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Cursed Child (San Francisco) Performance Thread

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#50Cursed Child (San Francisco) Closing
Posted: 4/16/23 at 10:45pm

Now Toronto and Australia have announced July closing dates.

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#51Cursed Child (San Francisco) Closing
Posted: 4/18/23 at 1:08am

Sally Durant Plummer said: "Well, last night was a special night.

The closing performance of this production was filled with such love outpouring from the audience: the opening montage received multiple swells of applause and you could see the appreciation on each of the actor's faces as they entered. The entrance of John Skelley and Benjamin Papac received almost deafening applause, and Ben in particular seemed touched by the show of affection. The actors were professional as always, powering through swells of applause and cheering throughout the show, trying to preserve their best performances through it all.

But at several moments, the actors slowed down to savor the moment. Different lines landed differently and the emotional scenes were raw and unrestrained. It was a final performance in all the best ways: actors were saying goodbye to each other in their final scenes, tears welled throughout, and applause routinely broke out. If the pacing was slightly off as the actors felt the emotional weight of different moments, it was a trade off that served this show, last night.

I've written too much about this show on here before, so I'll just reiterate my favorite moments.

- The Harry/Albus argument still hit like a ton of bricks. Papac's Albus, usually so guarded and restrained, was unvarnished. You could truly see each word hit him and change his physical presence. "No luck or love for me" was a restrained cry.

- The library scene was on fire. Jon Steiger and Papac were openly crying throughout most of it. And the tenderness and need for each other was apparent. Their twin monologues were more openly emotional and the romantic underpinnings were essentially played as text.

- Brittany Zeinstra flung the word "love" out like a dagger after torturing Scorpius, laughing as Albus watched helplessly to twist the knife.The audience understood.

- The double whammy of the final two scenes brought down the house. As Albus and Scorpius spoke of a "new version of us", Rose entered and gestured to the two, who quickly sprung away from each other. "This," she says, pointing at the two boys with a wink, "is only going to be weird if you two let it be weird." The hug afterwards was restrained, yet Papac's expression as he watches Scorpius walk away says everything.

- Papac was openly sobbing throughout the entire final scene, but was actively trying not to. That made it all the more affecting. The scene was finally a coming out scene in full, with Papac's quivering voice telling his father "Scorpius is the most important person in my life and he might always be the most important." Skelley's acceptance of his son and the final embrace between the two ended one of the most touching renditions of the scene I had ever seen.

Abbi Hawk was a lovely change as Ginny, and there was an alternate on as Hermione who was ferociously great. Kita Grayson played Myrtle and Polly with Aplomb.

A very special show for me this year that came out of the blue. I am so blessed to have been able to see it many times. I wish more people got to experience of Papac and Streiger's performances. Assuming the Broadway performance is still going strong, I hope they might potentially be making a leap to that production. Papac, in particular, brings so much nuance and depth to a difficult role. He gave a titanic performance at every performance I saw, finally rooting Albus firmly as the protagonist of the story. Magical stuff.

Skelley gave a brief speech at the end of show, thanking the audiences for sharing with experience. Many in the cast were teary, taking in the ecstatic applause from a nearly sold-out house. With a cast full of many young actors, it was touching seeing them experience a long run at this caliber and I'm excited to see what happens for them next.

Sad this show is gone, but excited to see what will play the Curran next. I'm hoping it will be as magical as this production was.

It would be fantastic if Here Lies Love finally lands at the Curran.  If the NYC production is a smash hit in July

HLL could be the immersive production that was originally due at ACT (but ended up in Seattle).  Sure hope Wally Hayes isn't involved.  

Did I say that out loud???

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#52Cursed Child (San Francisco) Closing
Posted: 4/18/23 at 1:27am

Tag said: "Now Toronto and Australia have announced July closing dates."

I know there are plans for a South American premiere, curious if these one of these sets will transfer and what will happen with the other, crossing my fingers for a Chicago run.