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 Apr 5 2024, 08:38:53 PM

I really liked it tbh!  I thought performances were great across the board- with the standouts being Alison Pill and William Jackson Harper.  Steve Carell is also excellent as Vanya, and manages to bring some humorous moments while still feeling very grounded and naturalistic.  

The adaptation itself is a pretty standard Vanya adaptation.  It worked for me and while it dips a bit in Act 1 I did find overall it moved at a good pace and I was never really bored.  

Swept Away 2024?
 Apr 4 2024, 11:31:12 AM

brodynky said: "The show’s Facebook page also SLIGHTLY updated their profile pic yesterday.
A few months ago, someone in another thread said Swept Away waslooking at the Booth. I wonder if they are being deferential and waiting until Kimberly Akimbo has finished its run before making an announcement.
My fingers are crossed as I loved it at Arena Stage.

Not sure what theatre they’ll end up with, but the Booth is also ready booked for both a summ

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 Nov 1 2023, 09:49:53 PM

I was there tonight and I’ll just say in short: this is one of the worst things I have ever seen at City Center.  The pitiful 9 person orchestra and truly abysmal arrangements.  The performers are all trying to do the best with what they were given, but they can’t quite overcome the clunky direction and terrible arrangements that are dragging them down.  No chance this transfers.

New Hadestown Casting
 Oct 3 2023, 01:17:13 PM

ACL2006 said: "I wonder if they got a name for his replacement? The show certainly needs a boost in sales."

They did get a bigger name although I’m not convinced he’ll give them the box office bump they need.  We’ll have to see what happens!  

It’s someone who has been on Broadway recently.

Water for Elephants at the Alliance Theatre - Has Anyone Seen?
 Sep 1 2023, 04:43:06 PM

Broadway Flash said: "My guess is the Shubert. If it was the Imperial, I feel like it would have been announced already. The rumor is that Tommy is taking the Imperial this fall."

Tommy I believe is eyeing the Broadhurst for the Spring, so I could def see this going into Imperial.  We should find out soon!

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Aug 21 2023, 09:42:50 AM

teddy1996 said: "i talked to someone who watched a test screening last fall and he said that he loves the movie. he said that everyone did an amazing job and the songs are great. and this version is a lot more accurate to the book. there is a new song in the beginning of the movie that is a duet between young celie and young nettie. his complaint is that the song is too modern sounding compared to the other songs."

Fwiw there are a handful of new songs in the film, a

LEMPICKA Pre-Broadway at LaJolla - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 9 2023, 08:58:48 AM

BETTY22 said: "It has thelyceum theater"

I heard the Longacre for Spring 2024

SPAMALOT To Play The St James This Fall
 Aug 8 2023, 01:29:55 PM

Alex M said: "Not asking for someone to leak it but does anyone actually know who the cast is? I'm interested if anyone here actually has that knowledge or if we are truly all just speculating."

There is a cast and it’s being announced tomorrow alongside the general on sale 

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 18 2023, 01:05:57 AM

Ticket prices have dropped and oof 

Tony Award Party Foods
 Jun 6 2023, 02:49:34 PM

May I suggest “I’m nacho Cinderella…”?

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Jun 5 2023, 11:50:45 PM

It’s Jeremy, this photo matches up perfectly:

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Jun 5 2023, 01:43:52 PM

teddy1996 said: "that short clip of young celie with the male dancers in the background wearing jail outfits, that looks like the song big dog"

It’s not- it’s from a new song written for the film :)

PRIMA FACIE Rush/Lottery
 Apr 25 2023, 03:52:20 PM

chrishuyen said: "TaffyDavenport said: "I won the lottery a couple of weeks ago for last Tuesday's performance."

Where were your seats?

I might try swinging by the box office tomorrow to see if they have any sort of last minute in-person kind of deal (or if the secret rush applies).


I did this last week and they offered a $77 prime center orchestra seat.  Expensive for a rush but still an AMAZING deal.

Manilow and Sussman's Harmony Coming To Broadway
 Apr 25 2023, 03:49:17 PM

BJR said: "I know they want Julie for the tour. But if she has a Bway offer, I wonder..."

They already have their tour Fanny and it’s not Julie.  As far as I know, she was not even offered it. (It’s a former Elphaba, she will be great but tbd on if she can sell tickets)

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Apr 25 2023, 03:45:40 PM

ACL2006 said: "jacobsnchz14 said: ""

Why is it blue?

Apparently it’s just a generic “Max” background that cycled through a bunch of different upcoming movies.  So that’s not an official poster, as much as just the title treatment on a generic background.

Play about making of "Jaws" THE SHARK IS BROKEN by Ian Shaw (son of Robert) to open on Broadway
 Apr 25 2023, 10:02:34 AM

This is a very quick turnaround for the Golden with Prima Facie closing in mid-June. But excited to see this one, wasn’t able to see it in any of its previous iterations!

 Apr 19 2023, 11:22:02 AM

BMcGregor said: "ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "well it's a good thing i'm not a lawyer because i just learned how to pronounce the title of this play and BOY was I wrong."

Criminal defense attorney here, we pronounce this differently in the states than in the UK. Most people that I know here say "fay-shuh," and they say fay-see or fay-shee. It catches me off guard every time. Looking forward to seeing this next month, though. I'm g

Majestic Theatre Renovation?
 Apr 17 2023, 12:23:45 PM

signorafosca2 said: "Broadway Flash said: "Also, would you care to share what show you're talking about coming in?"

They are talking about the revival of Cabaret. My understanding is this theater is no longer in the cards for that production but we do live in a world of possibility, so maybe it will still happen.

Yep I heard the same- at one point Cabaret was going to be the next tenant and the renovations would be used to convert t

 Mar 30 2023, 12:08:55 PM

SeanD2 said: "Has anyone received their refund check yet?"

Nope!  I emailed them asking to confirm they had gotten my request and said I should expect my check by the end of April.  So fingers crossed those comes soon!  I still think check is such an inefficient and silly way to do refunds 

Looking for 1 Ticket For Ragtime
 Mar 27 2023, 05:26:21 PM

Update there IS an official cancelation line!

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