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HARMONY previews
 Oct 22 2023, 01:27:47 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "What do others think of the all-mirrors set design?? I have a feeling this one might be divisive......It didn't work for me at all, with exception of highlighting Jules & Peggy's (excellent) lighting at certain moments."

The black mirrors worked a lot of the time for me--the train scene, the marionettes that you mention, and certainly that stunning finale with its coup de theatre moment. Other times, less so--in the opening

HARMONY previews
 Oct 21 2023, 06:00:39 PM

pair-o-dice said: "What an exceptional first preview. It feels like a classic you already know but you're still on the edge of your seat through all of act two. There's just a timelessness to the style. Its classy and elegant, its big, brassy and fun when it needs to be and subtle and poignant in all the right spots. The music, staging, book, costuming, and performances were all wonderful. Everyone gets a moment to shine and each one delivers. The big power ballad in act one

SUFFS is coming to Broadway
 Oct 18 2023, 10:59:32 AM

pethian said: "I'm putting my two cents on The Music Box."

Post #56 on 9/15. Now, if I could only pick lottery numbers.

SHUCKED will close January 14, 2024; TOMMY rumored for the Nederlander
 Oct 13 2023, 11:03:43 AM

ACL2006 said: "This now leaves just & Juliet, Kimberly Akimbo and A Beautiful Noise as the only remaining new musicals left from the 2022-23 season(unless one of them announce a closing date soon)."

Wow. You're right, of course, but I hadn't realized this.

New Musical HELL'S KITCHEN, Based on the Life of Alicia Keys, to Premiere This Year
 Oct 8 2023, 03:15:56 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Alicia Keys' name & songbook is probably more meaningful than any Best Score nomination (an award category that does not move the needle in any substantial way)."


But wouldn't you think SHE would want the Tony for score? I'm surprised by there only being 4 new songs.


I'm obsessed with Entertainment Weekly script pages
 Oct 8 2023, 03:12:00 PM

Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it and very happy that I've seen it. Fascinating.

Biggest Tony Award Snubs Ever
 Oct 8 2023, 03:07:59 PM

Stephen Sondheim not being nominated for music or lyrics for A FUNNY THING.

The Shubert Theater already has a new tenant lined up
 Sep 30 2023, 09:20:10 AM

Jarethan said: " I have concluded that Hell's Kitchen, with an original score by Alicia Keys, is the show in question.Here's hoping it gets great reviews at the Public; and that, if it does, AK gets excited enough to do further works. God knows we need more theatre composers."

The info we have about it so far states it is not entirely an original score but a hybrid of Keys' catalogue and new songs.


Purlie Victorious or The Cottage
 Sep 24 2023, 09:53:52 PM

I agree with those who vote for Purlie  a landslide.

Smash The Musical:
 Sep 22 2023, 08:17:46 PM

I'm told they did a presentation today at Open Jar. Did anybody hear anything about it?

 Sep 18 2023, 09:18:24 PM

KevinKlawitter said: "Now it's 12 - The Heart of Rock & Roll is opening this season "

Actually it's 13. The OP was referring to new shows with original scores so did not include Once Upon A One More Time, a jukebox show. So the 11 shows with original scores plus the two jukebox shows makes 13 new musicals this far.

 Sep 16 2023, 09:57:52 AM

It IS impressive how there is, to date, but one jukebox show and it has already closed. Have we turned a corner?

SUFFS is coming to Broadway
 Sep 15 2023, 10:13:25 PM

I'm putting my two cents on The Music Box.

HARMONY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Sep 12 2023, 08:23:32 AM

Dreamer said: "I have a feeling that the song wasn't cut but that it was left off the cast recording to keep the element of surprise."

I agree that it probably was not cut from the show but merely not recorded for the cast album, and for the reason you cite. Smart.

 Sep 12 2023, 08:19:55 AM

Well, if this first week of the new schedule is indicative, this could be a masterful, paradigm-changing  move by Davenport. Regardless, good for ABN.

HARMONY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Sep 10 2023, 09:35:27 PM

BW review of the cast recording.

HARMONY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Sep 1 2023, 04:32:51 PM

 I had ordered the CD which drops in November, I believe, but caved in went for a download.

And boy am I glad I did. I'm liking this a lot. I think the singing across the board is splendid. I do agree with Elisabeth Vincentelli about Chip Zien's 11 o'clocker--both on stage and on this recording. It's gut-wrenching. And really glad to have my memory jogged about the dipped-in-acid satire of "Come To The Fatherland" and that fabulous section containing,

2023-2024 Broadway Season
 Sep 1 2023, 04:20:59 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Days of Wine and Roses - Studio 54

Lempicka - Longacre

Sing Street - Lyceum

Water for Elephants - Shubert

The Who's Tommy - Imperial

The Wiz - Majestic

Crazy for You - Vivian Beaumont

Are these predictions or based on sources?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/27/23
 Aug 29 2023, 01:22:56 PM

gibsons2 said: "El Mago Pop seems like some sort of a money laundering operation, I swear... "

Hilsrious! Thank you!


Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/27/23
 Aug 29 2023, 01:14:01 PM

InTheBathroom1 said: "I know it’s 13 performances, but those El Mago Pop numbers are still insane. Crazy average ticket price."

By my math that's $1.67 million for 8 performances. A house record I assume at the Barrymore.

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