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Theater in Seattle
 Sep 30 2014, 01:30:36 PM
There is a lot of theatre in my hometown. From regional houses like Village Theatre, 5th Avenue and the Rep, to mid-range houses like Book-It and ArtsWest to a bunch of small fringe companies doing everything from classics to brand new experimental and site-specific works. October is also Arts Crush month, when free events abound (too bad you missed the fringe festival a couple of weeks ago.) So if you want to go beyond the Equity houses, your choices will be plentiful in October.

I wou

Book of Mormon Tour Replacements?
 Dec 28 2012, 03:01:24 AM
Dang. I see the show in two weeks in Seattle and was totally looking forward to seeing Gavin.
re: Any Doctor Who Fans? *Spoilers*
 May 1 2011, 05:21:10 AM
testing ... what happened to this thread?
Sad News & Prayers/Positive Thoughts for Robbie Maitner & Dave Gurland
 Jan 2 2011, 09:34:55 PM
My thoughts and prayers to RobbieJ and both of their families.
Chess in VA?
 Aug 9 2010, 03:16:02 PM
Oh dear ... I have to get to DC somehow. I *have* to.
re: Beautiful People
 Jun 29 2010, 11:01:44 AM
Anyone watching Season 2 on Logo? Season 1 was great, and Season 2 is topping it. The last episode had a cameo by none other than Elaine Paige playing herself.
iRicky Martin Regresa a Broadway!
 Jun 9 2010, 04:45:54 PM
Estoy seguro que Ricky tiene suficiente dinero para tener un@ niñer@ 24/7.
Avenue Q Character Dead @ 42
 May 28 2010, 03:38:45 PM
The show is in a place and time. I see no need to change the character because the inspiration for it has died.
Streisand to Direct Menzel in Broadway Funny Girl?
 May 28 2010, 01:38:06 PM
No idea if it's true or not, but that was my first thought when Idina sang from Funny Girl at the top of Glee on Tuesday.
Harvery Fierstein as Tevye?
 May 27 2010, 05:25:12 PM
Interesting. I saw it last night in Seattle - because of Harvey, so I was expecting to see Harvey. And that's what I got. I thought he was great, though the mugging was a bit much a few times. As far as the rest of the production, I was thoroughly disappointed.
re: The Daryl Eisenberg Twitter Thread
 Aug 13 2009, 05:52:36 PM
A sign of the times - people have lost touch with the "edit" button in their brain and feel that everything and anything is ok to put out there: on bww, facebook, twitter, a blog ...

I wonder if people would be more careful when posting here on bww if they weren't safely posting under an alias.

re: Victor/Victoria Stage Version on TV tonight
 Jun 18 2009, 02:23:12 PM
I guess I should revisit the dvd. It was given to me a few years ago and I was terribly bored.
re: Catch Me If You Can (Sneak Peek in Seattle)
 Jun 10 2009, 12:35:28 PM
I too have been reluctant about another movie-to-stage show, but last night's Spotlight sold the show. The songs we heard were excellent, their excitement about the show was genuine, the creative team is a dream team indeed, and the great cast. They did say Kerry Butler is in the show, but she was not at the Spotlight last night.

I only wish Norbert had done another song.

re: Sunday in the Park With George - London, New York, Now in Seattle
 Apr 23 2009, 04:29:02 PM
Wishing the folks at Sunday a great opening tonight! Looking forward to seeing it again next week.
re: A Chorus Line tour Chicago reviews...
 Apr 20 2009, 01:32:00 PM
this mostly young cast has a crucial quality that seemed to me mostly missing when I saw the original New York cast of Bob Avian?s 2006 Broadway revival on which this tour was based:

Something to prove.

I saw the tour in Seattle, and thought it was better than the Broadway show too, but couldn't put my finger why, and that is exactly why.

re: Sunday in the Park With George - London, New York, Now in Seattle
 Apr 20 2009, 02:33:22 AM
No tour. At least that's what all the publicity says.
Sunday in the Park With George - London, New York, Now in Seattle
 Apr 20 2009, 02:05:55 AM
I had the good fortune to be invited to the final piano only (though there was percussion) dress rehearsal. This is the same revival that played London and New York, but with a Seattle-centric cast, except for Hugh Panaro who plays George.

This production is simply astounding. Hugh Panaro is paired perfectly with Billie Wildrick, and the entire supporting cast is just as good. The projections blew my mind. I did not quite understand what people meant when they described them. I find it

re: Happy Opening next to normal!!
 Apr 15 2009, 12:11:27 PM
Sending Opening Night wishes from the Emerald City!
re: Too Buff for the Role?
 Apr 2 2009, 05:31:53 PM
Let me get this straight - in WSS you are able to suspend disbelief that gang members break into song and dance, A LOT of dance, but not they might have buff bodies?
My First Time - anyone see it?
 Mar 2 2009, 07:07:40 PM
Has anyone seen this show? Interested to hear what people think of it.
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