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OH, MARY! Previews
 Jul 10 2024, 10:47:56 PM

Oh, Mary! Writer and Star Cole Escola Once Killed a Fly with an Axe The Search Party actor details the unexpected success of their zany production.

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season!
 Jul 3 2024, 11:55:15 PM

verywellthensigh said: "As my grandmother would no doubt ask, "Who's Audra Gypsy? Is she a singer?"


Funny you say that as my cousins said as we passed by tonight what's AudraGypsy?

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Jul 3 2024, 11:51:06 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I was told Adam andAuli'i are official as the replacement cast."

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season!
 Jul 1 2024, 11:56:39 PM

 Jul 1 2024, 11:27:18 PM

Our cousins are visiting this week and they want to see Great Gatsby, Illinoise and Suffs.

Any discount code for Great Gatsby?

We have Illinoise ($105 2nd row-front mezz) and Suffs ($79 front row mezz) purchased great seats with codes (JULYIL25 and SUFFS19TH)

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 29 2024, 03:17:59 PM

pathman2 said: "SisterGeorge said: "...SPOILER ALERTShouldn't Grizabella get transformed into a glamour puss AFTER she rises up to wherever those steps take her instead of before?..."

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content
Sillabub leaves that black dress out for her at the end of Act 1. She puts
OH, MARY! Previews
 Jun 26 2024, 12:34:55 AM

TaffyDavenport said: "Not sure why they waited so long, but they ended up releasing a ton of seats for the first 5 previews, mainly in the orchestra."

Yea and priced from $209- $319. Front row $189

Any discount codes?

Jason Robert Brown, Taylor Mac, Rob Ashford collaborating on MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL musical adaptation
 Jun 25 2024, 12:07:44 AM

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil | Cast Interview | On Stage Jun 25 - Aug 4 | Goodman Theatre

Broadway Bares Hit the Strip Sunday
 Jun 20 2024, 11:43:33 PM

Wick3 said: "It is a fun evening though if you're going to do general admission floor standing, hopefully you're tall! I went to Broadway Bares 20 years ago when floor standing room general admission entry was $40. It was a lot of fun but my legs were definitely tired after the show.

Nowadays I'd rather donatemy money atBway flea in the fall (I believe it's on Sept 22nd this year!)


Nobody is going? Come on support BCEFA it&#3

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 20 2024, 11:24:43 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "Dan6 said: "From the fact that everyone posting seems to think their seats are the perfect location, it sounds like there probably isn't a bad seat in the theater. But since I want to get the most out of this experience (and can't afford the cabaret tables), just asking anyone who has an opinion for the best option between (1) side runway, (2) orchestra, or (3) first balcony above orchestra? Maybe it's the result of that first video promo, b

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 20 2024, 10:54:27 PM

RW3 said: "The fact that I am most likely going to miss out on seeing Sydney Harcourt perform in a jockstrap is deeply distressing for me."

Broadway Bares cheekywink

Broadway Bares Hit the Strip Sunday
 Jun 19 2024, 02:24:56 PM

Who's going? Group of us going to the 9:30 show. I think this is possibly the 12th time going over all these years -  Always a blast!


'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jun 19 2024, 02:16:34 PM

We and a group of friends are going and really looking forward to it as everyone is talking about what fun it is and loving it. Gonna be a great way to start pride weekend. 

THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jun 18 2024, 08:26:11 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Brody Grant is out tonight, and likely the remainder of the week!"

Jorge -  BG out tonight and the rest of the week? Why is that?

TAMMY FAYE will transfer to Broadway in 2024-2025 Season
 Jun 17 2024, 12:56:29 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "Garfield would be wonderful!"

true but he's more $$$$$ Rannells

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 12:39:38 AM

Broadway61004 said: "Robbie2 said: "Winners by the Numbers

  • Stereophonic: 5 wins
  • Merrily We Roll Along: 4 wins
  • The Outsiders: 4 wins
  • Suffs: 2 wins
  • Hell’s Kitchen: 2 wins
  • Appropriate: 2 wins
  • Purlie Victorious: A Non-Confederate Romp Through the Cotton Patch: 1 win

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 11:54:30 PM

Winners by the Numbers

  • Stereophonic: 5 wins
  • Merrily We Roll Along: 4 wins
  • The Outsiders: 4 wins
  • Suffs: 2 wins
  • Hell’s Kitchen: 2 wins
  • Appropriate: 2 wins
  • Purlie Victorious: A Non-Confederate Romp Through the Cotton Patch: 1 win
  • Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club: 1 win
  • The Great Gatsby: 1 win
  • Illinoise: 1 win 
  • Jaja’s African Hair Braiding: 1 win

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 16 2024, 11:46:51 PM

Alexander Lamar said: "Are we thinking they paid for all this airtime or CBS gave it in exchange for the Alicia/Jay-Z performance? There’s no way the other shows are getting this much time to perform."

They got a little over 7 minutes while the other shows performing 3-4 min. tops!

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 11:45:38 PM

HeyMrMusic said: "DramaTeach said: "I’m so confused. There was a pre-tape a couple of days ago with two supposedly huge broadway stars. What happened to that? Did they mean Rannells and Gad? Was their shtick pre-recorded?"

I figured it was the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance. Why else wouldn’t they bring Jay-Z out on stage?


Did we really need JayZ during that performance and Alicia always performs it seems gi

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 11:26:10 PM

So what was the WOW moment promised? Glenn Weiss has been producing the TONYS since 2003 time to give him the boot as well as Ariana as host - she was really bad and charnless tonight compared to last year......that opening god awful - terribly staged and the song sucked. Who wrote it?

Camera work was beyond terrible for the whole show!

Why did Hells Kitchen get 7 minutes of air time and the other shows only 3-4min tops?


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