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Wicked/Ticketmaster Help

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#1Wicked/Ticketmaster Help
Posted: 1/3/20 at 10:59pm

Ive run into something Ive never seen on Ticketmaster before and Im hoping someone here may have a solution.

Im interested in buying tickets for Wicked later this month as a belated-Xmas gift for a friend visiting town who has never seen it. The only night they are able to go is Thursday, 1/23. On Ticketmaster, the show seems to have hundreds of seats available but majority of them have the locked symbol on them and says you need a promo code to access the seat. Seems to be about 85% of the theater is this way.

Has anyone seen this before/know why this is happening/have a solution? I know there are seats without the lock but those are slightly out of my price range at the moment.


#2Wicked/Ticketmaster Help
Posted: 1/3/20 at 11:18pm

It’s gotta be due to broadway week - so you’re in luck. 2 for 1 tickets - they will put them on sale 1/8.

#3Wicked/Ticketmaster Help
Posted: 1/4/20 at 7:41am

If you have a Mastercard, you can buy Broadway Week tickets now.  Here’s the link with presale codes:

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#4Wicked/Ticketmaster Help
Posted: 1/4/20 at 2:42pm

THANK YOU BOTH! Just did some shopping Wicked/Ticketmaster Help