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MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 12 2024, 09:50:18 AM

Listening to the soundtrack did they suck the life out of the broadway orchestrations. 

I am surprised how dull the songs sound and even Renee seems bored one the recording.

Angourie Rice has no voice at all. Has she ever sung before ? I am shocked at how weak her vocals are. 

Just very dissapointed,  I was so looking for this  :(

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 11 2024, 09:39:17 AM

A. You said you never saw the stage show so that speaks for itself. lol. 

B. I’m assuming this movie is way out of your age range, and that’s okay. Retire with dignity. Let us Gen Z enjoy it without your ugly, outdated critiques that mean nothing. 

I am 67 and I loved the musical and thought Renee on Broadway was a revelation. To assume a retired person like myself cannot enjoy or "get" this because I

FUNNY GIRL National Tour - Katerina McCrimmon as Fanny!
 Sep 16 2023, 09:46:01 AM

I saw Lea and was blown away but her entire performance. I have seen bootlegs of both Julie and Beanie and can tell you that I thought Julie was good and Beanie could not sing. But Kat is singing the sh-t out of this. Unreal finally someone else who can blow the roof off the theatre the way Lea did. Julie was good but she didn't blow me away vocally...Kat does that and her vibrato at the end of DROMP is killer.....finally another person who can really sing this as good as it needs to be.

 Sep 14 2023, 09:49:25 AM

Has anyone seen the tour and has anyone any reviews!! She sounds great just wanted opinions

Charlotte d'Amboise
 Aug 22 2023, 08:53:51 AM

I now people keep saying her Music in the Mirror was not great but do you really think Donna Mckecknie has a great voice?? no it is pleasant and on key....Bebe Newirth played Cassie also and she can't sing but stays on key which is what matters actually for that part, Cassie is a dancer a dancer DANCES lol

Charlotte d'Amboise
 Aug 21 2023, 08:43:23 AM

I have seen Chicago 8x with 8 different Roxies and finally last month I was able to be in NYC when Charlotte was on. I have always wanted to see her in this and funny timing was always off. I can honestly say she was the best Roxy I have seen , funny , cute and in fine voice. The people I was with never heard of her and were thrilled by her .  I don't recall Gwen Verdon or Ann Reinking having great voices but they had fine careers due to the presentation and interpretation of the son

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Jul 25 2023, 09:11:54 AM

So she went to the beach...what does laying in the sun have to do with her voice not being good enough to sing. I think that if the Funny Girl team didn't announce it every time she was under the weather , then there would be no controversy , but they think that it helps get people prepared for either refunding or just going to see Julie and that really is kind of a good thing. Would I have been disappointed happened to me with Song and Dance ,.Bernadette was out and I just got

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Jul 12 2023, 10:17:58 AM

I took my opinion down as I was accused of sounding antisemitic...I do not ever ever want to come across as being antisemitic because I don't agree with the need for a jewish person to play a jewish person. Having grown up in a predominantly Jewish city outside of Boston I am well aware that it is not just a religion but a ethnicity. I hate to think what I said would be taken as such. I just meant that this is an actor playing a part and all actors should be considered regardless. I may h

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Jun 20 2023, 08:37:36 AM

Finally finally finally got the chance to see Charlotte D'Ambois last Saturday night , after 20 something years of seeing this show 8x and many very good Roxies...Charlotte is the queen, she was original yet stuck to the structure of Fosse , her spins during Roxie were just amazing. I can see why after all this time she is the standard and the go-to person when they need a Roxie fill in. Her interaction with the audience was hysterical. I have seen her in CATS and Song and Dance and she a

TKTS. Lea Michele as Fanny TKTS
 Jun 5 2023, 08:04:08 AM

I paid 500.00 per ticket for Feb 4th performance and have not regretted it one bit. Lea and cast were so good I felt that I was watching a performance that will affect me always.  It was magical and beyond spectacular. If I had the time I would see it again and again and pay whatever I could to do so. I have have seen hundreds of Broadway performances some of them exceptional  , some of them blah but this is in the top 2/3 in my theater going experiences. If you can afford it think

