A Musical About Star Wars

Shoshana BeanieBaby
#1A Musical About Star Wars
Posted: 12/18/21 at 12:50pm

Heard a few songs and sounds like nerdy fun - anyone seen it?  Might try to catch it this weekend since my original Broadway plans have to now be altered.

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#2A Musical About Star Wars
Posted: 12/18/21 at 1:55pm

A musical adaptation of STAR WARS?  Or is this a musical about STAR WARS?  

#3A Musical About Star Wars
Posted: 12/19/21 at 9:29am

It's a musical about Star Wars, or rather about Star Wars fans, not a musical adaptation of Star Wars. I saw it in 2019, before Rise of Skywalker came out. I enjoyed it as a fun evening. I think I got my ticket at TKTS or through TDF, and felt like it was a fair price. I'm not sure if they'll have changed anything in the script after the last movie so it could potentially be a bit different now

#4A Musical About Star Wars
Posted: 9/24/23 at 2:12am

OH YES - saw it tonight.  It's VERY FUN.  If you liked Titanique, RUN TO THIS.  Total pop culture, 80s nostalgia, fun. It's not a Star Wars parody or even much of a story.  But it's sort of about these guys trying to put on a Star Wars musical and then it gets meta in a Schmigadoon way.  Schmigadoon was also a great throwaway punch line in the show.  Good stoner comedy with great catchy music and a ton of laughs.  And, a LOT OF INSIDER BROADWAY jokes. After tonight,  I see why Maggie McDowell has understudied Jennifer Simard! and Kerry Butler before.  

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