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Girl From the North Country Broadway Reviews
 Mar 9 2020, 07:55:44 PM

My friend in the show told me that they plan to record once it opens. I can't wait!

Girl From the North Country Broadway Reviews
 Mar 6 2020, 08:03:19 AM

I was completely drawn into it and want to see it again - soon! With all these deserved raves it might be hard to get the tickets I want.

American Utopia on Broadway
 Mar 1 2020, 07:35:53 PM

I agree. The impact is much greater on the broadway stage. I think there were more musicians because the music sounded a little weaker on snl. In the theater, that music gets into your whole body and you can't stop moving around to the beat. Byrne requested that the audience stand and dance during one of the numbers. I didn't stop moving around all night. I'd see that show several more times.

Girl From The North Country - Broadway Previews
 Feb 26 2020, 05:06:16 PM

"....And why don’t any of them have midwestern Minnesota accents?"

I would imagine because they aren't specifically from Minnesota. I think they were travelers.

Girl From The North Country - Broadway Previews
 Feb 23 2020, 04:43:47 PM

bway phreak, I'm with you. I loved this show and would see it again in a second. That I have a friend in it has nothing to do with my opinion. First of all, the show created an atmosphere, a mood, which drew me into it from the beginning. My criteria for good art is that I'm drawn into it, away from the real world. I felt part of the group of characters on stage. The casual way everyone seemed at home there was beautiful. Mare Winningham!! Who knew she could sing like that? She was a

Favorite Flops
 Jun 1 2017, 09:13:18 AM

Someone in a tree, no problem! I used to be annoyed with all those initials, as I am not such an "insider" as far as titles go. I wasn't trying to be an insider with DOTV, I just figured that one was so over used back then, that it would be obvious. I won't be using initials again, that's for sure! thanks for apologizing.

Favorite Flops
 May 30 2017, 10:08:24 PM


Was writing out all the letters just too much trouble?"

No, it's not too much trouble. Dance of the Vampires.

Forgive me for using the letters for the first time in my life, after reading only letters on this site for thirteen years. I decided to give it a try. 

Favorite Flops
 May 30 2017, 06:30:44 PM

Tattoo and DOTV

Overrated Musicals Of The Last Ten Years
 May 27 2017, 10:07:42 AM

^ For me, overrated means not as good as it's hyped up to be. In general. I'm not expecting specific reasons why.

Rialto Chatter: Nathan Lane-Led ANGELS IN AMERICA Heading to Broadway?
 May 26 2017, 01:47:23 PM

Wherever it goes, this is one version I won't miss. I've seen the original on Broadway, seen Michael Urie and Adam Driver at the Signature, and of course, the exceptional HBO film  However, Lane and Andrew Garfield,  two of my favorites, promises to be right up there with the ones I've already seen. Can't wait!

ABC hops onboard: Network will present 3-hour DIRTY DANCING event; Abigail Breslin to star
 May 24 2017, 09:39:21 PM

I was only able to tolerate 14 minutes until I switched to the mets game. Mostly sucked because they couldn't get a lead guy who could dance or who had an ounce of charisma.

Late Arrivers
 May 23 2017, 04:31:51 PM

Just want to add that the house manager/staff do not establish the rules for late seating. It is done by the production. When each new show comes into a theater, the house manager and ushers are told by the production exactly when to seat latecomers. I know that some ushers don't follow their instructions, but generally, they are following orders.

The manager and ushers are the ones who get the complaints, though!

 May 19 2017, 10:06:32 AM

It has B roll from off broadway.

 May 19 2017, 10:06:32 AM

It has B roll from off broadway.

BE SAFE ALERT: Vehicle Rams into Pedestrians in Times Square
 May 18 2017, 04:03:01 PM

"Yes, I think witnessing a large number of people being hit by a car and 1 killed would shake one up. I know I would be quite shaken."

Yes, I'm sure you would.

BE SAFE ALERT: Vehicle Rams into Pedestrians in Times Square
 May 18 2017, 02:55:23 PM

" I just bought the seat next to him so he doesn't have to go back to the area alone tonight. "

What would be a problem with going to that area alone tonight? Or, going to that area at all?

Humans of New York - Broadway post
 May 16 2017, 02:49:36 PM

"It's an extremely well known and highly regarded photojournalism blog, featured prominently on Facebook. The photographer released a coffee table book at the end of last year. There's always the chance that his subjects are lying, but, if that is the case, it would fall squarely on the subject and not the website. But I have faith in his work with his subjects."

He photographed me for the website several years ago. It wasn't for any serious situation, i

Mom & Autistic child kicked out of Chicago Aladdin
 May 14 2017, 08:41:46 PM

^ true, I'd go as far as to say that would usually be the case.

Mom & Autistic child kicked out of Chicago Aladdin
 May 14 2017, 04:54:27 PM

"The rights of any individual only go so far.  Once they infringe upon the rights of another, they cease to exist."

Hmm but who decides if your rights have been infringed upon? 

Ever miss a show so much it makes you sad?
 May 14 2017, 11:05:16 AM

"Missing a performance so much that it literally makes you sad/upset is not normal. "

Says the self appointed board monitor. Jumping into threads specifically to admonish and correct someone is probably normal for someone like you.

Having said that, I was sad when Hedwig closed. Being part of that family was a meaningful time in my life.

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