Grumpy Old Men Musical

#1Grumpy Old Men Musical
Posted: 3/8/18 at 10:58am

I remember hearing about this years ago.  Is this the first production?

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#2Grumpy Old Men Musical
Posted: 3/8/18 at 11:37am

the show had its world premiere in the fall of 2011 at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg. The two leads were Conrad John Schuck, and John Rubinstein. Here are some articles about the show:

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#3Grumpy Old Men Musical
Posted: 3/8/18 at 12:05pm

Ah, blame Canada.

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#4Grumpy Old Men Musical
Posted: 3/8/18 at 12:19pm

There's a montage on YouTube that features, what I can really only refer to as, a blatant stolen opening from DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

#5Grumpy Old Men Musical
Posted: 3/18/24 at 7:06pm

I saw a regional production of this show over the weekend at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT. Rob Bartlett (who I've seen on Broadway in Little Shop, Odd Couple, and How to Succeed) played the Walter Matthau role.

The show is bland and inoffensive, with a pretty forgettable score. The two best numbers are one where the grumpy old men debate the best "way to go" and a Chicago parody with an IRS agent. The randy grandpa character is also a highlight, he gets the best lines in the book.

This musical shows the limits and perils of adaptation, however. The team added a character named "Punky" who's one of the most annoying stage creations I've ever come across. Her big number falls completely flat, dragging down an otherwise pleasant afternoon.