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& JULIET Replacement Casting
 May 15 2024, 10:30:21 AM

Good for her!  She was my Juliet when I saw the show and she was great.

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 14 2024, 01:57:30 PM

Didn’t Brandon Uranowitz do Ragtime as a kid when it was out-of-town in Toronto?  Because that’s quite the full-circle journey.

Love, love, love this lineup.

STEREOPHONIC Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 May 12 2024, 12:05:39 PM

It does!  I've been looping the album all "sunday moooornin'" and have been for the past few days.  While Drive and Bright (Take 22) are probably my favorite tracks, this morning I keep looping the part of Masquerade before "I'll see you when I get there" to chase the high of hearing that part live.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 May 12 2024, 01:39:10 AM

I didn't feel that compelled to see this, but the decent reviews and best musical nomination made me reconsider.  I went tonight and I kind of enjoyed this?  I was pleasantly surprised that I found quite a bit to like.  Jessica Stone gives us some neat staging and if anything, I appreciate that this shows off more of what she can do.  Her direction certainly papers over the weaker elements and adds interest, and I thought she did well, overall,

Gun & Powder at Paper Mill
 May 5 2024, 02:36:19 AM

I finally went last night and found a lot to like here: a genuinely wonderful and varied score, vocals in spades, a standout performance from Ciara Renée, and a rich premise that centers the stories of two complex Black women and their experiences navigating their race, identities, and family dynamics.  I think the show does need work and I want to post more detailed thoughts on here later in case it has a future life, but its issues largely seem solvable.

(Insert Name or Show) Was Robbed!
 May 1 2024, 11:57:02 AM

Sytwix said: "Besides Chip Zien, I thought Brent Comer (Darrel) in The Outsiders was a standout and deserved a Tony nomination."

If I had to pick two featured Outsiders performances to get nods, I’d have chosen Boone and Comer.  Very happy for Sky Lakota-Lynch, of course, but would’ve been nice to see the nominators’ Outsiders acting love spread to Comer.

 May 1 2024, 12:11:59 AM

Your nomination day serotonin boost, brought to you by cast member Corey Mach's Instagram: video of the cast getting a ton of love and celebrating a bit during "It's a Hit!"

(Insert Name or Show) Was Robbed!
 Apr 30 2024, 10:27:54 PM

Agreed that it's disappointing Francis Benhamou didn't make the cut. That's one of the omissions I'm most bummed about. A few others I'm more sad than mad about, as they were probably on the bubble to begin with: Natalie Gold for Appropriate, Soutra Gilmour for her Merrily costumes, and DAWOR for orchestrations.

Your Single Favorite 2024 Tony Nomination
 Apr 30 2024, 08:10:43 PM

Maria Friedman, not that there was any doubt she'd get nominated.  I have such vivid memories of seeing her Huntington production back in 2017 and thinking it was a shame a production that good wasn't playing in New York.  She took a "shambles" that lasted on Broadway for 16 regular performances and made it sublime.  Took a minute to get here, but we finally got her magnificent production.  So much of Merrily's redemption arc is a resul

(Insert Name or Show) Was Robbed!
 Apr 30 2024, 09:23:41 AM

Very concerned about the lack of Illinoise love. Not even Ubeda in featured when there were 6 nominees?  And instead of Ubeda and Cook we get Roger Bart?  And I wish Illinoise got in for sound and book...  I've been listening to the album a bunch this past week and I am so impressed with how they crafted a story out of that.

Best Musical Theatre Podcast?
 Apr 28 2024, 11:21:10 AM

Count me as another vote for Broadway Breakdown!

I recently discovered and highly recommend Broadway Bound: The Musicals that Never Came to Broadway.  It's also hosted by Rob Schneider, and it dives into shows that closed out of town.  He analyzes what doomed each show, what the bright spots were, and what went wrong behind the scenes.  The first season, which recently wrapped, was about musicals based on movies (which are sometimes based on books)

 Apr 25 2024, 11:30:03 PM

By the way, in addition to the normal window cards, they also sell limited quantities of five other window cards at the theatre.  I'm not sure if they sell all five at once or cycle them from day to day.  Thought it's a nifty idea that makes it feel like more of an event, and I was certainly tempted.  Someone posted a photo of them on Reddit here:

Side note: I'd kill for Stereophonic to have band posters like this.

Buena Vista Social Club at Atlantic Theater Company
 Apr 25 2024, 11:15:27 AM

It’ll be interesting to see if this can catch on.  It succeeds as a concert but falters as a book musical.  I can see this building word of mouth on the strength of the concert aspect, since it’s got a lot of crowd-pleasing and beautiful songs and the band and dancers sell it.  They’ll need to work on the book or at least get it to a point where it’s a neutral.

Hopefully they get a smaller house for this. Part of

 Apr 25 2024, 12:34:53 AM

That was some spellbinding storytelling!  I loved this tonight.  Especially the second and third "acts" which settle into one particular, affecting narrative, as opposed to the first "act" which is more individual stories - those numbers are enjoyable, but the show really came alive for me once we got to Henry's story.  It's exquisitely choreographed and directed, the vocals and orchestrations sound fantastic, and the dancers perform i

THE GREAT GATSBY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Apr 24 2024, 01:17:49 PM

Roaring On is such an earworm and has gotten stuck in my head countless times since I saw this at the Paper Mill.  Glad I’ll finally get to rock out to that one without having to look up the rehearsal footage they released on YouTube, as I’ve been doing!

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24
 Apr 24 2024, 11:41:16 AM

For anyone curious about rush, TodayTix shows rush locations for this before you purchase.  This morning it showed me partial view orchestra, pretty close, and full view rear mezz on the side.

I poked around some future dates on SeatGeek and saw that the two furthest to the side seats in the front half of the orchestra were never available.  I guess those are reserved for rush and/or lotto.

THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Apr 23 2024, 11:42:30 PM

I went over the weekend and enjoyed this!

Between The Outsiders and Jonah, this season has really made me a fan of Danya Taymor's. She gives us some memorable and inventive staging here while drawing thoughtful performances out of the cast. The rumble choreography is a knockout, and I loved the sound and lighting.

The cast has great chemistry together and it feels like they're very settled into their characters.

2024 Drama League Award nominations announced
 Apr 22 2024, 12:06:32 PM

I know these are usually odd, but interesting that Maleah Joi Moon didn’t get a nod.

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Apr 21 2024, 10:36:21 PM

Dang, I finally pulled the trigger on tickets because I was worried that if I waited any longer and they got raves tonight, they'd get bold and jack up the prices even more... Don't tell my wallet about these reviews, bitte.

STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Apr 20 2024, 12:50:59 AM
It's raining pull quotes! Hallelujah!
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