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Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 17 2024, 07:09:09 AM

Dolly80 said: "This original post is the best thing I’ve ever read on here. It should be framed and on a wall at MOMA.
A film should be made about it, then a musical starring the (sadly soon to be unemployed) cast of Lempicka

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 16 2024, 05:12:42 PM

As mentioned above, the mansion’s first appearance is already on stage level then slowly glides downstage. The 2nd floor landing had a small changing area behind the small balcony so actresses were able to be costume changed up there without having to run down the set of stairs behind the set. When the mansion levitates during Artie’s New Year’s Eve party, the actress and actor playing Max are on the suspended set during the entire sequence. Also, most notably in Act 2,

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 04:31:42 PM

Jay Lerner-Z said: "Her ongoing campaign against trans rights has ramped up even further.

Should this prevent us from supporting Cursed Child?

Campaigning?!  The woman is simply being vocal with her unmerited opinion. In no way is she “campaigning” anything. An interviewer asks her a question and she stupidly answers it and stirs the pot sending certain people in a tizzy. Nothing more. Her most recent nonsense wasn’t even justified

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Apr 15 2024, 11:11:26 PM

Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 15 2024, 04:06:09 PM

muscle23ftl said: "Several Broadway stars have sent me private messages through BWW for your information."

Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 15 2024, 11:47:44 AM

Cabaret stunt casting  Apr 12 2024, 04:30:49 PM

WTF?! Oscar winner Mira Sorvino is 57 years old! She’s old enough to play Fraulein Schneider!  

Cabaret stunt casting  Apr 12 2024, 02:45:46 PM

So would Margaret Qualley especially with her classical dance training.

Not sure if you’re familiar with CABARET but the role of Sally isn’t a dance role (let alone, a singing role). She does have light choreography but dance training isn’t required by any means. 

Josh Gad to make Film directorial debut with Chris Farley biopic  Apr 12 2024, 12:47:19 PM

Also of note, Lorne Michaels currently has about 19-20 project “in development.” Many have been brewing for years with no movement. 

Josh Gad to make Film directorial debut with Chris Farley biopic  Apr 12 2024, 12:16:15 PM

Misleading headline. Project is currently being shopped around so this isn’t official whatsoever. Countless projects get shopped around to end up taking a few years to go into production or sit on a shelf. 

SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadway  Apr 12 2024, 08:49:37 AM

I guess I was thinking about when Donna Murphy was the alternate for Bette Midler- Murphy is a two time Tony winner and a Broadway star in her own right.

Those Tuesday night performances would be quite different today due to her work on THE GILDED AGE. I know many people oblivious to anything Broadway and now know about her and her Broadway work thanks to her role as Mrs. Astor.

Cabaret stunt casting  Apr 12 2024, 07:41:25 AM

sng said: "bring back Emma Stone, She was the best SallyI've ever seen"

Ain’t gonna happen. A return to Broadway doesn’t look likely, either.


John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 11 2024, 02:22:09 PM

Here’s footage of the scaled-down 2nd U.S. National Tour led by Petula Clark. I will say this, the lavish reveal of the mansion staircase is quite fabulous.


Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 10 2024, 11:02:55 PM

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 10 2024, 10:43:52 PM

Globefan said: "Dillamond is Peter Dinklage"

He’s voicing the character so he’s not physically playing him in the film. 

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 10 2024, 10:23:08 PM

The pre-Broadway Los Angeles production was spruced up from its original 1993 London World Premiere production. Norma’s Isotta Fraschini car wasn’t seen in London when the show made it debut. After the Los Angeles production opened, the London production was paused for a few weeks to implement the new changes added from Los Angeles, including the addition of Norma’s car as well as the new Kabuki style Norma make-up design created by Glenn Close.

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 10 2024, 08:01:05 PM

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the pro shot press reel which is a full hour of the original 1994 Broadway production with Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, George Hearn, and Alice Ripley:


John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 10 2024, 07:55:28 PM

The mansion was stored upstage on stage level between performances. During performances it was housed up in the flies. Norma’s Isotta Fraschini car was stored up in the flies when not in use in the show. 

John Napier's Brilliant Set Designs for the original SUNSET BOULEVARD  Apr 10 2024, 07:23:23 PM

The hydraulics were installed in each city the tour played so only select theatres were physically capable of housing the tour production, which was a carbon-copy of the Broadway production (the mansion set scale was only a few feet smaller than its Broadway counterpart). It took 10 days to construct the set and its tracks once it arrived at each city so the production cast and crew had a long break between cities so many got to spend time at home until their first performance. Each tour stop ran about 2-3 months so it was a semi sit down production in each city. It only played 7 theatres in the U.S. during its 1 year run: June 1996 to June 1997. 

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film  Apr 9 2024, 09:08:39 PM

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