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Bill and Hillary Clinton at TORCH SONG Tonight  Nov 25 2018, 01:33:34 AM
So is that going to sell more tickets? One can only hope.
Patti LuPone The Rink  Jun 25 2018, 05:14:17 PM

Caroline is an amazingly versatile talent and having a very busy year.

She will soon be playing one of many Fanny Brices' in a 3 night concert version at the Sydney Opera House and then Judy Garland in The Boy from Oz for The Production Company in Melbourne in August.


Is it worth to travel from Brisbane AU to NYC just to see Cursed Child  Jun 21 2018, 06:21:13 AM

I'm arguing with myself here. I lived for 25 wonderful years in Melbourne, loving the season changes[and the clothes that brought] the abundant theatre life, the architecture, the trams, the bogs, everything.

Now I live in Brisbane and this wonderful city on the river is emerging from a quiet country style city to a thriving metropolis that has now just announced another major theatre is to be built---what's NOT to like; and when the jacarandas are in full purple bloom-breathta

heeeellllllll yeah  Jun 21 2018, 03:01:38 AM

I have 'show girl legs' for a male so can carry off a pair of shorts reasonably well but would only wear them to a matinee with a slim tailored long sleeve shirt.

Casual slacks/jeans and a light jacket or blazer for evening performances always, and an open necked shirt.

Fcvk the weather, I want to look/feel good.

Is it worth to travel from Brisbane AU to NYC just to see Cursed Child  Jun 21 2018, 02:54:02 AM

Sightlines at The Princess Theatre Melbourne are very good but there are posts supporting the dress circle--one either side I think in the back stalls.

The seats on the other hand are THE WORST. Flip down to sit, stand and they flip back and anything you have on your seat falls to the floor. Absolutely NO leg room, you MUST stand to let a person pass; no delicate knees to one side.

An absolute fortune is being spent on the stage but nothing on the auditorium.

It's a b

Michael Jackson Musical Coming to Broadway in 2020  Jun 21 2018, 02:38:11 AM

RJ14 said: "Damn. Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, and Cher. Britney's in the work too. Who else"

I think Kylie is in there somewhere as well.  Someone else might have mention this later on but couldn't be bothered reading through to find out---I stopped here.

Is it worth to travel from Brisbane AU to NYC just to see Cursed Child  Jun 20 2018, 05:43:11 PM

Impossible2 said: "gallerygirl said: "See it in Melbourne. It will be the identical production by the same production team and you'll save a bundle."

Yes, but then he'd have to go to Melbourne...

You said that because..?   Melbourne being the cultural 'centre' of Australia, IMHO.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Subsequent US Productions  Jun 18 2018, 04:49:26 PM

I believe that The Princess Theatre in Melbourne has been book for a 5 year run--don't know anything more than that.


Is there any way to shut down that screeching annoying woman from BWW?

The mute button works.

Straight men playing gay men  Jun 9 2018, 11:36:55 PM

God, I must have won the Gay trifecta--gay face, gay voice and dance like a gay. What's the prize?

73 years of absolute joyous living.

PS..I was supposed to SMOKE in a play and be serious [be serious!] and actually TALK with the thing hanging off my lip ! Smoke in my eyes, up my nose, spluttering, not pretty, and certainly NOT butch though I tried. But you should have seen the way I put that cigarette out--applause every performance.

A Star Is Born  Jun 6 2018, 05:33:00 PM

Well that was hideous---one to miss---country and western with the usual twist[and lyrics].

Judging a whole movie by it's trailer? Yes.

Partying with the stars of 'The Boys in the Band' on their opening night  Jun 1 2018, 04:35:04 PM

He wasn't even invited, just there because of a spare ticket.


If Patti Lupone's Memoir Came Out Again..  May 27 2018, 07:11:20 PM

Soaring29 said:

Oh, tell me what you know so far!

Seems like you are just a gatherer of gossip.



What shows have you walked out on?  May 24 2018, 05:24:47 PM

Too many to remember, AND am a pensioner--definitely NOT a trust fund baby.

Try to hang on till interval though, just to be polite, but always have an end seat, in case.

Inappropriate audience laughter  May 19 2018, 04:35:21 AM

I took a lady friend to a very well know modern ballet company touring Australia--the curtain went up, dancers appeared,and danced---no music.

I turned to my friend and said, 'I think I have just gone deaf'.

We were like 2 giggling school girls and just couldn't stop, even when the music started and I said 'it's come back'.

Truely, we had to leave and to this day, 20 years later, if I ever uttter those words we start giggling again.

Marilyn!- the Musical in Las Vegas  May 16 2018, 02:06:23 AM

Personally, I HATE all those Marilyn songs, they are just so dated and always done the same way.

The LESS one knows about icons is best. Let this person RIP and go watch her movies.

What's wrong with Broadway?  May 14 2018, 04:26:32 PM

Mister Matt---how could you possibly compile and have all that information at your fingertips?

I say that in awe of your devotion and love to all things theatre.

Thank you for helping me remember a lot of those forgotten shows and times long ago.

Jim Parsons tripped onstage today  May 14 2018, 02:05:52 AM

My 2 bits worth. This is a play with 8 actors[don't know,guessing] and the understudies are not part of the onstage cast.

When either reading around a table, rehearsing in a room or finally in the theatre, why aren't the understudies not always included?

Surely as they are professionals[there's that dreaded word again] they should be able, having learnt the script, be able to watch and learn the blocking from a distance.

I would think it be essential to be par

What's wrong with Broadway?  May 10 2018, 03:40:13 PM

It's like waiting for another Mozart--it ain't gonna happen.

Open your ears to today and beyond and be thankful for what went before.

Sierra Boggess to play Maria in West Side Story in London  Apr 28 2018, 01:36:08 PM

Dave28282 what you said was very interesting[and very well put]. I am Australian and watch a lot of DVD TV series.

Without understand[until I read your post] that there seemed to be in almost all that I watched an unproportionate number of black actors entering as new characters, and to a lesser degree, Asian.

Really hadn't given the situation much thought other than to think that the ratio of black to white was tipping the scales to the black side of casting.

The Bos

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