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Profile: Toronto based nurse loves live theatre works part time in safety in film.

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Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film
 Dec 7 2023, 08:01:45 PM

*cough Autotune*cough

 Dec 7 2023, 07:55:35 PM

Anybody seen him? Has a pm from me.

Was Madonna any good in
 Jun 8 2023, 06:50:55 PM

All I can remember is a rhyme from that time-

I strain in vain to train Madonna's brain.

Guessing  not so much.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane
 May 13 2023, 11:06:26 PM

Has anyone heard about any plans to bring this to North America?  I suspect it may be more off Broadway but hell Starcatchers also transferred. It ran in the West End  and is now touring around the country to a fair bit of a claim.

It is not a kids show tho so that could be a problem with a transfer as Gaiman is so associated w Kid books ( yes I know  Sandman et al)



ROOM will open this spring
 Jan 15 2023, 11:09:25 PM

If it is based on the TO production there are specific songs as well as some music.

Also, as someone who generally dislikes projections I will say these were well done  and really helped expand the story.

 Sep 8 2022, 08:56:09 PM

PJ I pmd u. Please take a look.

& JULIET teases Broadway transfer announcement?
 Aug 15 2022, 02:27:58 PM

NOT usually a fan of jukebox musicals but like the fact that there was such a variety for them to pick from there seemed less "shoehorning in" of hits and rather chose songs that actually worked.

Also usually dislike projections but these worked well.  Don't think the book is as bad as everyone thinks but they have a problem after Juliet's 11 o'clock number- too many folks think its over and stand for  an ovation and others are running up the aisle to mi

Rest in Peace Pat Carroll
 Aug 1 2022, 12:45:05 PM

Her Falstaff was the stuff of legends.

Rest in Peace Ms Carroll

Non binary cast of "A Little Night Music" to play Los Angeles
 Jan 31 2022, 09:24:40 PM

Saw a production here a few years ago where Petra was played as bi having a romp with a female servant b4 she sings" I Shall Marry"... worked wonderfully.

Sidney Poitier has passed
 Jan 7 2022, 06:25:21 PM

I had the opportunity to meet him briefly on a film I worked on, that he produced. He was just as gracious and considerate as you might imagine. One of the high points of my film work.

Bless up Duppy Conqueror. R.I.P.

RIP Harvey Evans
 Dec 25 2021, 09:09:52 PM

Met him briefly at a Seth's Chatterbox years ago- what a wonderful person." the oldest  living chorus boy". He said every time he retired someone would call him up for work! Some of his stories were fascinating and he ran a  his reel with a very young self diving and swimming in a pool in a film trés manifique  physique et trés jolie!  RIP Mr Evans thanks for the memories

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR 50th Anniversary Tour
 Dec 3 2021, 09:31:11 PM

Hmmm- the board just ate my post.

Quick summary- GREAT performances from Pepe Nufrio ( Gesthamane was a highlight) My program says Huntley and Lewis are alternating( but who knows) I saw Lewis a very Powerful Judas and Jenna Ruball as Mary has a stunning voice- I don't know How To was beautiful. I can't judge Could We Start Again cos I hate that song. Ensemble and band were terrific Ensemble dance not so much Modern as ancient - lots of repetitive ritual movement reminded me of

NBC will present ANNIE LIVE! for 2021 holiday season
 Dec 3 2021, 03:55:07 PM

I real liked the dog.

Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 29 2021, 12:22:43 AM

Been waiting to see a tribute or statement from Mandy Patinkin

I found this on the NYT site

Take a walk in the words and music that he left us. Walk in privacy, walk with a friend, put it on at different times in your life. Listen to it, sometimes listen more than once because the simplicity with which he expresses the most complicated human emotions — he’s able to do it in a way that once you hear it, it’s unforgettable. He w

Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 28 2021, 06:47:27 PM

iluvtheatertrash said: "As usual, Lin finds a way to center himself in a moment about someone else. ?"

With the greatest of all due possible respect-

Go piss in someone else soup- >

Lin had a close personal relationship w Sondheim and THAT was who the moment was for.

Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 28 2021, 02:26:59 PM

Found this video of Lin's opening remarks

Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 28 2021, 02:12:27 PM

That was so lovely. A true grace note . Sondheim would have approved the sendoff.Emojipedia - ☺️💧 A smiling face with a single tear is... | FacebookStephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 28 2021, 11:58:47 AM

If anyone from the board is there and able please post any video or photos.

I'm not on the Instagram,

Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91
 Nov 26 2021, 06:29:12 PM

no words. so much feeling-overwhelmed.

Thank you for sharing your genius with us Stephen Joshua.



PS I am glad that he got all the awards and tributes while he was still here and could appreciated how much he was loved and revered.

Barouch ha shem.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 26 2021, 01:36:26 AM

Bert is the new Wizard

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