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Chita Rivera has died
 Jan 30 2024, 10:30:55 PM

Never had the fortune to see her on stage. Saw her being interviewed a few times on television and was so inspired by her. What a life! And she came across as so sincere and humble. RIP

 Oct 29 2023, 09:46:58 PM

Joan Rivers' last interview on "Good Day" (July, 2014) - she starts the interview promoting her last book  by praising the new musical "Here Lies Love". Says if you're going to see one show this year (2014) you have to see HERE LIES LOVE - it's fabulous.!

 Oct 10 2023, 12:03:23 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I WILL SELL MY ORGANS TO GO SEE THIS"

If you have any extra organs, please sell those, too, on behalf of me so I can go to see this ! This has always been my dream casting. Always. 

If there is an investor in Broadway musicals who still has an ounce of common sense, THIS is what you need to invest in to bring to Broadway ! 


 Oct 10 2023, 09:55:40 AM

BCfitasafiddle said: "Cautiously optimistic about this. Love Sarah, love Sunset. Just nervous about her vocals. But if Glenn could do it at 70, Sarah can find a way to do it at 63.

Glad to see Sarah will be back onstage, regardless.


Diahann Carroll was around the same age ( early 60s) when she starred in the musical. 

FUNNY GIRL National Tour - Katerina McCrimmon as Fanny!
 Sep 15 2023, 10:45:02 PM

I didn’t get a chance to see it yet, but friends of mine did last night.  They said it was phenomenal - they got tix for tomorrow night, too. Not one criticism from the group - which is rare.  🤣

FUNNY GIRL National Tour - Katerina McCrimmon as Fanny!
 Sep 9 2023, 11:37:42 PM

The show opened tonight in my city. Odd it opened on a Saturday night when most shows coming through open on Tuesday. Anyhow, Melissa M has been spotted all over town and has been quite gracious to fans who recognize her. I’ve always been a fan of hers. 

Imelda Staunton & Jenna Russell to lead HELLO DOLLY in London
 Sep 4 2023, 02:08:29 AM

Owen22 said: "I saw Imelda's Rose at Chichester and she was definitive for me. ALMOST Tyne quality. I don't know what happened to her between that production and the West End and then the pro-shot...but SOMETHING happened..."

And whatever happened wasn’t good. 

Any updates on "ROOM" ?
 Aug 22 2023, 09:52:47 PM

This is disappointing. Thanks everyone for the information! 

Any updates on "ROOM" ?
 Aug 20 2023, 01:29:20 PM

Back in March, 2023, "Room" starring Adrienne Warren shut down during rehearsals - weeks before it was due to open in previews. The reason given was because financing fell through when producers started pulling out. I'm curious if there have been any updates  since then ? Has any other producers been approached ?  Are there any plans for this to get on stage in the next season ? 

Sunset Boulevard Cher as Norma
 Aug 20 2023, 01:24:33 PM

More gossip / rumors over the past 30 years...

Supposedly, ALW's first choice for the LA production in 1993 was none other than Shirley MacLaine. Apparently, SM passed - afraid she'd be compared to Gloria Swanson in such an iconic role.


He then turned his attention to TV star Michele Lee, who had just finished 14 seasons starring in the CBS hit drama 'Knot's Landing'. Not a bad choice - Lee was a musical actress, the right age (51) and had a bui

Sunset Boulevard Cher as Norma
 Aug 20 2023, 12:42:23 PM

Ke3 said: "Diana Ross and Jennifer Holliday are the most interesting names to me because he told Diahann Carroll being Black made her wrong for the role. I guess money makes minds change fairly quick."

Agree - Carroll always implied that ALW didn't think Norma Desmond should be played by an actress who was black. She never outright accused him of being racist himself, but implied he had 'racist thoughts' about the role. (She makes this clear in her 2008 m

Sunset Boulevard Cher as Norma
 Aug 20 2023, 12:38:38 PM

Tag said: "Was Chita ever in consideration? Or was Spiderwoman too much of a distraction?"

I never read Chita's name anywhere in all the coverage this musical had (though she would've been an interesting choice!). 

Sunset Boulevard Cher as Norma
 Aug 19 2023, 12:51:25 PM

From what's been reported over the years:


Cher was very close to taking the role on Broadway, with her friend John Barrowman playing 'Joe Gillis' (that was part of her negotiations for the role, and Barrowman was 100% behind it).  In the end, the deal fell apart. According to Cher (years later, in an interview in London) she said "He simply couldn't afford me" (referring to ALW) when asked what was the deal breaker.  According to a spok

NY, NY may be on its way to closing-NY Post
 Jul 24 2023, 06:57:20 PM

Should this go on tour, it will be billed as :  "Direct from Broadway - the HIT musical..."

And those theater-goers who don't read up on Broadway news will assume this was a huge hit musical that ran on Broadway, and is now touring through their town. 


Tony Bennett 1926-2023
 Jul 22 2023, 11:28:11 AM

Some interesting trivia: 

In December, 2018 when the nominations were announced for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (to be held in February, 2019)  a music critic for GoldDerby wondered if Streisand would finally win for 'Best Traditional Pop Album' over Tony Bennett, for her album '“The Music … The Mem’ries … The Magic!”' . 

The BTPA category had originated in 1991. In the 27 year history, Bennett had 15 nominations,

Santino Fontana and Judy Kuhn in I can get it for you wholesale
 Jul 22 2023, 10:56:07 AM

fashionguru_23 said: "BETTY22 said: "What are the chances of Barbra showing up in the audience?
Did she ever see Funny Girl revival?

Barbra has never been to Funny Girl, but I know she did send letters to Beanie, Lea, and Ramin upon their openings. Not sure about anyone else.

IN all fairness, Barbra has not really been seen out in public since the pandemic began. No events, no charitable gatherings, no restaurants, no Awards show,

 Jul 22 2023, 10:42:36 AM

BETTY22 said: "So what happens next?

Early weekly grosses haven't been great.

Will these reviews help? They certainly have a lot of quotes, but without NYT can they make it.

What outlets make a difference anymore.

Should it fail, it won't be for lack of publicity. In the past week alone, Byrne, the director and the cast members have been giving interviews for their target audience :  "CBS Sunday Morning" (last

Back To The Future previews
 Jul 9 2023, 02:39:30 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "Regarding opening the house and letting people in around 7:30pm has been the norm for decades. By 8pm they hope 99% of the audience has used the bathrooms, gotten their accoutrements and are seated waiting for the show to begin."

Personally, by the time the curtain goes up at 8 pm, I sit there praying they opened all their candy wrappers, chewed all their gum and peanut M&Ms,  took all their selfies, did all their bodily functions ('choking, coughing, farting and sneezing' and ready to sit quietly. That's always my prayer but it never happens. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Jul 9 2023, 02:32:37 PM

The promotion with the Drama Book Shop is what we call in business:  "Desperate Times =  Desperate Measures".  

Does anyone recall a 1971 Broadway musical titled
 Jul 9 2023, 02:22:42 PM

lapinitsa said: "Never saw the show but "Deep In The Night" was performed on several TV shows, talk shows etc, in '71. I remember thinking how coincidental it was that it contained that repeated "I think about you" phrase when a few months earlier Follies opened and "Losing My Mind" had the same repeated phrase."

OMG ! Now that I'm listening to it over and over again, I can pick up the similarities between this song and "Los

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