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JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Feb 8 2024, 09:22:11 PM

Any buzz yet whether it will go to Broadway or regional productions?

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11
 Jan 30 2024, 10:37:42 AM

Wow, this whole weekend is now sold out. Guess the closing announcement has everyone rushing to see it--too bad I couldn't snag a ticket in time.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11
 Jan 24 2024, 11:01:21 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "mcsquared said: "Any chance this will tour or get pro-shot?"
Based on the Broadway run, do you think it will?

Seems doubtful but then again "Diana" ended up on Netflix and Ohio's producer had tweeted that they wanted tour to happen.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO to close on February 11
 Jan 24 2024, 04:41:42 PM

Any chance this will tour or get pro-shot?

Off-Broadway suggestions for late January
 Jan 13 2024, 06:28:32 PM

That'll be Buena Vista Social Club's last weekend so it's already sold out but I thihnk it still has lottery tickets on day of.

Off- Broadway Question
 Dec 20 2023, 07:02:37 PM

Manahatta was amazing so I'm really glad I had the chance to see it. I think this is the last week though. I also saw Hell's Kitchen,Buena Vista Social Club and Gardens of Anuncia off-Broadway. I was curious about Jerusalem Syndrome but couldn't fit that in.

Next week advice
 Dec 15 2023, 09:21:57 AM

I managed to get good Rockette 11 am tickets the day before at Times Square TKTS. I did the lottery for for Harmony but probably could have done the day of 18 at $18. Sounds like you have a great lineup.

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Dec 14 2023, 03:58:12 PM

KevinKlawitter said: "Parade to launch tour in January 2025; first stop will be in Minneapolis "

Parade is at the Blumenthal in Charlotte,NC in May 2024 but I guess it's a regional premiere, not the tour. 

Help Me Pick :)
 Dec 4 2023, 08:47:28 PM

If I can play too, which one between A Beautiful Noise, Harmony, and Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Thursday matinee narrows the field quite a bit.

Victoria Clark performance schedule
 Nov 20 2023, 03:35:22 PM

Has the Tuesday night  and Wednesday matinee off been confirmed?

New Musical HELL'S KITCHEN, Based on the Life of Alicia Keys, to Premiere This Year
 Nov 1 2023, 04:55:14 PM

Edit--never mind, made it on time. Definitely worth it.

New Musical HELL'S KITCHEN, Based on the Life of Alicia Keys, to Premiere This Year
 Oct 29 2023, 06:31:22 PM

There are about 7 tickets that opened up for tonight's performance in case anyone is near the theater.

Off-Broadway transfers?
 Oct 15 2023, 10:08:55 PM

I was thinking of making a trip to NYC to see some Off-Broadway shows but was surprised that tickets are even more expensive than regular Broadway shows and in case of Hell's Kitchen (at Public) already sold out. Wondering if Hell's Kitchen and Buena Vista Social Club and Real Women Have Curves (at ART in Cambridge)are projected to transfer to Broadway so I can just wait to get tickets later. I was expecting "Kiss My Aztec" to transfer and am still waiting on that one...

4th of July shows/Fireworks?
 Jun 27 2023, 11:19:36 PM

I'm assuming most if not all shows are dark on the 4th?

If that's the case, is it ok to see the fireworks from anywhere in the TimesSquare area or do you have to camp out near one of the bridges?

Clearly not a local :)

Kelli O'Hara to perform in Massachusetts
 Dec 3 2022, 08:07:32 PM

Interesting choice--she didn't think she could fill the larger Hanover theater next door? She's also coming to Pinehurst to a small theater so maybe she just does small venues nowadays

SING STREET begins previews tonight in Boston
 Aug 29 2022, 11:45:41 PM

So I'm trying to figure out if I can travel to Boston for this--will it probably make it back to NYC and on the road? Or can I get the jest of it by watching the movie?

ROMEO & BERNADETTE eyeing Broadway for spring 2022
 Jul 1 2022, 03:54:48 AM

Not sure if this posted elsewhere but it actually had its last performance last weekend because of  COVID in the cast. Too bad--I was really hoping to see it. It seems like it would be good for regional theaters.

COMPANY To Close On July 31, 2022
 Jun 21 2022, 07:59:54 PM

RippedMan said:
Where can I watch the documentary?"

You can watch documentary until June 24 at:

I originally read the article wrong and thought they were extending it through next year but guess they're closing way early now. I was going to try to rush this week but cancelled my NYC trip so guess I'll just wait for it to tour.

Editing Broadway/theater pages on Wikipedia
 Jun 11 2022, 11:37:45 PM

Yah, that's understandable that it could get discouraging if your work gets undone. There is a talk page for each article aside where you can open discussion up as to reason for edits aside from the one line you fill out when you make changes. I guess it's all the more reason to focus on the topics that aren't getting as much love so you can contribute more. There will probably be a ton of edits on the Tony winners tomorrow night.

Editing Broadway/theater pages on Wikipedia
 Jun 11 2022, 10:56:25 PM

I was just editing a page on Wikipedia and came across a message on Public Theatre's page saying the page needed editing because it read too much like an advertisement. I did some more searching and several of the plays I recently saw (Bedwetter, Islanders,Dreaming Zenzile, Birthday Candles) did not have an entry or were just stubs. People on these boards know so much so I would encourage you to take on editing a page to make information more readily available to the public. 

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