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Complete CAROUSEL cast recording on its way
 Jul 19 2024, 04:12:32 AM

From Chandos, the company that brought us the complete OKLAHOMA recording last year:

To be released in September this year.

SIX writers Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss to write the songs for animated film BAD FAIRIES
 Jul 18 2024, 05:35:02 PM

I'm interested!

 Jul 11 2024, 06:04:04 PM

Bump... this thread weirdly disappeared because, I've just realised, the most recent post prior to this one is somehow dated to 1999. Haven't seen that one before, lol.

 Jul 10 2024, 05:03:01 PM

CATSNYrevival said: "Seems pretty clear from the interview that they’re performing the revised version that was originally announced for Encores, so yes this will likely be the version that is eventually licensed."

This was my interpretation as well. This is just my speculation, but I'm guessing that Lauren Yee is no longer available/interested to work on this, so the original team have forged ahead with making some changes themselves, and are trying th

 Jul 10 2024, 05:54:51 AM

According to Google Translate's interpretation of this article (

"Although this performance is a revival, there have been some changes to the script and the addition of new songs, and this version will be the world premiere.


Q: What is new about this version of "Modern Millie"?

Kaori Kobayashi [director and translator]: I think the biggest change is that it has been changed so that everyone can enjoy it equally, regardless of the audience. The world premiere of the Broadway version was performed in 2002, and we performed it in 2022. 20 years have already passed, and two more years have passed this time. As expressions related to race have changed with the times, the Broadway team rewrote Mrs. Mears, played by Ichiro Maki, into a completely new role to make it appropriate for 2024. The big point is that there have been changes that allow everyone to enjoy the show comfortably without having to worry about racial aspects.


Q: What changes have you made specifically?

Ichiro Maki ['Mrs Mears']: Everything. I was originally an American pretending to be Chinese, but my nationality remains American. I've taken on the role of an unsuccessful chorus girl with no luck or talent who can't give up on her dreams and is eager to make a comeback as an actress."

I wonder if this version will end up being the licensed version going forward?
Production website:

Darren Criss and Helen J Shen Will Lead MAYBE HAPPY ENDING on Broadway
 Jun 12 2024, 04:55:12 AM

For those interested in hearing more of this score, albeit in Korean, a new six-track EP from the current Korean production of this show has been released. It can be heard in its entirety via this youtube video: This is in addition to the previous four-track 2020 Korean EP (


(Edit: the new 2024 EP is now also available on Spotify:

Paul Hart's immersive UK staging of THE LORD OF THE RINGS musical to transfer to Chicago
 Jun 8 2024, 07:43:16 PM

Has there been any news about the international tour dates and locations? Those details were/are theoretically to be announced in June; I haven't seen an announcement as yet.

Shuffle Along previews
 Jun 3 2024, 05:09:16 AM

I can't remember if I previously posted this years ago, but if anyone is interested, this past New York Public Library blog post includes an option to legally read the 1921 Shuffle Along libretto (not the 2016 George C Wolfe version):

Frank Wildhorn rock musical 'Einstein: A Matter of Time' to premiere in Switzerland
 May 29 2024, 04:56:19 AM

More information:

Script for Mary Martin's musical Jennie
 May 22 2024, 05:16:24 PM

This library item may be the Jennie script, if it's any help:

Free streams of past Shakespeare in the Park productions
 May 4 2024, 05:14:18 AM

Just a heads up for those not aware. It's a good initiative, although unfortunately these streams don't seem to be available worldwide. I imagine that they're probably available across the US.


May 10-June 30: HAMLET
May 17-June 30: MERRY WIVES
May 24-June 30: RICHARD III

Proshot of UK Production of TITANIC Coming
 Apr 23 2024, 06:16:33 AM

A heads up to any Antipodeans here, that this pro-shot is screening in a few Australian and New Zealand cinemas in early May.

Chu developing CRAZY RICH ASIANS musical
 Apr 17 2024, 05:21:56 PM

While this may not reflect his current plans, this is what Chu had to say about a potential musical adaptation back in 2018:

"Maybe we combine a Chinese singer with an Asian-American composer to put it together,” he said. “We have a big band - the band is on the stage itself so you can experience it like you’re at a party. We would have the best fashion. Jason Wu comes in and designs everything. You make an experience for the audience. It would be ridiculous."


Recent New York reading of DIVE musical (formerly SHIMCHEONG) by Julia Riew
 Apr 12 2024, 05:25:43 AM

Might anyone have more information on this? Both the show itself and the development approach sound interesting.

Article (in Korean) about the recent reading - Apparently the Korean 'Library Company' is currently developing the show for a premiere in South Korea in 2025, with it to theoretically come to Broadway at a later stage. The show was previously reported to have been picked up by ART for development.

(Julia Riew has also got another musical, ENDLESS, slated to premiere in Korea with Library Company, among other projects.)

Disney's CRUELLA and ENCHANTED becoming stage musicals?
 Apr 4 2024, 07:34:05 PM

If it helps, a stage version of TANGLED is already in development, as per a passing reference in this article that somebody on this board picked up on:

WAITRESS: THE MUSICAL Film to Screen in Movie Theaters This December
 Mar 17 2024, 03:48:47 AM

A heads-up to any Aussies who might be on this board: this Waitress pro-shot is screening in a few cinemas in Australia at the moment, albeit with very limited session options available. So check your local cinema listings if you're interested.(Incidentally, the Titanic pro-shot is also on its way to Australia/New Zealand in May -

"The Hello Girls" at 59E59 Theatre
 Mar 9 2024, 11:50:54 PM

For those interested, it seems that this show is going to be back (albeit very briefly) in Washington DC and New York soon: Good to hear; the cast album is great.

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?
 Mar 9 2024, 11:47:09 PM

Okay, so I just misread the article headline on this site as "Denzel Washington & Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in OH, HELLO on Broadway" *facepalm* Carry on...

Theatre Podcasts
 Mar 9 2024, 11:23:55 PM

A bit of a callback, but for those who'd like to know, Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour podcast is back, at least for now; they've put out a new episode about 'On the Town'.

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 Mar 5 2024, 03:15:56 PM

chrishuyen said: "Is there a comprehensive list of the original songs that the show is based on? Wikipedia lists some of them and I think people have said that Last Chance Blues is based on Blue Blood Blues, and George C. Wolfe has also mentioned Jungle Blues in interviews, but I can't find a list online that has each corresponding track. Or is it just that the arrangements have "remixed" some of them enough that they wouldn't necessarily be recognizable? I'd lo

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