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The Official TDF Thread
 May 6 2024, 09:53:39 AM
The Notebook was side orchestra row R
Rush Tickets
 May 2 2024, 07:45:11 AM
I tried for Outsiders last weekend after the box office opened and the worker said they sell out as soon as they open and people line up early. He did say I could come back later in the day for standing room if the show sold out so if that is an option for you I felt it was a good view for $39.
BCEFA Spring 2024 Collections
 Apr 1 2024, 05:45:19 PM
Spamalot had posters for $100, playbills for $40 and auctioned off used coconuts.
THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews
 Mar 17 2024, 11:59:41 AM
Set-wise would anything be missed from far sides or is it better to try for center?
THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Feb 28 2024, 01:28:48 PM

As someone who has not seen the movie or read the book would you recommend going into relatively oblivious or familiarizing myself first?

 Dec 9 2023, 11:39:11 PM

For anyone who has seen it in the past few days about how long is the show running now? Has it tightened past the 2:55 mentioned earlier?

THE GREAT GATSBY @ Paper Mill Playhouse Thread
 Oct 12 2023, 02:38:21 PM

Very limited availability for Thursday/Fri/Sat at the moment.

 Oct 7 2023, 08:17:07 PM

Is the runtime of 2:30 pretty accurate?

Broadway Flea Market - Phantom
 Sep 17 2023, 08:28:19 AM

They always had lots, Phantom hats, dancer shoes, Christine costume pieces, crystals from the chandelier, the notes etc.

 Aug 29 2023, 10:57:17 AM

Does anyone know of a Back to the future code for mid October? Thank you!

New Hadestown Casting
 Aug 27 2023, 09:52:53 AM

Solea posted a few days ago that she had a minor injury and would be out this week - not sure who is covering though.

Tysen & Howland’s GATSBY musical team announced
 Jul 28 2023, 11:10:40 PM

Square Peg2 said: "All right folks, help out a NY newbie. It's hard to tell from Google maps - if I live in Harlem, can I buy a ticket and just take a train to and from Paper Mill, or should I plan a weekend in NJ to see the show?"

You can take the Train from Penn station,. it's an easy walk from there (or some days Papermill offers a shuttle)

Isabelle McCalla to Replace Caroline Innerbichler in SHUCKED, Starting 9/8
 Jul 27 2023, 10:14:41 PM

Looking forward to seeing Izzy back on Broadway!

 Jul 19 2023, 06:06:56 PM

perfectpenguin said: "I’ll be in NYC Saturday. Debating on seeing this one last time or seeing my planned show (Once Upon a One More Time). Saturday will be my last chance before it closes. Hmm.. what to do"

Easy one, see Grey House again (with Karpen)

HERE LIES LOVE to transfer to Broadway in spring 2023?
 May 21 2023, 10:01:17 PM

Does anyone know who will be playing Aurora before Lea joins on 7/11?

 May 15 2023, 04:32:49 PM

Is the filming in NY? Or West coast?

 May 11 2023, 08:56:48 PM

For anyone who has seen it recently, what time did you get out?

 Apr 30 2023, 12:21:20 AM

uncageg said: "Was there any merchandise on sale?"

The usuals: Shirt, magnet, hoodie, window card, pin, keychain, tote bag.


They had a step and repeat downstairs for photos and a photographer taking photos on another background that you get digitally.

Ryan & Uzele to lead NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway
 Mar 25 2023, 07:32:02 AM

Two questions - was the runtime around is indicated on the website?

And based on the staging do you feel the outside orchestra aisle seats (marked partial view) will be decent for this production?


SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting
 Feb 28 2023, 03:15:33 PM

What was the approximate run time? (I'd heard the show started late/intermission ran long)

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