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Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along
 Jan 29 2024, 11:49:02 AM

^ It's ridiculous to say you're not owed some reasonable likelihood of an advertised, above-the-title star attending a show. Yes, things happen, but to have the u/s go on for 5/8 shows a week, and have that attendance ballpark not be a fluke, and to continue advertising that star without announcing anything about absences, is abjectly dishonest.

People travel from far and wide to see broadway shows, and so even if they do refund you, there's already a potentially massive am

Buena Vista Social Club at Atlantic Theater Company
 Jan 8 2024, 11:33:07 AM

AntV said: "What happened to the todaytix rush? The show's listing doesn't even exist on there anymore. Will they have rush tickets at the box office instead? Even if the show is sold out?"

When Atlantic has a hit that extends, the pull the TodayTix rush.

In my mind it's one of the single tackiest things an established NYC theater does.

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along
 Jan 8 2024, 11:31:20 AM

Springtime said: "She has now missed 40 appearances in the run of 103 shows since opening, including four this week."

I feel for her with whatever she must be going through. But I also feel for the thousands buying exorbitant tickets each week. Appears that the producers are being greedy when they should just schedule an alternate.

INFINITE LIFE at Atlantic Theater Company
 Oct 4 2023, 10:07:58 AM

If anyone happens to have 2 tickets to the 10/14 matinee, please let me know. Name your price, LOL. (Or I’ll trade you 2 of my HERE WE ARE tix.)

My performance was cancelled due to COVID in the cast, and the Atlantic did not handle the situation well, so I was shut out of all of the other performances that could have worked for me.

 Sep 17 2023, 04:22:22 PM

BoringBoredBoard40 said: "KevinKlawitter said: "Cynthia Erivo on the stage of Gutenberg! with Josh Gad and Andrew RannellsCynthia Erivo joined the show last night."

And they seem to be hinting at another cameo for today's performance, based on the clue of "special Sauce" it might be Jonathan Groff?

I wonder if they're gonna do the OH, HELLO thing where a new celeb joins each night....

INFINITE LIFE at Atlantic Theater Company
 Aug 23 2023, 10:47:04 PM

Any codes for this floating around?

Broadway Singing Coach Barbara Maier Gustern Dies After Attack on Street
 Aug 23 2023, 10:46:02 PM

I’m going to come at this from the opposite angle and say that even if she only serves 2-3 years that is a very substantial stain on a life. The best we can hope for at this point is that it leaves an imprint and she is rehabilitated.

 May 18 2023, 03:01:08 PM

Oy. Trying to ride the antisemitism wave, I guess.

I love Josh Harmon, but this needed a whole lot of work at its last run. Hopefully they gave it a lot of revisions since MTC, but I wouldn't bet on it....

Parade: Horrible Sound
 Jul 30 2023, 05:58:03 PM

This is a longstanding issue, especially in the mezz but not just there. I've had many friends who have said they could barely understand the lyrics, and the one time I sat in the mezz all you could hear was percussion. I wrote an email to the lead producer but didn't hear back, nor does it seem they've fixed anything.

Rushing Parade, Shucked, Good Night Oscar, Some Like it Hot
 Jul 20 2023, 09:04:23 PM

rachelfran said: "I won Good Night Oscar for tomorrow night and paid for my ticket -- got a confirmation at 4:12pm that says "Your ticket(s) will be emailed shortly." but hasn't been as yet.(it's now 8:25pm) I"m not sure how concerned I should be. I know Shucked didn't send me tickets until the day of but I'm pretty sure it told me that on the confirmation. I don't know how to reach out for help from the show or telecharge or just wait until later t

Parade - Ben Platt
 Jul 19 2023, 05:02:02 PM

binau said: "I don't know if Ben Platt has ever missed a scheduled performance, has he? Also, from recent reports his vocals seem to be holding out well (I did feel during DEH they got a bit tired). Just so happy how much this revival worked out in nearly every aspect (at least for me)."

In prior shows, I don't know, but he hasn't been missed one in Parade.

