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STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jun 6 2024, 11:28:05 AM

dwwst12 said: "For those of you who found it "tedious" (that seems to be the most common criticism), are you generally fans of this genre/topic?

My favorite movie of all time is Almost Famous, and I'm a big Fleetwood Mac fan. So I'm *guessing* I'm not going to be bored?!

I would definitely put myself in the camp of those who didn't feel this justified being three hours, but I am willing to admit to this being more on my circu

Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
 Jun 2 2024, 06:31:10 PM

I did a three show day yesterday of Stereophonic, Titanique, and this, and Three Houses was the highlight of my trip, absolutely adored it. This might be a bit of an out there reference, but I kept thinking about the way the pandemic was handled is in a similar vain as how Bo Burnham handled it in his special, Inside. It is "about" the pandemic, but is far more universal, using that as a catalyst to dissect these characters' vices and over excessive self-isolation.

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage
 Apr 23 2024, 11:19:38 AM

OuttaTowner said: "My guess is, if they have the Booth, they may wait until after Akimbo closes this weekend."

Unless they close before August, which is when the LuPone/Farrow play The Roommate starts, I really don't see them taking the Booth 

Besides isn't Oh Mary rumored to squeeze in a transfer right after Kimberly Akimbo? I hope that is still happening

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Mar 1 2024, 07:23:40 PM


2024-2025 Touring Season
 Mar 1 2024, 07:23:40 PM


2024-2025 Touring Season
 Mar 1 2024, 07:38:41 PM


Off- Broadway Question
 Dec 20 2023, 08:52:48 PM

It's not open for much longer, but I just saw Rachel Bloom's new show "Death Let Me Do My Show" last weekend and adored it. Cannot recommend it enough for anyone who misses Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I also saw she had an article in Playbill about it and said she hopes it transfers to Broadway at some point, which I would love

Poll: Best Broadway Cast Recording of 2023?
 Dec 6 2023, 05:04:05 PM

Definitely odd to see Kimberly Akimbo in the graphic but not make the final poll (seemingly subbed out for Harmony)

Who could replace Josh Groban?
 Oct 1 2023, 01:50:16 PM

pmensky said: "Jordan Catalano said: "My boy Bryan the BA is saying a California based rapper is going to be replacing Annaleigh, so if that holds true they decided to stay open past their original closing. I have no clue who that could be, though."

Janelle Monae?

Monáe is from Kansas City and their record studio is based in Atlanta, so as much as I am manifesting Monáe's stage debut, this doesn't seem it

Why so few play revivals this season
 Sep 5 2023, 08:43:43 AM

bigbelterbaby said: "You forgot Roundabouts revival of “Home” by Samm Art-Williams, first on Broadway in 1979. Tony nominated for Best Play."

jkcohen626 noticed this in the "2023-2024 Broadway Season" thread, but since Roundabout announced Home to start performances in May, it would then be a part of the 2024/25 season


2023-2024 Broadway Season
 Jul 27 2023, 02:00:46 PM

gibsons2 said: "Does anyone know when Roundabout single tickets go on sale for the fall shows?"

Roundabout has August 2nd as when single tickets go on sale

The Who's Tommy @ The Goodman
 Jun 15 2023, 11:40:40 AM

MidWestTheater said: "They actually have set up a pinball arcade in the lobby that you can play, with apparently a custom pinball machine for this production."

Such a cute idea, love that!

Also can anyone snag a pic of the merch if they get a chance? Even if it's the standard key art (which looks really cool imo), I would love to know


Grey House Rush Experience
 Jun 3 2023, 11:57:00 PM

I got a tix for the June 3rd evening showing. Got to the box office around 10:50am. My seat was Orch 106 AA, dead middle (which technically was full view. The person at the box office mentioned it I got a pair, my seats would have been obstructed, I'm assuming side Orch)

Outside of not being able to see into the doorway leading to outside and what's on the floor exactly, my view was very clear. I didn't feel like I missed anything really

I'll be honest, I

Rush/SRO Ticket Resources
 May 16 2023, 09:12:37 AM

I think one of the more recent websites that keep up to date with rush is I haven't used it yet, but will the next time I rush this summer, a lot of great info there.

The boards can also be used to find threads from people who have rushed already, where seats tend to be located, what time to show up at the box office, etc. The search function tends to be fine if you look up "[show] rush" and if one thread been dormant for awhile, you can bump it

2023-2024 Touring Season
 Mar 22 2023, 07:14:14 AM

Phillyguy said: "perfectpenguin said: "Did Philly announce today? Or am I just not seeing it?"

Nope. Nothing yet. Website still says 3/20.

Can you point out where on the website it says that? The Kimmel Center doesn't really lay out this information that clearly

Stars in shows for 2023-2024
 Mar 3 2023, 06:41:31 PM

Danny DeVito had a reading of a new play last summer that he said should be coming to New York sometime this year

 Jan 12 2023, 09:12:18 PM

I rushed last Saturday for the matinee. Showed up slightly after 11am, got a seat in the middle orchestra, third row. Amazing seats, especially for no wait

Kimberly Akimbo Rush
 Jan 8 2023, 12:25:49 AM

I just rushed last afternoon for the Saturday evening performance. Got to the box office around 12:30pm and snagged the last rush seat, mezz D18

What is the highlight of your theatre going experiences?
 Sep 14 2022, 11:13:14 AM

I can't think anything that will ever top my experience at the recent Little Shop revival. I had seen it twice before and loved it, but I was able to talk some friends into seeing it again with them. My previous seats were the far back sides, which were fine, but thank you that discount code that was passing around, we got front row seats for the same price. A no brainer.

The performance was electric, being so close to McClure, the Urchins, and the one and only, Christian Borle

Is this a first for Sondheim?
 Jul 8 2022, 08:51:32 PM

Jarethan said: "The original production of Follies and Company overlapped for awhile... Too lazy to do it, but I’ll bet someone could find a time where there were even 3 simultaneously running shows…probably not 4, though."

3 overlapping shows has almost happened maybe twice, funnily enough with the original productions of Follies and Company. The 72' revival of Funny Thing... opened shortly after Follies closed.  The most recent close

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