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SWEPT AWAY transferring to Broadway this fall
 May 18 2024, 08:18:15 AM

Saw this in DC and thought it would fit well in the Booth. I also did not like the show. 

TODAY Show “Best of Broadway” Week 2024
 May 17 2024, 05:45:15 PM

kdogg36 said: "Playbill_Trash said: "Oh I see. I understand color blind casting - but within the same characters though? Does their race change in the story too? Or is there dialogue where the oldest versions say “I remember us as different races back then” and then the flashbacks unfold around them?"

I can't imagineyou're serious in asking if their races change - that would be a wild, fantastic story that might be interesting but def

TODAY Show “Best of Broadway” Week 2024
 May 17 2024, 03:23:55 PM

Broadway Flash said: "No it’s still them as their younger selves. It’s color blind casting so the young and middle Allie are black and young and middle Noah are both white Latin. I’ve heard people criticize this because the race only changes with the older couple. But I think it’s pretty clear in the staging and writing that it’s them"

Oh I see. I understand color blind casting - but within the same characters though? Does their race cha

TODAY Show “Best of Broadway” Week 2024
 May 17 2024, 03:02:05 PM

Hi, new to the notebook musical here but saw their performance on the today show.

Have they changed the story for the musical to be an older couple retelling a love story about different people they once knew, or the telling of a fable about fictional people in love? Just trying to piece together the different performances from yesterday.

TODAY Show “Best of Broadway” Week 2024
 May 15 2024, 09:43:06 AM

Was shoshana bean just handing potato chips to a group of home intruders?

George Clooney is coming to Broadway.
 May 14 2024, 08:13:20 AM

A “Shubert Theatre yet to be announced” with a huge Hollywood name sounds like Scott Rudin is working his magic again…..

Scott Rudin returns:
 May 13 2024, 03:00:41 PM

Broadway needs him more than he needs Broadway.

Balcony experience at Merrily?
 May 5 2024, 09:36:00 PM

I’ve looked through the other Merrily threads to find people describing their view/sound from the balcony at the Hudson and couldn’t.

Can anyone here share if they’ve seen this or any other show at the Hudson in the balcony? What was your view and sound like? Did you miss anything? Thanks!

Merrily We Roll Along Lottery
 May 5 2024, 08:55:18 PM

Does anyone have experience sitting in row B of the balcony for this show and can comment on how good the view is?

Any luck moving to a closer, empty seat once you’re in the theatre?
 May 5 2024, 02:39:10 PM

chrishuyen said: "Like others have said, intermission is the best time to move. Especially if you're somewhere like a box seat or side mezz, it can be easy to spot empty seats leading up to intermission and set a goal of moving there. If it's a seat in your row and you could just scoot down to it, I'd recommend waiting until AT LEAST after the opening number, if not after the second or third songs. (Sometimes shows will claim they have a no late seating policy and still s

Any luck moving to a closer, empty seat once you’re in the theatre?
 May 4 2024, 06:07:18 PM

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone here has experiences of moving to an empty/unsold seat once they’ve gotten in the theatre - before the show starts.

I’ve never tried this in NYC on broadway before but have had luck at broadway touring venues in other cities. House staff and ushers were paying less attention there and as long as the seat was not sold I’ve been able to move closer.

Has anyone seen this happen at a Broadway theatre or tried this themselve

Smash -- Series Discussion
 Apr 1 2024, 06:44:14 PM

Any guesses on whether this will be in a shubert, Nederlander, or jujamcyn house? Do the producers have a relationship with either org? I know they previously had a development deal with the shuberts but it was a while ago.

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Jul 12 2023, 12:47:21 AM

Penna2 said: "RippedMan said: "Why is it her fault when the casting team brought her in, the director cast her, the producers all saw her and agreed she's right for the part...she's an actress taking a high profile, well paying gig."

Because she can read and, I would hope, had some awareness of who the person was she hoped to play. Apparently, neither was the case.

Everyone here is missing the point. Maybe she CAN’T read!

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 20 2023, 03:32:12 PM

For John Chu to say there’s no way to continue the movie after something as epic as defying gravity, and that’s why it’s in 2 parts, he is proving he doesn’t know what he’s doing directing a musical. Movie musicals have successfully sustained momentum after epic Act 1 finales for literal decades, from Funny Girl to Dreamgirls. This show is not so special that it deserves anything different. This is subtraction by addition.

Hairspray movie comes out in 2007

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 15 2023, 04:26:28 PM

Am I the only one thinking this is critical time the Tony Awards Management committee, broadway league, and ATW should be using to beef up the Tony Awards website/YouTube streaming channel? The second attempt to see if WGA will not picket the ceremony is a waste of time in the critical month between nominations and awards.

You got your answer Friday to no longer rely on a live network telecast this year. So change your plans to debut a pre-taped event on the Tony YouTube channel on Jun

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 13 2023, 07:11:15 PM

HogansHero said: "I also believe Broadway would benefit from the announcement of the awards on June 11. It finally would force the movement of Broadway marketing forward into the 21st Century in a real way rather than as its 20th century managers have tiptoed in greater or lesser degrees of cluelessness (with the League leading the way in the former)."

Damn Hogan, when we agree I don’t know what to do. The stars must have aligned and mercury is in the microwave

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 12 2023, 08:16:27 PM

The decision against a waiver is new information in the sea of speculation that is this thread.

So to be clear, regardless of options that have been tossed around in this thread that would have a telecast with no written portions, it is the act of producing any content for CBS/Paramount (part of AMPTP who the strike is against) during this strike that would be seen as crossing a picket line? That is the reason a waiver was requested, and the reason WGA denied it?

These questions

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 9 2023, 01:29:14 PM

I know this is not easy and does not happen with the wave of a magic wand, but a good contingency plan would be each show filming a quality performance in their respective theatre now to have in the bank to use as a “Tony performance” just in case.

I understand this costs a lot of money and time and they would need to gather another audience for it, but maybe these are calls each show should make now?

Cue everyone on these boards lecturing about how difficult that wo

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 8 2023, 06:10:56 PM

If WGA decides to picket the Tony awards, making broadway unions decide whether or not to cross, that is proof of unions NOT sticking together.

WGA strike impact on the 2023 Tonys
 May 8 2023, 04:06:48 PM

To everyone saying “unions stick together” as a reason why a deal wouldn’t be made to make an exception for the tony awards telecast, it should be noted that “sticking together” goes both ways if it is genuine. Wouldn’t the members of the WGA be able to see how this cancellation would impact the broadway union members who are at a much higher risk of losing their current jobs if their shows and industry aren’t advertised as always? Why wouldn’t

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