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How is Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey.
 May 24 2024, 10:24:38 AM

There's clearly some biased vitriol going on in this thread which is a shame. I saw jinkx a week ago Wednesday and she was beyond incredible. Truly felt like the first proper successor to Ellen Greene without copying or mimicking. Jinkx's somewhere that green was equally funny and beautifully tragic (full body chills in the last few beats). Suddenly Seymour was so special too. And her death? Oh my god. Me and my friend certainly cried. Vocally, I think there's some things that cou

City Center’s MATTRESS transferring to Broadway this summer
 May 17 2024, 02:29:50 PM

Happy for those who are happy about this but I thought she wasn't really great at city center. The voice is not doing well these days and she's singing lower keys than Carol Burnett. I don't get this but good for everyone involved. 

 Apr 19 2024, 02:32:28 PM

I was lucky to see Mariand's debut at the late Thursday matinee and it was just undeniable how much better she is at singing the score than Eden. I loved her!  I found the show a mess but a loveable mess. Amber Iman is luminous and alive every second (I need to hear the bracelet song again asap). The design/aesthetic is constantly at odds with the text so that's an oof. Also stillness was sorely missed for me. Wish it hadn't been cut.  

Chu developing CRAZY RICH ASIANS musical
 Apr 17 2024, 09:31:08 AM

Wonder if Chu is pivoting to this because the sequel isn't moving forward. 

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?
 Feb 16 2024, 03:14:44 PM

Some of you are so precious with your tastes lol. I loved this revival and would've killed for a great proshot. For the first time Oklahoma worked for me! I actually don't want to see the original again ever. Also thought that Rebecca Naomi Jones was robbed of a Tony nomination. I'll never forget her especially in the last scene. 

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Jan 5 2024, 12:11:24 PM

Surprised no one has commented on how much of the lighting is far too dark in the movie lol. Half of fantasia's face was obscured during I'm here. Seemed like a real easy fix but I've noticed in general no one really is lighting movies well anymore. 

Is Days of Wine and Roses the early favorite for Best Original Score at the Tonys?
 Dec 27 2023, 07:21:50 PM

This is a strong complex score. There's a few really strong melodies in it too. Seems silly to say it's tuneless.

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Sep 16 2023, 11:08:32 AM

Is it even confirmed to want to come to Broadway? 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 Sep 11 2023, 04:31:51 PM

Okay but her role was also played with someone else at the most recent lab (within the last few months). Maybe she'd come back for the possible Broadway run but I wouldn't bank on it. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 Sep 11 2023, 03:50:53 PM

Brave Sir Robin2 said: "Hilty and Simard are going to be HILARIOUS, no matter what the writing is like. (Am I the only one who thought they would be playing the opposite roles? Jen seems more like a Madeline, and Hilty has more of that Goldie Hawn effervescence to me.)

It's smart to hold off on announcing Scherzinger, her Broadway debut has been rumored for years and this would be a great role for a splashy start and potential Best Supporting Actress buzz.<

I saw her Sunday -- it was a surprisingly muted performance all around...
 Aug 30 2023, 03:27:23 PM

Didn't Barbra also change keys if she wasn't feeling it? I heard there were "matinee keys" that would be lowered lol.

Will Heathers open on Broadway?
 Aug 15 2023, 02:14:32 PM

I don't really ever see this coming to Broadway. It does pretty well in licensing and is almost constantly performed. There's also now a proshot. I don't think it would make sense to come to Broadway at least financially 🤷🏻‍♂️

Unconfirmed - A STRANGE LOOP to be filmed for theatrical release?
 Aug 9 2023, 11:44:48 PM

Bettyboy72 said: "It’s a shame the OBC wasn’t preserved. They were spectacular. However, attendance issues made catching the entire OBC like seeing a unicorn. Especially post Tonys.

Im still wondering what happened with the pro shot of Girl From The North Country. I’d much prefer that to a film. Mare broke my heart into a million pieces. I have no interest in Olivia Colman.

I assume GFTNC was looking for a distribute for proshot bu

SPAMALOT To Play The St James This Fall
 Aug 1 2023, 07:05:57 PM

Really? My comment was deleted because I don't think this show will sell? LMAO. This board has devolved so much. 

SPAMALOT To Play The St James This Fall
 Aug 1 2023, 03:18:09 PM

Unless they bringing in actual stars I don't see this selling? 

Broadway and the NYC Air Emergency (June 2023)
 Jun 7 2023, 07:32:07 PM

Charlotte needs to go bye bye. All shows should be canceled with this air quality 

Santino Fontana to lead NINE: IN CONCERT
 Jun 7 2023, 02:26:40 PM

Will he be there lol? Still a have a weird feeling about him being announced and promoted for goodbye girl and then never actually performing lol.

Manilow and Sussman's Harmony Coming To Broadway
 May 31 2023, 08:13:31 PM

Does Julie's supposed character in harmony have like a solo song? I was under the impression she's doing the smaller female role. Didn't Sierra do the other one?

Chastain stars in A DOLL'S HOUSE On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 May 29 2023, 09:58:41 PM

I caught a matinee of this a few weeks ago. Enjoyed it and loved Jessica. I will say I too had laughter in the audience during Nora's exit and it was so disarming. Like it took me out of that final moment with Nora. Not sure why it was funny, I guess because a police car drove by? I gasped. 

Palace Theatre construction
 May 29 2023, 09:51:51 PM

Is the palace anywhere near ready to reopen? I feel like its been a while since a construction update. 

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