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THE GREAT GATSBY at Paper Mill Playhouse - Critics’ Reviews
 Oct 22 2023, 05:24:08 PM

darquegk said: "I wonder how many of the reviews will mention the dueling Gatsbys aspect of the situation? Like, does an okay but not exactly brilliant show somehow look worse when you know it has a rival version being developed by an incredibly strong set of creatives with slightly less money behind them?"

I'm betting they all mention the dueling Gatsbys.

The Shubert Theater already has a new tenant lined up
 Oct 22 2023, 11:13:58 AM

Broadway Flash said: "What's the latest on this? I was thinking Crazy For You, Betty Boop, or The Great Gatsby could be possibilities."

It's been rumored (and reported here) that Hell's Kitchen has the Shubert.

Biggest Tony Award Snubs Ever
 Oct 9 2023, 02:16:51 PM

The Bittersweets said: "pethian said: "Stephen Sondheim not being nominated for music or lyrics for A FUNNY THING."

Fun fact! Just 11 days after the opening of Forum,anothermusical comedy set in Rome opened on Broadway in the same year! This (much lesser known) musical is called Bravo Giovanni, and it’s about a family owned Italian restaurant trying to stay afloat when a competing chain restaurant opens across the street. It opened to litt

Budgets and Breakevens (2023-2024)
 Aug 27 2023, 04:50:41 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "bear88 said: "Just a dumb question regarding recouping: I always assumed recoupment means recouping the full capitalization costs. Do investors get a dime if a show recoups its production costs but not its full capitalization?"

The capitalization is the production cost. But that BTTF situation is confusingly worded: if it can recoup the $18M of hard costs without dipping into its reserve, it can then just return the

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Aug 22 2023, 01:25:22 AM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "QueenAlice said: "Everyone thought a musical based on Orphan Annie was a horrible idea too."

That one about the serial killer that has his neighbor turn the bodies into meat pies too… That said, Little Orphan Annie premiered as a comic strip in 1924, remaining popular for decades, with the musical opening on Broadway 33 years later in 1977. Betty Boop was popular in the 1930’s but has been largely off the rada

Whatever became of?..,
 Aug 4 2023, 12:41:06 PM

ACL2006 said: "Sing Street is dead. National Lampoon's Broadway Vacation might be getting another workshop this Winter."

I didn't know this about Sing Street. How heartbreaking for them. Their marquee was up at the Lyceum before the pandemic.


 Aug 4 2023, 12:37:43 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "As i said before, the physical production is identical but there’s *something* about the Broadway version that’s a bit off for me, and it very well might just be the cast, as good as they are. I mentioned earlier I’m seeing it at the Adelphi in a couple weeks with the new cast so I’ll be able to say for sure after that. But it is interesting."

Please do report back after you see it. I'd love to hear your thoughts aft

Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
 Jul 20 2023, 09:03:06 PM

Fosse76 said: "rubytuesday said: "Fosse76 said: "I'm hearing a different theatre for The Notebook. A neighboring theatre."

When? Fall or Spring?


How does Michael Greif do that? Hell's Kitchen is also November at the Public.

Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
 Jul 19 2023, 04:42:37 PM

Fosse76 said: "I'm hearing a different theatre for The Notebook. A neighboring theatre."

When? Fall or Spring?

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 18 2023, 09:28:42 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "Once you're on a date, you can navigate easily to any other date using a drop-down list, without having to back out to the previous screen."

Thank you, Taffy.

THE GARDENS OF ANUNCIA: Michael John LaChiusa musical based on the life of Graciela Daniele will play LCT's Newhouse in Fall 2023 w/ Priscilla Lopez, Mary Testa, Andréa Burns, Eden Espinosa
 Jul 18 2023, 09:27:25 PM

How interesting. Can anyone think of another autobiographical musical that was directed by the subject?

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 18 2023, 09:17:28 PM

bear88 said: "Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. A quick query: Once on the site to choose tickets, are you able to check on different dates for the best options without the risk of getting logged off"

I have the same question. Hope someone can answer this.

Biggest differences between OOT tryouts and Broadway
 Jul 16 2023, 02:33:53 AM


HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 14 2023, 01:28:22 PM

OhHiii said: "Voter said: "bwaylyric said: "Just announced that Black Eyed Peas member has joined HLL as producer. He joins the show’s other celeb producers Lea Salonga, Jo Koy, and H.E.R. Will Bruno Mars be next? And what exactly are their contributions to the show?"


These celebs are likely not giving a cent to the show, but lending name recognition and connections. Same as those who joined t

Our August and October trips to New York City
 Jul 14 2023, 01:23:57 PM

inception said: "Would you re-watch shows you have seen before, or do you just want to see new shows?

I'm planning on going at Xmas for an extended long weekend. On the Friday before the holiday there are matinee options, but mostly shows I have seen before like Hamilton, Hadestown, & Six. I'm not sure if I want to see something I've already seen (or already seen a few times like Hamilton). Maybe instead there will be an exhibit at one of the museums to go

Ahmanson's Broadway-Bound(?) THE SECRET GARDEN announces further casting
 Jul 14 2023, 01:13:29 PM

TellZ said: "Without Sierra?"

Yes, what about that? She's otherwise engaged.

NY, NY may be on its way to closing-NY Post
 Jul 14 2023, 01:08:30 PM

dramamama611 said: "If their nut is 950, they've hit that about 50% of the time (ish) - but the writing is on the wall."

$950K was the number quoted for SLIH also. Do we think that was accurate? On face value it appears NYNY would be more expensive to run.

Kimberly Akimbo to stop serving ice in drinks
 Jul 12 2023, 01:36:07 PM

As long as they keep the "ice" on stage....

Sondheim’s townhouse is for sale
 Jul 12 2023, 01:34:41 PM

I agree that it sounds cheap. i would have thought for a Turtle Bay Gardens townhouse, and with that provenance, it would have been twice to three times that much.

THE LEHMAN TRILOGY Returning to Broadway This Fall?
 Jul 12 2023, 01:27:18 PM

Not only am i happy to hear this and will look forward to seeing it again, I think it's a good fit.

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