Ball to star in ALW’s new reimagined ASPECTS OF LOVE
 May 29 2023, 01:31:12 PM


"Ann Crumb and Jennifer Hope Wills should give this girl playing Rose Vibert a few acting and singing lessons"


Ann Crumb cannot help her as she unfortunately passed away

TKTS. Lea Michele as Fanny TKTS
 May 26 2023, 08:23:17 AM

Yes her voice is a broadway voice..a really good broadway voice.Is she Lea no but she has a great sound and a pretty voice. I think the only thing Julie has on her is that she looks very similar to Fanny (to me) and she has comic looks in her that you can't fake. I like Ephie a lot, I would love to see her, she just sounds very different than the other two powerhouses


Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl- Vinyl
 May 19 2023, 08:51:50 AM

Does anyone have anything showing Ephie singing in character? I like her voice ...sounds good but without seeing a performance of something it is hard to judge. 

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Apr 30 2023, 07:19:36 PM

I loved Lea so much , She owns this 100%. Enough has been said about Beanie , Julie to me sings the role well but I find her a little to hammy for my taste...and she always seemed to be looking at the audience when she made a "funny" comment or face and even on the "shall not be mentioned bootleg" I found her hammy.... I found her basically a good performer but not a star but a million and one times better than Beanie was, 

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl - CLOSING DATE ANNOUNCED
 Mar 18 2023, 04:19:23 PM

I saw this with Lea and can honestly say I did not for one second think of Barbra as I was watching it. I am not a Glee fan so I do not have the history of Lea/Rachel thing going in. She was fantastic and blew the roof off the theater. A truly great performance. I have seen Julie. on line and she is good but she seems to talk a lot during some of the songs using a ny accent that sounds strained to my ear. I like her but she is the Stand by for a reason, she seems to be lacking the "star&

FUNNY GIRL 2022 New Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Feb 6 2023, 11:07:38 AM

Saw Lea on Saturday night, astonishing!! She was magnificent , one of the best performances I have seen in 40 years of seeing musicals and I have seen all the best! I now count her in the same category as the best .. all I can say is Barbra who lol !! Amazing.  The cd is great 

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Feb 6 2023, 09:54:23 AM

Saw Lea on Saturday night, astonishing!! She was magnificent , one of the best performances I have seen in 40 years of seeing musicals and I have seen all the best! I now count her in the same category as the best .. all I can say is Barbra who lol !! Amazing 

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Jan 5 2023, 09:17:23 AM

And she has been getting kudos by way of rave reviews, breaking the theater Box office record...what do you expect her to get? An award?


My point was that Reba was not entering a sinking ship and having to turn it around to keep people employed. Not that Lea was not getting the praise she deserved. I guess you missed my point. But if you need to argue ,,,I an here for you love

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Jan 4 2023, 08:24:12 AM

When Reba took over Bernadette had won a Tony and the show ran for about a year with her. It was not a mess like Funny Girl was. Reba was fantastic but Funny Girl was basically about to close because the "star" was miscast and the show was not sustaining. and it was only 6 months into the run. I think Lea deserves all the kudos for saving this show with her performance. It was quite a different  circumstance than Rebas! I saw Reba btw and it was one of my favorite Broadway memo

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Dec 30 2022, 08:11:33 AM

I watched the movie for the first time in years and was surprised how much I didn't enjoy most of it. It was always up there as one of my favorite films and I love Barbra every time she opens her mouth. I found the movie kind of dull/. orchestrations sounded too Hollywood..the OBC album is full of life and crazy good and sounds so much better than the movie cast album to me. I was amazed how whiney she was. and kind of pathetic, something I never noticed before, and Omar was just meh! &nb

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