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re: Is this a good idea for me to do
 Jul 24 2008, 05:08:09 PM
If you do decide to go you might want to go to and sign up for their Fun Saver email. It gives you codes for half price tickets for certain performances, and Les Mis is currently on there.
re: Sunday in the Park with George far aisle seats good or bad??
 Jun 19 2008, 01:13:08 AM
I just got back from seeing the show this afternoon in mezz center CC. They were EXCELLENT seats. Grab the mezz!
re: Movin' Out--Good Night Saigon question
 Feb 3 2008, 09:43:01 PM
Thanks for the original thoughts were similar to yours salutz.....and at times she seemed almost to be an angel.....and I like the idea that she represents all the things he can't have......

As far as the tour.......I saw it this afternoon in Eastern PA.....that makes me think it's touring the East Coast right now...but I couldn't find any more information about the tour online, except that a second National tour started in January.

Movin' Out--Good Night Saigon question
 Feb 3 2008, 06:59:39 PM
I just saw the Second National tour company of Movin' Out this afternoon. I thought they did a fabulous job with this unique dance/theatre production.

I was just a little confused during Good Night Saigon. I know this is Eddie's memory/nightmare, but I didn't understand the girl in the short white dress/nightshirt. Who or what was she supposed to represent?

re: Duets for female child and middle-aged man?
 Jan 16 2008, 05:37:47 PM
"No Matter What" from "Beauty and the Beast" could work too. It's a song between Belle and her father.

I think there are arrangements of "Gary, Indiana" from "Music Man" that are written as duet also.

How about "I'd Do Anything" from "Oliver"? Just reverse, Dodger and Nancy's parts.....

re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread
 Dec 24 2007, 06:13:17 PM
Did you also notice that his name wasn't Danny O'Higgins.......I can't remember what it was right now...but it wasn't even close to other words...he wasn't meant to be Irish in this version, hence no Irish accent
re: Sweeney Film... why cut the songs?
 Dec 23 2007, 10:26:44 PM
Johanna has a brain? How can we know that or anything about her when she speaks less than 20 words of dialogue in the whole film...and only sings for about a minute? If anything, I found her more a desperate, pretty porcelain doll than she usually is in the stage production.
re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread
 Dec 23 2007, 10:10:48 PM
I just realized....we're discussing "God that's Good" and since they took away the choral parts, no one actually ever sings the lyrics "God that's Good!"

As I stated before, I missed the choral parts, however, cutting them goes right along with my theory of Sweeney and Lovett not being part of "the real world" in this film. They observe it quite often through the windows, but they aren't really in it. And we sure know their sense of morality and reason isn't the same as "the real w

re: BBC & Webber Search for 'Oliver!' in Next Audition TV Series
 Dec 22 2007, 03:10:17 PM
wow..what's caused the sudden resurgence in interest in the show? Along with this, there are 3 theatres in my area that are producing "Oliver!" as part of their seasons this year!
re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread
 Dec 22 2007, 03:08:18 PM
I just figured he was mad at her for wanting to leave and what he saw as sneaking around his back. I don't think he thought they'd actually had any physical contact yet (and goodness knows, the film didn't hint that they had! )

Another thing to think does having the inmates in the asylum kill Fogg rather than Johanna do it change her character? I really think Burton was trying to keep Anthony and Johanna completly innocent in this version, but to me the result is a completely boring and spineless Johanna.

re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread
 Dec 21 2007, 11:33:07 PM
Ooh..i'd forgotten the Italian Flag...that was great too!
re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread
 Dec 21 2007, 10:31:47 PM
What I liked:

-the singing was surprisingly good overall. A bit disappointed with "Green Finch" but then again, they were going for a very youthful sound, which I think was acheived.

-Tim Burton's use of windows to help separate all the characters from reality. Characters are constantly looking out at the real world, but are seldom part of it. Also...seeing both Sweeney and Joanna looking out the windows in the same basic pose......

-Toby was AMAZING! Loved having

re: School edition of SWEENEY TODD coming soon..
 Dec 13 2007, 11:38:33 PM
Many of these school editions also change the vocal keys to ones that are more singable for younger singers. Haveing sung the first soprano parts in the ensemble, I'm all for lowering it for high school kids. I really don't want to hear most high school girls attempt to sing high C and D sharps.......

I'd also imagine it would leave out the Judge's "Joanna"......

re: Family Guy Musical References
 Dec 13 2007, 11:34:20 PM
I just saw an episode last night that copied the piano lesson from The Music Man, only instead of Marion and Mrs. Paroo and Amaryllis, it was Brian and Lois and her piano student.
 Nov 14 2007, 08:58:37 AM
"It's so weird seeing an actual 18-20 y/o as Anthony and not a 30something y/o, refreshing, but it's going to take some time getting used to.."

I was just in a production of 'Sweeney" and our Anthony was about 19 and our Joanna was 17. (And I have to say they did a fabulous job!) It really helped to create the sense of two generations of a family being ruined by the Judge.....not to mention increased the creepiness of the Judge's feelings for Joanna.

That said...this Ant

re: Cinderella
 Oct 31 2007, 11:44:22 PM
We laughed at the one review of our show that remarked how we "climbed into the pumpkin and sat on the benches inside "...when in fact we were kneeling very uncomfortably on the steps behind the page of the book! Guess we looked convincing though!
re: Cinderella
 Oct 31 2007, 11:34:28 PM
Our tranformation was pretty low tech, but it worked.....

You have to understand that our set was basically a big "coloring book", so once the tranformation started, I did some "magical wand waving", the lights went a bit darker, or to spots, and the page of the book changed from the inside of Cinderella's house to the pumpkin carriage. Then, a footman appeared with a cloak and tiara for she didn't actually change into her dress on stage. He also brought out the slipp

re: Cinderella
 Oct 31 2007, 11:24:59 PM
Yes, it's written as 3 acts. We simply combined act 2 and 3, since they're so short and seemed to exist only for a set change....or commercial break.
re: Cinderella!
 Oct 31 2007, 11:20:40 PM

Just wait until you start to actually run....the show flies by!

Of course, I spent a good amount of it sitting in the dressing room. I played the Fairy Godmother and after doing a little bit to open the show, didn't come back on until the end of Act 1. Then opened Act 2 and didn't show up again until after the ball.

It's a fun show and audiences really seem to like it!

re: Cinderella
 Oct 31 2007, 11:09:48 PM
I just did this show this summer. The version we had was pretty close to the 1957 version...the ending is slightly different in the way the prince discovers who Cinderella really is, and it includes the songs "Your Majesties" and "Boys and Girls Like You and Me" (which I'm not sure were in the 1957 TV production). However, I don't know if there are rights available for more than one version.

The show itself is fun. It's not too deep, but it's an enjoyable show. And it's perfect f

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