will be taking the NYC set to the West End?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/7/23
 May 9 2023, 03:18:51 PM

Agree Shucked and SLIH +/- NYNY gaining some ground from the nominations. Let's see if it persists into June. Rough times for Bad Cinderella and Life of Pi. 

Too early to tell about Hadestown. It may be just a slow few weeks with attendance down and people wanting to see the shows getting awards/nominations. They just released a block of tickets from Labor Day until mid-November (no clue if that actually means anything).

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/23/23
 Apr 26 2023, 11:50:28 AM

Mr.Liir said: "Shucked is actually selling pretty well considering, but the average ticket price is a lot lower than, say, Sweeney Todd.

I don't know what Shucked running costs are, but they don't have a huge set to constantly move or big pieces that fly in and out. Their tech is really minimal, and the cast, while not small, is not the size of a Phantom, Wicked, Sweeney, etc. Also, the show is in the Nederlander, which isn't rented, but owned by Jimmy Nederlan

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/23/23
 Apr 25 2023, 02:08:04 PM

Agree SLIH, Dancin' and BC are in trouble. Leopoldstadt will probably struggle to make it to their July close.

KA small theater and cast so probably OK if they do well with the Tonys.

Shucked does not seem to be catching on despite them spending a ton on press but their producers claim to be very devoted to giving it time. I don't see it especially with Peter Pan Goes Wrong doing so well in the comedy genre.

Life of PI...not good if running costs are high wit

Broadway Theatre Availability
 Apr 21 2023, 03:48:30 PM

perfectpenguin said: "hache2 said: "EAPEAPMO said: "hache2 said: "

Grey House is open-ended but anticipates ending sometime around Labor Day."

Ah must have not seen that, where did they say that?

Was part of the agent breakdown.


Agent breakdown? Can you post where you got this from? Because everything I’ve seen indicates it’s an open run.. If they

Broadway Theatre Availability
 Apr 21 2023, 03:10:14 PM

EAPEAPMO said: "hache2 said: "

Grey House is open-ended but anticipates ending sometime around Labor Day."

Ah must have not seen that, where did they say that?

Was part of the agent breakdown.


Broadway Theatre Availability
 Apr 21 2023, 02:31:09 PM

raddersons said: "Y'all know there's a website that tracks bway real estate, right?

Very nice, thanks! Do you know if they update it fairly regularly?

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