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Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 30 2024, 02:34:40 AM

I was there tonight too and did not realize we had an understudy until Helen came on for her book party.  TBH I preferred the understudy - she much easier to understand while sounding just like Simard.  They have shortened a lot of Act 1 since I saw it last (weeks ago) which makes the show flow much better. I hope this is a big hit and I can see it in NYC next year. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 4 2024, 12:28:40 AM

Went back tonight.  They now have smoke coming out of Helen's "hole" which adds to the effect.  The wedding promotion tonight was Skittles, Taste the Rainbow.  I sat really close up front and noticed they add some make up to Megan's jaw as "time progresses" in Act 1 to make her skin look saggy - the transformation is still kinda hard to read, though I noticed Megan has wires in her boobs so after she takes the potion and stand in front of the mi

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 3 2024, 01:43:21 AM

t the third night of the DEATH tryout,the televised wedding between Madeline Ashtonand Ernest Medville had a brief sponsorship message by Popeye's Chicken. What is happening?On night one, the wedding hada verbalad for KFC - the sponsorship line is delivered by Madeline. On night 2, the line was Get In the Zone, Autozone.How often is this line going to change? Is it an on-the-spot lineonly known by Megan Hilty? Are they testing differe

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 1 2024, 12:37:48 PM

I realize there is no song list but I thought it was "I do it all for the gaze" which made it even more funny. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 1 2024, 10:22:04 AM

dave1606 said: "Anyone who has seen this can you let me know the runtime? Many thanks."

tough to tell since it was first preview and I imagine they will be making some cuts, but Act 1 ran about 80 minutes, act 2 was closer to 45-50.  Very short speech by Director at the top of the show.   

I think one thing they will need to work on is timing of jokes.  There were many lines that went unheard because the audience was laughing or clapping.&n

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 1 2024, 12:03:29 AM

Just got back from the first preview and I thought this was hilariously campy, beautifully sung, and designed.  It's really impressive that they were able to pull this off; modernizing it enough for today's realities (botox, fillers) but still maintaining the 90's nostalgia.  I think this is in really good shape for a first preview - I could see where they might make some trims but it did not run that long.  Act 2 is not a strong as Act 1 -just as in the film, the e

Has Anyone Read “ Murder at the Adelphi: A rehearsal diary of the original London production of the musical ‘Sunset Boulevard’”?
 Apr 22 2024, 09:02:20 PM

ordered! thanks! Will be great reading for an upcoming long flight.  Much lighter than the Barbra bio. 

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Feb 11 2024, 09:52:58 AM

I am excited to hear people's thoughts on this.  I saw this in Chicago and wept through most of it, mostly because I had never seen the movie or read the book.  It did feel to me like the set/direction felt very forced for a proscenium stage - like it would have felt more natural in a non-traditional stage. 

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Feb 10 2024, 01:27:49 PM

This week's BEAUTIFUL episode of Feud: Capote v. The Swans, is how I imagine a Follies movie would be. I think the concept of a "documentary" being filmed about the party, could also provide interesting angles, ways of placing focus in certain parts of the party, and a bit of eavesdropping (hearing things we are not supposed to be hearing).  

Chita Rivera has died
 Jan 30 2024, 03:15:54 PM

I was not prepared for this.  I will always treasure seeing her with Carol Channing (Together at Last), and in Drood. I regret not seeing her in Spiderwoman. What a loss! 

Will Stephen Sondheim Ever Win The EGOT?
 Jan 20 2024, 06:06:24 PM

Particularly those "producer" Tony winners.  

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 14 2024, 06:56:20 PM

Looks like it's estimated to top the MLK weekend with $32M; very impressive for a movie that was originally planned as direct-to-stream! 

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Nov 22 2023, 01:22:18 AM

Caught this tonight.  I think it's an okay show.  The biggest issue for me is that it reads 90% of the time like a children's show.  From the fact it's about a cartoon, to a very basic plot (this lady wanted to be happy, but then she met a mean politician!), to the fact the best parts are a kid character and a dog puppet, to the pandering to the TikTok crowd, it just reads very children's show.  It's also not helpful that the Barbie movie, about a well-

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK and West End in 2024
 Sep 13 2023, 09:51:01 AM

I am surprised they kept Kate Wetherhead as writer as none of her additions worked. Hypothesizing here but this tell me 1) they're going to add A LOT more dialogue from the film; 2) Jerry is paying back his scene stealing Legally Blonde alum.  :) 

MOULIN ROUGE! Broadway Casting Thread
 Sep 6 2023, 03:57:02 PM

I wish they could add a song (maybe the one cut in Boston, Shake it Off?) to take advantage of his amazing vocals.  

Biggest differences between OOT tryouts and Broadway
 Jul 16 2023, 03:56:11 PM

The Cher Show was flawed but interesting in Chicago.  The show within the show device allowed Cher(s) to be more emotional and candid; the real fear of having so much success but ending alone, leading to the ballad version of "Do You Believe" was worth the price of admission.   They gutted all that and turned it into an amusement park ride with Cher songs. 

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 10:42:58 PM

I hope strong word of mouth keeps Shucked open for a while.  IMHO, the book is the best part and it's tough to showcase that in a Tony performance.  Aside from that, they could have done the overplayed (yet wonderful) Independently Owned. 

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 09:35:29 PM

Same.  I thought Kevin would get it, but thrilled for Alex and this wonderful show.  

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 09:16:40 PM

I don't understand why they chose this number? These pop-jukeboxy-type shows work best when they have a little irony/drama to their numbers, like when she does the slow version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time".   This is a poor man's version of the Katy Perry number.  Even "Confident" would have worked better.  

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 09:06:04 PM

SLIH = THAT'S how you sell tickets.  

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