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Leona Lewis OFFICIALLY cast as Grizabella
 Aug 30 2016, 11:12:16 PM

^ well said! 

Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street
 Aug 24 2016, 12:33:46 PM

Alice Ripley, PLEASE!! 

1Ticket for sale - Sunday in the Park 10/24
 Aug 24 2016, 08:45:27 AM

Bump.  Please see original message above. 

North Shore Music Theater - Filming?
 Aug 23 2016, 08:08:42 PM

I have noticed on several "sites" that there are various clips of musical numbers from North Shore productions. Obviously not just preview clips but from full shows. Does North Shore film their productions for archival purposes or have they ever broadcasted as similar to Paper Mill (Follies, Crazy For You...)?

Just curious.


Marni Nixon Dies at 86
 Jul 25 2016, 09:02:50 AM

Three cheers for Marni!!

God Bless.

1Ticket for sale - Sunday in the Park 10/24
 Jul 22 2016, 05:21:02 PM

One Ticket for the first night - Gala performance of Sunday in the Park at City Centers on 10/24 6pm.

Mezz Right, M-8. 6pm curtain. 

Tickwt price of $125 but asking $100. Please private message me. 





City Center Presale Code
 Jul 20 2016, 12:18:14 PM

Snagged my ticket for Tuesday row E in the mezzanine. Very happy that they didn't raise the price over what was originally for the first evening. 


Very smooth process.

City Center Presale Code
 Jul 20 2016, 11:06:34 AM

Just FYI for anyone seeking to purchase remaining tickets today; the count-down page is already up waiting to assign everyone in the waiting room. I suggest you open the page up.

The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?
 Jul 5 2016, 03:53:11 PM

I saw the original production that The Golden. It was very intense. Granted, a lot of the humor and innuendos that make it witty -- did go over my head at the time because I was younger. 

The matter at hand was, I thought, presented very seriously leading up to the end events.

That's saying the least, I don't have time to et into a more descriptive explanation. 

Ironically, I did the show not too long ago, great experience. 


Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park
 May 25 2016, 12:33:45 PM

gypsy101 said: "Damn it all to hell. I got on when there was a total of 3 seats left, each one disappeared by the time I clicked on it. Very sad.

The thing was, I was randomly assigned #39 in line...and then had an unexpected guest at the door. Wah wah.


Im SO SORRY to hear that! I thought being the 739th person in line was going to screw my chances. I hope they add a second night and you get in! 


Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park
 May 25 2016, 12:31:02 PM

It's 12:28pm and I just finished my purchase after having 738 in front of me since 12pm. There were about 6 seats left in the mezzanine, row M when I was allowed through. 

I attempted twice as a message popped up stating that the seat I clicked on was no loner available! My third time I was able to purchase a ticket in the same row! 


They were literally dissappearing in front of me.

That was stressful. Lol

Glenn Close in SUNSET BLVD.
 May 19 2016, 08:28:51 AM

Is there still a possibility of the ENO production transferring? Any new speculation? 

Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann's
 May 6 2016, 02:10:21 PM

Thank you for that detailed information! I would have enjoyed the talk back! 

With that said, 

 I caught this production last night -- It was captivating from start to finish. Gillian Anderson was sublime along with the rest of the company. Everyone stood out including the ensemble players. All of whom added to every element. It took me several minutes to warm up to Vanessa Kirby but I came to connect her energy/demeanor to that of Stella. Kirby is a fine act

Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann's
 May 5 2016, 10:24:54 AM

If/when they sign after the show, do they bring out their own pen or should I bring one?

Finding Neverland Magic
 May 4 2016, 07:46:26 PM

I cannot answer to the effect in front of the curtain at the beginning, however, the device in their hands looked to be a small light bulb being switched on by the press of a finger -- a switch or small button.



Box Seats for LONG DAY'S
 May 4 2016, 07:46:06 AM

When I saw the show several weeks ago, I could see that the patrons in Box left were leaning over several times.

With the staging the way it is, there is not much to be missed on the stairs or any major obstructions, as others have said. I do wonder though, how I would feel if I had to crane my neck over every now and then. The patrons did not look to comfortable.

Something Rotten or An Act of God
 May 3 2016, 03:05:45 PM

Something Rotten. 


The humor is delightful and often "Schtick" but far from dumb. 

rear side orchestra vs balcony for Something Rotten
 Apr 25 2016, 11:21:47 AM

The balcony is a full view of the stage and certainly a wonderful perspective on the choreography, costuming, and lighting design. 


With th that said, I would go with the orchestra side, if need be.  The cast members are positioned across the stage throughout however you will not miss much for too long.

 Apr 22 2016, 12:59:15 PM

Her back is turned several times for several moments but she does shift. It's nothing too terrible and also keep in mind there are the other actors to look at while they are in the scene.

 Apr 22 2016, 07:32:43 AM

I saw this production last evening on a last minute whim. Around quarter to two I was able to purchase a rush seat, Mezz left, row F just five seats from the aisle, almost center. Great view. 

All I can say is that it's a beautiful production with stellar performances. The hours flew by.

Go see it!!


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