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Harmony closing February 4  Feb 4 2024, 12:21:47 PM

It's always sad when great shows close because people don't go to see them. Yet, they pay high prices to see a circus or woke garbage- left and right. But oh well, that's showbiz!

Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Jan 31 2024, 09:24:26 PM

dwirth said: "Them: "Have you seen Hamilton? I saw it on tour last year and it was AWESOME"

Me: "Yes, I saw the original cast, in 2015, on Broadway, in previews, with a $57 ticket that was $570 after th3 crazy press it got after opening"

Them: "Wasn't it the greatest?"

Me: "It was the most boring show I've ever seen. I literally fell asleep during act 1. I couldn't wait for it to be over. Seeing Robin Wri

Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Jan 31 2024, 09:22:51 PM

Jay, if you can get a ticket under $60 I say go for it. It has great dancing and the production is overall great, I enjoyed it more than other jukebox musicals such as & Juliet. So, for a jukebox, it's one of the best I have seen- I'd say.

Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Jan 31 2024, 05:30:38 PM

Jay Lerner-Z said: "Did you like it? I think it would make me feel icky. That they actually feature the Pepsi ad..."

I liked it, I thought it was a good production, the dancing was great, and I love a big ensemble of dancers. I have so many issues with Michael Jackson I can't even start telling you all the issues I have with him. 

I also added a rating for Days and Roses, which was very disappointing to me despite the wonderful stars of Kelli and Bria

Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Jan 31 2024, 05:18:42 PM

I finally saw MJ and Days and Roses, ratings on the 1st post.

Drew Barrymore Visits the Barrymore Theatre  Jan 21 2024, 08:58:24 PM

delete please

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11  Jan 21 2024, 08:03:44 PM

To blame ticket prices seems odd to me when people are paying $150 or more to see a low budget production like Merrily next door. In fact I think this disgrace of a show lasted much longer than it should have and it probably was able to sell a ton of a tickets since it is next to Merrily from people who couldn't get a ticket to see the coveted show. The artwork for Ohio was also very well done, it's unfortunate the show didn't match the great artwork.

Drew Barrymore Visits the Barrymore Theatre  Jan 21 2024, 01:30:02 PM

emlo99 said: "This may be the first time I ever watch the Drew Barrymore show because that looks like a cute episode. Still not going to see Harmony though lol.

Also - she hosted SNL at age 7?!

I think you are trying to imply that the show isn't good and you haven't even seen it, which is the definition of ignorance. 

PS: your loss, I've seen it twice and it was fabulous.


Kander and Ebb’s 3rd best show  Jan 19 2024, 08:09:40 PM

Not sure what is the technical issue but I wrote a nice comment and it was posted twice, I deleted one of the 2 comments and then both were deleted, please revert it- technical group of BWW- 

Kander and Ebb’s 3rd best show  Jan 19 2024, 02:47:38 PM

Sorry, but the right title should be "which was the 3rd most successful show of Kander and Ebb", not the best. Quality doesn't always equal box office success. 

I think Kiss of the Spider Woman is their #1. I haven't seen all of their shows, but out of what I've seen, I'd say #2 is Zorba and #3 is Chicago. I have only seen Scottsboro Boys, The Visit, Curtains and Cabaret besides the one I mentioned.

I think the movies of Chicago and Cabaret were am

Harmony closing February 4  Jan 17 2024, 07:19:25 PM

I hope the Tony voters are generous to these great actors! A certain critic is literally ruining Broadway, he shall remain nameless.

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES Previews  Jan 13 2024, 04:44:14 PM

I posted my thoughts on my youtube channel, hopefully I won't get death threats this time! 

My youtube channel is niclesnyc by the way in case anyone wants to check it out.

Lottery Loser? How to get tickets?  Jan 13 2024, 04:38:43 PM

I actually thought Radcliffe was great. Groff was too, Mendez was alright too. But my issues were the characters or Beth and mostly Gussie. Both absolutely miscast, and very inconsiderate from the casting person to think that those characters are not important and cast people that are not appropriate or not talented enough, with so many talented artists in NYC to choose from or why not cast Elizabeth Stanley again, who was perfect.

Lottery Loser? How to get tickets?  Jan 12 2024, 10:40:53 PM

I think it's silly to blame the producers for the high prices, if there is high demand, they will charge high prices, the people that pay for them are at fault if any. The producers are here to make money, not to give tickets away. And having a superstar like Radcliffe in Sondheim's best show is a lethal combination and it's breaking records. But let me remind you, that although now it's a hit, it was a flop and people wouldn't pay a penny to see it in the past. And to be

Tim Minchin on why Groundhog Day Failed in New York  Jan 7 2024, 02:53:27 PM

I think the Great Comet and Groundhog Day are the 2 worst shows I have seen on Broadway in my entire life.

What's Going On?  Jan 3 2024, 03:21:01 AM

Gesualdo, welcome to the board, ignore the evil users of BWW. Hater's gonna hate. They're the majority here.  

Eddie Grey and Constantine Pappas in Harmony  Dec 31 2023, 02:55:45 PM

I think Eddie actually was in the Off Broadway production, I'm so happy I got to see him, he will perform for the next 2 weeks I believe. Constantine also felt like a natural, I honestly knew one of them was a stanby/understudy and I couldn't have guessed it was him. Constantine also has a great speaking voice. He told me that the entire company is very supportive, when I saw him in the show it was the first time he was replacing Zal Owen.

Eddie Grey and Constantine Pappas in Harmony  Dec 31 2023, 11:20:19 AM

I went to see Harmony last night, it was full even in the mezzanine, but then again it was Saturday night. The show is in great shape, I noticed that Eddie Grey, who returned to the show and he is playing the role of Lesh because the actor who plays the role is hurt and he is replacing him until he comes back some time in January. If you have a chance to see Eddie in the show, he hits insane notes and has a vocal ability not seen or heard very often. Chip is a total legend. I was again moved

Why on earth was New York New York nominated??  Dec 29 2023, 12:02:32 AM


Why on earth was New York New York nominated??  Dec 28 2023, 07:07:34 PM

BroadwayRox3588 said: "I love these random, sometimes unhinged, rants from Broadway Flash that seem to come completely out of nowhere.

Never change, BF. ❤️

Haha! I love this. Regarding the original topic, I actually think NY, NY was a missed opportunity and I was bored out of my mind, I wanted a LIZA and I didn't get a LIZA so I was not happy. But I liked it better than Bad Cinderella, Kimberly Akimbo, Some Like it Hot, Shucked. &Juliet I sorta li

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