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Cabaret stunt casting  Apr 13 2024, 03:57:18 PM

I always wanted to see what Bo Burnham would do as the Emcee, but I’m not sure this is the production for that… nor do I think he’d be comfortable doing live theatre.

Paul Hart's immersive UK staging of THE LORD OF THE RINGS musical to transfer to Chicago  Apr 10 2024, 10:23:00 AM

How much is this revival cut down or rewritten from the four-hour original?

Shows with Ghost writers  Apr 9 2024, 05:24:14 PM

Martin Short and I believe his agent were ghostwriters on the revised Little Me from 1998. Part of their goal was to make it not only tailored to Martin and Faith Prince, but to design an actable, stripped-back version of the show a la the recent success of Chicago. Much of the original Little Me libretto involved passages like "Sid does something funny" or "double-talk bit." The 1998 version intended, barring any improv from the actors, to have the whole show on paper as

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock  Apr 2 2024, 12:58:10 PM

When I was a kid, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' 1990s song "Nevermind Me" suggested that if someone mugs you and you walk away alive, and not completely destitute, you were probably NOT the real victim in that altercation. Painfully naive? Probably. Well intentioned? I'm willing to say yes. But it's at least proof that "vagrants are not villains" is NOT some new zoomer-era philosophy. 

A Goth Jukebox Musical  Mar 30 2024, 08:33:06 AM

The Craft, which played Vegas, was a goth and eighties-nineties alternative jukebox musical. It was fun, sexy, eerie and full of energy. 

That same company is having a much bigger success now with the more overtly campy Scream’d.

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 27 2024, 06:40:47 PM

There’s a strong argument for Tim Rice, as one of the pivotal lyricists of the British musical invasion, the mega musical era, AND the Disney on Broadway industrial complex. With and without Andrew Lloyd Webber, Rice has four consecutive decades of writing for big, culturally relevant musicals. Beyond Sondheim, how many can say that? 

What's The Next Mamma Mia?!  Mar 22 2024, 04:23:11 PM

The next one to be as big as Mamma Mia is inevitable but hard to pinpoint. ABBA wasn’t as universally loved when Mamma Mia opened as they are today; there was an element of guilty pleasure kitsch to them that has since been reassessed. But the songs were good and the “you’re at a party” atmosphere of the show helped sell it. 

The next jukebox sensation at that level will one to have either an even more beloved artist, an even more joyfully

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews  Mar 22 2024, 04:20:01 PM

Even the 1940s update from the stage show and the movie was a revision; the original album and concert tour were set in the years between the two world wars. And it made even less sense that way!

Bring Ryan Gosling to Broadway now!!  Mar 11 2024, 08:35:53 PM

Ryan Gosling has the mix of unconventional charm with inscrutable blankness that makes a good Bobby in Company.

Patti Lupone Takes Over TV  Mar 9 2024, 12:23:58 AM

She was incredible, and genuinely chilling, in Beau Is Afraid. One of the greatest pure villain performances in a genre film in ages. Like a praying mantis, she was all cold sex and malice.

The LES MIS movie is much better than I remembered (2024 re-release)  Feb 28 2024, 07:58:36 AM

Cohen puts on a French accent when he is fleecing guests at the inn, but drops it when he’s with his own people. The implication is that “Thenardier the French innkeeper” is just another of the personas he has put on over the years, not his true identity. (Which, if I recall, was implied in the book as well.)

Stage adaptation of 2018 A STAR IS BORN from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga in the works?  Feb 27 2024, 12:55:31 PM

This sounds like the psychological horror comic “Love Everlasting,” which is like Westworld for romance tropes instead of cyberpunk.

The LES MIS movie is much better than I remembered (2024 re-release)  Feb 26 2024, 11:49:36 PM

Crowe absolutely plays Javert as a misguided and somewhat broken weirdo. It’s refreshing when compared to the hyper competent force of nature he appears to be in the stage show. 

Baker's Wife in Into The Woods Arc  Feb 26 2024, 03:08:35 PM

I think in his memoirs, Sondheim describes the Baker and the Baker's Wife as, symbolically, modern American Jews in the very traditional, European Protestant world of fairy tale iconography. They are very much in that late eighties early nineties upper middle class New York Jewish mode exemplified by later Woody Allen, Albert Brooks and Larry David/Jerry Seinfeld: philosophically inclined, neurotic, driven by vague ideals and goals and morally ambivalent in a way that contrasts them with

Shrek tour  Feb 26 2024, 01:54:58 PM

As of 2019, they sent the libretto with the original line, but had a little paper printout like an "at this performance" stating that the line had been revised.

Shrek tour  Feb 26 2024, 01:05:15 PM

They’ve never set the opening prologue in stone. They rewrote it so many times; when the show went into licensing, the first few years you’d never get the same prologue twice. 

For a while they’d settled on “Shrek and Fiona telling dueling versions of their origin stories.” But I don’t know if that’s still the one. 

Broadway’s Billy Porter performs at Cecilia Gentili funeral  Feb 24 2024, 05:10:29 PM

A whore and a Saint. That’s part of why the pushback was so big: the Catholic church stomps down hard on folk saints, especially countercultural ones linked to gang trades or sex work. 

Anything Goes  Feb 18 2024, 01:28:55 PM

Those have been in the licensed production since summer 2022. I was in a production that specifically recruited two Asian men, only to discover that they didn't have roles for them other than Sailor/Ensemble when the new scripts came in.

The one-liners the kids Spit and Dippy now get are BAD. But at least they're not both bad and racist!

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 17 2024, 12:56:06 PM

When Sis, in her unchanged bass baritone, sang “I’m just a girl,” she put extra emphasis on it as almost a confrontational statement, as if she were daring anyone in the audience to object. Her number got the most applause of the night. 

Who will be the next Broadway Madame Rose?  Feb 17 2024, 12:17:40 PM

Do Amy Sherman-Palladino and Rachel Brosnahan still hold some of the rights to Gypsy for film and TV? Other than not being a known commodity as a singer, Brosnahan working with Sherman-Palladino is about the only Gypsy I'd still get TRULY excited about.

As Mrs. Maisel, working closely with Sherman-Palladino, Brosnahan made a character you couldn't help but love even as she gave you reason after reason to distrust and despise her. Not a criminal, but a genuine emotional antihero

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