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Moulin Rouge Colonial Theatre Previews
 Jul 8 2018, 10:06:27 PM
Oh yay a preview thread from someone different! Thanks!
Manhattan Concert Productions to do
 Jun 27 2018, 11:52:57 PM

MCfan2 said: "Mildred Plotka said: "I still don’t think that makes it critically acclaimed, but there’s really no convincing Wildhorn lovers that his **** actually smells."

Just like there's no convincing some of his haters that he's capable of ever doing anything right.laughI know he's written some real tur

 Jun 27 2018, 01:02:54 PM
Oh girl you knew you were going to hate this before you saw it. Why do you constantly attend things that go against your narrow aesthetic?
Songs for a New World
 Jun 27 2018, 12:45:00 PM
I think that riffing nonsense is fine for pop music, but when you do it every time on every song, one has to wonder if it’s a cover up for lack of actual singing abilities.
Manhattan Concert Productions to do "Scarlet Pimpernel" next year!
 Jun 27 2018, 12:42:25 PM
I still don’t think that makes it critically acclaimed, but there’s really no convincing Wildhorn lovers that his **** actually smells.
Songs for a New World
 Jun 27 2018, 12:35:41 PM
Is Shoshanna Bean incapable of singing a song as it was written? And her mini-me in the other role is taking quite a few liberties as well. Pass.
Manhattan Concert Productions to do "Scarlet Pimpernel" next year!
 Jun 27 2018, 12:07:41 PM
It’s cute that the article refers to it as “critically acclaimed”.
Who Would Win the Tony if Broadway Didn't Exist and There Were No Show?
 Jun 26 2018, 11:29:38 PM
Maxine Waters.
Liza auction
 Jun 24 2018, 08:07:41 PM
Most auctions of the celebrity kind fetch much higher than their listed value. I’m sure the blonde wig will go for much higher than it is listed at.
 Jun 24 2018, 02:06:42 AM

Here's to a new Season of Message Board manipulation! 

Best Original Score -- not televised?
 Jun 11 2018, 03:57:37 AM
Every year CBS tries things to get people who normally don’t watch the Tonys to watch, and it never works. I’m sure CBS will eventually end their contract, and perhaps then PBS or a cable network (or even streaming outlet) will be able to give the show the broadcast it deserves.
Best Original Score -- not televised?
 Jun 11 2018, 03:36:32 AM

It probably took 10 minutes to read all the songwriters for Spongebob.

Usually if there's a famous name up for the award, and more importantly favored to win, they'll televise it.  It was part of the main ceremony for many, many years, though.  

 Jun 11 2018, 03:27:09 AM

It's just so lovely to read such bigotry and homophobia on a Broadway Message Board, of all places.  Gay winners can't thank their legal spouses? Should they call them their "roommate" to please the small amount of people watching the Tonys who are offended by such things?  

And apparently if you like something that someone doesn't (coughaftereightcough) you're a trend following tool incapable of forming your own opinions.  I'm all for

If Patti Lupone's Memoir Came Out Again..
 May 27 2018, 03:28:04 AM
She has more than enough material for a second book. In addition to what’s been mentioned in this thread, she could also cover.

1. Her auditioning for Woody Allen for Bullets Over Broadway. I’m sure she has plenty of tea to spill.

2. More information on the Hello, Dolly! Revival that Jerry Herman put a stop to.

3. And she must have many more stories of men treating her unfairly throughout her career.

4. Her work in TV and film since her first memoir. I’d

What should the next Encores! musical be?
 May 16 2018, 12:33:17 AM
After her stunning performance of “Chain of Love” on her new love album, I’d love to see Audra do Grass Harp.

Henry, Sweet Henry has a magnificent score that far outweighs any flaws in the book.

The Rink would also be killer with some top notch casting. LuPone and Benanti are ideal casting.

If they could get a powerhouse lead, Seesaw would be fun to see.

I’m sure City of Angels is on their radar. People always claim it’s an expensive show to produce, but

Tony Kushner and Patti LuPone at ANGELS IN AMERICA on 5/7/18
 May 6 2018, 01:20:32 PM
Patti would have made a great Harper or Hannah.
 May 5 2018, 03:12:28 AM
Yikes at that press preview. This makes Glory Days and First Date look like high art.
Lea Michele Back To Broadway?
 May 3 2018, 02:03:19 PM
My comment got removed. Is Lea Michele working here? She can read after all!
Question: Are ensemble members TECHNICALLY eligible for featured Tonys?
 May 3 2018, 02:22:47 AM
I think the only way a Chorus Tony could work if it was as a Special Tony, and not a competitive category (with the option of not having to award it every year). The chorus of Dolly deserved something like this. But it needs to be awarded to an ensemble that truly stands out.
Tony Awards 2018 Winner Predictions Thread
 May 2 2018, 07:23:29 PM
I wouldn’t be shocked if Diana Rigg won over Mendez.
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