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NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC  Feb 22 2024, 09:25:39 PM

Jesse Green mentions rumors of Broadway aspirations for this revival...who's behind it?

What's Next for the Broadhurst?  Feb 22 2024, 03:28:59 PM

The Broadhurst would make sense for OUR TOWN (large-ish cast and probably has a star with a hefty salary)...that would be a limited run, and then will still be available for SMASH or BOOP or whatever in the spring.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 22 2024, 12:33:59 PM

The in-person lotto is certainly unusual these days.

There's an archaic belief that a show can benefit from a crowd gathered outside their theater. But it may also be a way to push the lottery losers into slightly-more-expensive seats (rush, or a "lottery loser" price point) for people who are already there in-person instead of just on Telecharge. On the production's side of things, it will only look bad if there's super limited interest and only a handf

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 22 2024, 12:27:03 PM

Hope Lombardo said: "If you're a tech nerd (like me :) this tik-tok of behind-the-scenes with the tech team is truly amazing...i guess i knew there would be a lot of laptops & equipment but i didn't understand how much! (and that they would be setup in the seats)....anyway, worth the view >

(it looks like NASA)

Yes, this is what tech looks like for even the most low-tech Broadway shows.

And the house will look like that until the morning of the final dress.

A BEAUTIFUL NOISE to announce closing date soon  Feb 22 2024, 12:04:38 PM

jagman106 said: "There are announcements on several sites including this one and they all cite June 30 as the closing date. Of course, it can be moved up with more competition coming in."

June 30 is not an arbitrary decision. Shubert probably has something lined up for the Broadhurst with an early-fall opening, and ABN may have the funds to leg it out another 4 months. If Shubert had any need for a new show to open there this s

James Graham's DEAR ENGLAND coming to Broadway Spring 2024, dir. Rupert Goold? (casting notice)  Feb 21 2024, 04:28:56 PM

This will now become a Limited Series for the BBC.

Director Rupert Goold, writer James Graham, and star Joseph Fiennes will reunite for the project.

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston  Feb 21 2024, 04:14:48 PM

Out of curiosity -- any intel on who the choreographer, designers, and music team are yet?

"What to Know About This Crazily Crowded Broadway Spring Season"  Feb 21 2024, 02:51:59 PM

An Oversaturated Spring? Data and opinions...  Feb 21 2024, 02:37:31 PM

Wick3 said: "Does anyone remember the last time 18+ shows opened on Broadway in a span of one month (April)?"

13 Broadway shows are opening in the month of April, not 18+.

As far as past Aprils go... 2013 had 15; 2014 had 12; 2017 and 2015 each had 14.

If we just take the 2024 part of the 23-24 season into consideration, 20 shows are (currently) opening between January 1 and May 1. That's less than 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2022, and th

Donny Osmond returning to JOSEPH  Feb 21 2024, 10:14:22 AM

jacobtsf said: "CJRochester said: "In what role? ;)"

The Pharaoh

At least he has the good sense to graduate on to another role, albeit one that he's not quite right for...that (among other things) differentiates him from Cathy Rigby, Carol Channing, Yul Brynner, etc.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 21 2024, 10:10:03 AM

The people who have a problem with family lineage in the entertainment industry descending upon this production:

AMADEUS to be adapted into a series starring White Lotus' Will Sharpe  Feb 20 2024, 11:07:41 PM

EthelMae said: "I’d like to see a television version of the original play thatwon the 1981 Tony Award forBest Play by Peter Shaffer, or, at the very least, a television version of Mr. Shaffer’s 1985 Oscar winning adaptation of his play."

I wish that Alec Baldwin/Scott Ellis "Live Play" production of A FEW GOOD MEN had actually happened. Not that I think it would have been great but maybe would have generated ratings and paved the way for similar live nonmusical productions. Amadeus could have been a natural fit for that (especially if filmed on location at some beautiful old estate).

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027  Feb 20 2024, 10:05:28 PM

Alex Kulak2 said: "I'm curious with how this will work with awards season. The Lord of the Rings trilogy wasall shot at the same time, but wasreleased over three years, so they all competed in different Oscars ceremonies. Are they going campaign for all 4 Beatles films at the 2028 Oscars? Are they going to release an additional "supercut" of the four movies and campaign that?"

They're all being released in 2027 as of now. So theoretically they&#

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027  Feb 20 2024, 03:04:20 PM

Plannietink08 said: "I wish Hidden Figures had been done this way. I always felt like all three of those women deserved their own biopics."

I think this sort of 4-film thing only works when it's about people as famous as THE BEATLES. Lesser known figures (such as those in Hidden Figures) could not sustain 4 films in a year. Heck, even The Beatles might not be able to sustain 4 films...

That this is not becoming a TV show is notable and is a testament to Me

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027  Feb 20 2024, 12:36:18 PM

This is a big swing and an ambitious idea by Mendes!

It could end up being a fiasco if done poorly...but I'm intrigued, and his track record is (mostly) good.

Mendes will direct all four of the films, and this marks the first time Apple CorpsLtd. and The Beatles – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison – have granted full life story and music rights for a scripted film.

Mendes conceived this grand vision. He’ll tell interconnected stories, one from each band member’s point of view. I’m told they are locking down writers quickly. All of this came about when Mendes pitched the project in Hollywood, and just about everyone flipped their mop-tops for it. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Tom Rothman and Elizabeth Gabler sparked to the opportunity and won the package.

The dating cadence of the films will be revealed closer to the films’ release.

AMADEUS to be adapted into a series starring White Lotus' Will Sharpe  Feb 20 2024, 12:09:40 PM

It's good subject matter for a limited series, though Julian Farino and Joe Barton aren't exactly the calibre of Milos Forman or Peter Hall.

I assume:

  1. this series doesn't get officially greenlit without an actual star for Salieri (a Hiddleston or Cumberbatch or Fiennes or MacFadyen or Pattinson type).
  2. this premature announcement is being done with the intention of making the series sound "real" to agents/networks/streame
A Sign of the Times  Feb 20 2024, 11:35:01 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "I feel like the majority of audience was over 70 and this show was custom built for them to enjoy and reminisce over “the good old days” even though it’s heavy on the racism and Vietnam, it still plays like a show on a senior citizen cruise."

Well, this is a York Theatre production and that's basically their modus operandi! They do old things (or new things that feel old), catering to people who saw SUGAR BABIES and NO NO

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 20 2024, 11:16:38 AM

ACL2006 said: "Which would leave the Lunt empty for the summer. Really thought they'd try and get replacements for them to keep the show open through the summer."

By all accounts they already did an exhaustive search for replacements, and landed on Foster & Tveit after others said no. There's a difference between trying and succeeding, even when you have people with as much weight as Tommy Kail, Jeffrey Seller, and the legacy of Sondheim. As discussed

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK and West End in 2024  Feb 19 2024, 02:01:21 PM

jvoom said: "I guess I missed it, but at what point did Paul Rudnick leave this?"

Sometime prior to Chicago. He was not billed as bookwriter on that production For a time prior to that production's opening, he and Wetherhead were billed as co-bookwriters, and then his name was dropped.

(I assume it was dropped per his request of not being attached to it, and he may still get some type of royalty. He's famously done a ton of uncredited rewrites ove

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK and West End in 2024  Feb 19 2024, 12:44:36 PM

JSquared2 said: "How can they be "literally" starting from zero while still using some of the same songs?"

Yeah, by nature of it having a previous out-of-town run, it's more like they're starting from 10 hoping to get to 100...or at least to 80. If we're going to use numerical analogies.

Obviously the physical production starts fresh with new director/designers. But they've still got the same writing team (unless someone else has

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