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BE MORE CHILL (Broadway) - Rush Updates
 Mar 8 2019, 02:17:19 AM

I got in line at 9:30am yesterday (Thu) and 11 ahead of me. By 10am, about 21 in line. I think everyone got in? 


FIRST DATE rush seat locations?
 Aug 30 2013, 03:26:31 PM
Went after losing lotto elsewhere and still got side Orch near the front but there is a post in the exact angle blocking where a lot of the action is, tho leaning towards one side fixed that. Prob the same set design that blocked RentBoy86's view from the Mezz. (yah, what a dumb set design. And not like it's that complicated of a set either).
Video of Andy Kelso Singing Boots
 Aug 30 2013, 03:24:16 PM
Also saw Andy Kelso's first night as Charlie. Was disappointed I wouldn't get to see Stark again but Kelso was great. Though I think the orchestrations are in the key for Stark so Kelso's first note was always slightly off, after that, Kelso readjusted and sounded fantastic!
The Comedy of Errors - Shakespeare in the Park
 Jun 4 2013, 01:37:40 AM
Got to lineup at 9:30am on Fri morning and was around the bridge. I roughly counted I was about 115th in line. The final line was probably only double in length. Not sure but I'm going to assume everyone got tickets. And everyone in standby line got tix we noticed and they still had more (at least about 15 min before the show).

They also said they would be enforcing the 2 times per show rule (tho I still don't know how they're realistically going to enforce that but I guess if they noti

Pippin Reviews!
 Apr 25 2013, 07:28:08 PM
Time Out NY's Adam Feldman is a rave.
Bette Midler Rush
 Apr 9 2013, 12:32:41 PM
I got there at 8:40 am on Sat (there was only the evening show) and was 7th in line. A lot of people came soon after but a bunch also left when it got too cold and windy, so by the time the box office opened, I think there were about 15 people in line (even tho more had come and lined up briefly). I think everyone got seats (I was told the day before first preview that they prob had about 30 rush seats so I'm guessing they all sold out then).

I noticed a cancellation line when I went i

Anyone ever experienced a major audience emergency/problem in the middle of a show???
 Aug 29 2012, 11:06:52 AM
At Suicide, Inc. at the Roundabout Black Box Theatre, in that TINY space where the actors are on the same level as the small seated audience, it was the actor that had to stop and point out a collapsed audience member who fell from her chair.
Once Recoups
 Aug 13 2012, 03:16:33 PM
musical shows you mean? Death of a Salesman recouped. Newsies is Disney so they don't usually say but we can prob guess that they've recouped or recouping soon too. I heard another show is close (too).
Any talk of a “Sunshine Boys” transfer?
 Jun 25 2012, 11:12:25 PM
Not that I've heard of, and no extension in London which is too bad because Danny Devito is a riot in this. Giving a master class of comedy. And seeing him with Richard Griffiths is a hoot.
MAGIC MIKE the Broadway show??
 Jun 25 2012, 11:00:17 PM
I'd say Gag Me too but in a whole different way. Yes make this happen!
H2$ Darren Criss rush
 Jan 8 2012, 02:40:26 AM
Got there at about 5:35am and prob about 70th in line. Night perf sold out even before we got close to the stage door area. (including SRO's)
Got up to ticket counter, and got the last rush seat (1) and SRO's spots. Way too close for comfort. And the line behind us was longer than the line in front of us (before they started selling).

Is Death of a Salesman...
 Dec 2 2011, 03:16:43 PM
The website is up:

and AMEX sales have just started. Public sale starts Dec. 17th for a Feb 13 first preview.

Mountaintop Rush?
 Nov 21 2011, 06:21:39 PM
I rushed last weekend and got the box seats too and I think everybody in the rush line got boxes. The order they give the tickets in doesn't seem to correlate to which are the better of the box seats though.
 Nov 18 2011, 02:41:59 PM
uh, seriously, who took Bartlett's statement seriously? That was clearly a joke.
 Nov 17 2011, 02:24:31 AM
The rush tickets go on sale when the box office opens (10am. 12noon on Sundays). Once they're out, they're out (though they may do Standing Room Only after). Sometimes you might be able to get rush tickets if it doesn't sell out in the morning but it's not as likely, especially during Daniel Radcliffe's final month in the show.

I just rushed it and thought the lines wouldn't start as early now that it got colder but I was wrong. I'd say 9am is safe, but to be really safe, 8-8:30. I got

Meanwhile, across the river from 'Porgy & Bess'... 'Candide'!
 Sep 25 2011, 06:25:32 PM
When I saw it in DC, it was one of the best things I've seen. I thought it was a brilliant production, though I don't know if changes were made between Chicago and DC (or Boston).

Riedel : Hugh Jackman One-man Variety Show at the Broadhurst from Oct 25
 Sep 4 2011, 01:25:17 AM
Apparently the first week of Hugh was sluggish (as it often is for shows in Toronto) and they did offer a discount code until the Fri, but as soon as the reviews came out on the Wed, ticket sales went through the roof (as it often is for shows in Toronto with great reviews), with premium seats increasing in price from $150 to $200, with the second week selling out.

Apparently they were worried it was going to be a loss for them, but in the end, it was a smash hit once word got out. If i

RIALTO CHATTER: Andrew Garfield Joins Linda Edmond & Philip Seymour Hoffman
 Aug 11 2011, 06:49:09 PM
I've already had an orgasm just hearing this news.
Could Stratford JCS Transfer to Broadway?
 Jun 22 2011, 02:18:49 PM
Josh Young is actually American.
Spidermonster The Musical
 Jun 13 2011, 10:58:39 PM How genius is this?

"It's only our 17th opening night sir"

Sesame Street forever!

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