And I agree that it's all just working nicely. Funny to remember how many people were sa

Philadelphia: Canceled final week of Moulin Rouge tour
 Jul 9 2023, 08:25:20 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "While I understand the city of Philly, I don’t understand how it’s feasible for shows to tour, especially tours concurrent with the Broadway production, there when it’s so close to NYC. In my head, it would be similar to if the two Hamilton tours were both booked at the Pantages in LA and Sergerstrom in Costa Mesa at the same time, aka it wouldn’t work."

It's been covered earlier in this thread to some degree, but alth

THE COTTAGE On Broadway - Previews Thread
 Jul 9 2023, 08:10:32 PM

A warning: act 2 starts very suddenly and LOUDLY"

You clearly know how to use the spoiler tag! Why not put this spoiler in it, as well!

Lillias White in Hadestown??
 Jun 30 2023, 06:54:28 PM

FANtomFollies said: "Is there any speculation if Reeve Carney will ever leave this show? I've always wanted to see it but I just really don't like Reeve as a performer."

I'm right there with you. Normally one performer wouldn't be such an issue but he is at the center of the whole show. I so wish they'd hung onto Damon for Broadway.

Rush tickets right before a peformance?
 Jun 27 2023, 11:35:39 AM

I do this all the time and it often works. If you have a half hour to play with you can even visit a few theaters and compare options. The one thing to be aware of is that lines get long in the 30m before curtain with the audience for that performance, so your options will be a bit more limited as box office staff will be focused on serving them.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 27 2023, 11:30:46 AM

Huss417 said: "Are there any promo codes floating around or have they all been pulled?"

ATLANTA still worked last I checked. BIGNEWS was pulled, I believe.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 23 2023, 10:43:57 AM

^ That's correct. There are also lyrics that are overtly antisemitic, particularly in Tom Watson's song as he foments the mob. They include:

Will you bеg for the jew’s reward
Or walk with us on thе side of the Lord?

Slaton jumps at the jew’s command

See them laugh when an angel dies
See them tell all their Jew-lovin’ lies
But they’ll run on the judgement day
Someone’s gonna pay when the flood comes

I do recognize that these don't immediately pop out on first viewing (especially with this particular production's sound mixing issues), but I think it's one of many smaller things in the piece that point toward antisemitism as a major root cause for the events.

Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells to star in GUTENBERG! THE (BEST) MUSICAL (EVER)
 Jun 23 2023, 10:33:36 AM

schubox said: "Any thoughts on where to sit for this? I haven't been to the Cort in years and I know it was renovated and became the James Earl Jones. Trying not to break the bank and wondering if L in the Orch would be too far back?"

It's a small show, so I would choose downstairs as close a possible. Orch L should be just fine.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 20 2023, 01:57:01 PM

There was an article earlier in the run about this, with the lede "Anti-Jewish bigots steal the show in the revived musical. And that’s why it works."

I've got to agree: the white supremacists get all the air in the show because they had all the air in real life. They have more power in the show because they had more power in the case. We hear Leo's meek inner monologues and his most animated moment is acting out their false demonic ideas of him.

The Black characters are only given songs that fit their roles as conceived by old-school Southern whites, too: Rumblin' is made to feel like it's snuck in, and the other Black characters only get to sing when they're part of the murder investigation.

The fact they they close with a rousing rendition of "Old Red Hills," especially with the modern white couple enjoying a picnic, shows who won this story, and who is still winning. The music makes you feel that just the same. It's draining. It's maddening. And to me, it's exactly why the piece works.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 17 2023, 08:36:24 AM

LOL. I found the Sweeney revival to be trash, but even if you liked it, Parade's revival by all accounts took a show from the middle tier to the top one, did it at the perfect time in the zeitgeist, brought together a killer ensemble – the list goes on: it's everything a revival should aim to do.

Related to that point, I was surprised to see Ben's note about it actually closing August 6. I don't see why he would post that if it weren't true, but at the same ti

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